So looking out the lenses on the back of both of these devices, the same exact setup, so we have that secondary 5 megapixel camera. Then we have the main 12 megapixel one which I believe will be the same Samsung that's on there. Now that has 1.4 micrometer size pixels, it does have phase detection but it's dual pixel face detection autofocus, which tends to work really quick. I mean that's something that's used in flagship phones. Now, when you look at the chin of the two devices here, you can see that it is a little bit smaller on the redmi note 6 pro, so this one you can see, has more rounded curved edges to to the glass which I can't say: I'm too Fond of I prefer the way it's on the ribbon. Note 5, so along the bottom, we've got a microphone and a loudspeaker. This is where the loudspeaker is there's, no secondary loudspeaker, and yes, they should have put type c. I mentioned that before with the cable, but it seems that Xiaomi is still using up their microUSB stock. So one other change you can see here: they've moved the headphone jack now to the top, which I agree with this decision, a decision I mean I like it on the top now some people may disagree that you want to have the cables on the bottom together And you can see the secondary mic location slightly different there as well, and then we do have IR transmitters at the top.

Now the volume buttons and the power button they're made out of metal, they feel exactly the same. There is a slight change here too, with the way they have rounded the case around so it's more continuous, so the case goes around like that and it just to me it does actually look slightly better but marginally. So when you take a look at the two devices here, we do have a big difference with the front now so they've used a different screen. This is now 19 by 9 aspect ratio. We go to 20 megapixel front facing camera right here, which is new. Then the secondary 2 megapixel one, which has helped with the AI features that it has on the camera too, so get your blurred background, so that's the one that captures the background. This will be the main one to get all the detail. Of course, we've got a smaller earpiece on here. The call quality so far when I've been testing it now I've noticed that it doesn't sound, quite as good to me as the larger, a piece you get on the note 5, but it's very minimal it's almost hard to distinguish, but it just sounds a little flatter To me, and now I will check the weight so it's 181 grams, which is 1 gram less than the redmi note 5. I thought there would be identical. So when you look at the phone yea, the bezels left and right they're, not the slimmest and the chin, and the bottom is slimmer than redmi.

Note 5, as I pointed out, but again still not the slimmest. But you have to remember. This is about 170 970. Us this phone here, so my version is the 3 gigabytes of RAM model and you get about 21 gigabytes free with the 32 gigabytes of storage, it's MMC files back. I will show you the speed to that in just a minute, but I wanted to point out a couple of things here. So Android 8.1, the security patch level, as well as from July ISM, knits it's, not too bad it's getting a little dated now and if we go to system update there is nothing coming through yet so no me UI 10 stable for this particular model. Just yet, but I believe, it'll be coming through very soon so I'm just going to go into what's called the set menu here and point out the details of the camera. So exactly the same as that redmi note 5. Here we have a Samsung main sensor on the back. The axillary is another Samsung, 5 megapixels. The front main camera is again another Samsung. You can see there and the auxilary sensor is an omni vision, that's that 2 megapixel one just use for the blurred backgrounds. So we do have full screen gesture mode, of course, with this phone here with the recent phones. We'Ve got from the redmi series, and that is just activated through the settings, and i also wanted to point out that here is where you'll find the hide.

The knotch seating that a lot of people will probably want if you don't like it like me personally, so you can disable it. Then it looks like a redmi note 5, but leave it on for the purposes of this review. Just so you can see it all. The time now, with your notifications, like I've, pointed out with the me 8, the me 8 SC, the poco phone – that you're not gon na, see everything you're, not gon na see your battery percent, for example, if you're connected up to 4G, you need to swipe down For that basic information, while I'm course I'm on wireless at the moment. So if I wasn't on wireless, I went over to data now, then you would actually see 4G, but your notifications you're not going to see them all so it's a little bit of a pain in that regard there, that you have to keep swiping down to see Things, but you do actually get used to it now. We'Ve got full screen gestures, which I'll just enable that right now, so you need to just swipe from the side that's going back. You swipe up and hold that to your recent apps and once I just get back out of this, if you just swipe up, then that will take you home so just going to launch chrome here and then go up again and you see you go home moving Over to the screen now, so I just wanted to point out the viewing angles.

First, I mean they're typical for an IPS panel, no problems with that, but why I have this white image. You can see not really IPS bleed, but you get what I would call like shadowing just around where the notches now. Currently, this app has scaled to 18 by 9, not the 19 by 9 aspect ratio, but the corners as well. You see a little bit of a dark edge around there. You can probably see now that I've zoomed into it. You can see right there on that corner, see how it's just a little darker it's very minor, but you get a bit more of it around the knotch. So when it comes to the brightness of both the ribbing note5 pro and in this model here, is it different, no they're actually about the same 500, Lux that's? What you're gon na get the color accuracy of the screen? Well, the Blues may be a little bit off more on the Ruby note. 5 probe II do have show me zapped in there to correct the white balance to your own personal preference there and the colors as well. But overall, this is a decent IPS panel here with that resolution of 1080 by 20 to 80. Now I did of course test out the GPS and it's working fine. It doesn't lock on to all the satellites or will take a lot longer to get them, but the accuracy is always around about 3 meters, so no complaints with that there whatsoever now the internal storage speeds, even though it is only two gigabytes.

The speeds of this are good, its MMC 5.1 spec, so at fast there's, no holdups with the storage, no bottlenecks and the antutu score came out to be pretty much exactly the same as the redmi note 5, as expected, even though that model has four gigabytes of Ram they both have the Snapdragon 6, 3. Six and 4G speeds well perfectly fine! Here no issues. I found the reception's fine I'm, getting the same signal strength as other mobile phones, the same speeds as well with the same SIM card. So that is all good. It does have LTE band 20 by the way same goes for the wireless, so he's testing out the wireless 5g just to try and gauge the maximum speeds. So right here was the closest to the router and the speeds turned out to be very good. And then I did end up going right over to the other side of the apartment where the speeds do drop off, and that is expected, but it still maintains a reasonable fast, a hundred and fifty or so megabits per second, so good Wireless range and speeds just To point out to because I know a lot of people asked us, can you run Joule 4G? The setting is right there under your SIM cards. Yes, you can and as expected, Widevine support. So this is for your Netflix, for example, in Full HD, no, not going to be happening here, it's just going to be standard definition, because it's only security level.

Three same goes for a treble support that well, it is going to support treble being Android eight and over. We don't have access to partition a and B so a better life and charge times now. This is just an estimate here, but you are looking at just like the redmi note, 5, more or less exactly the same, identical around nine to ten hours of screen on time, if you're, mostly on wireless. Now, this is the test that i do here. It'S rather demanding, I just leave the screen on the whole time, it's configured to about 200 Lux as well – and this is fine. This is good, better I've, really good, better! Oh so it's gon na be two days, maybe in three days for some people charge time. So on the stock charger it's gon na take you two hours and six minutes to fully charge that's what the 5 volt 2 amp one and then, if you use a quick charge, one Qualcomm quick charge to respec. That then lowers down to approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes, so you're only shaving off about 10 May be 15 minutes and going for the faster charger, so it's not even really worth it. If you don't happen to have one. So we do have this. Why not Chazz? I have pointed out many times here and it houses within it. The status LED in white only – and it is very, very hard to make out perhaps it's a fault with my unit but it's, not very bright, which is a very minor complaint from me all right.

So I have tested out the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and it is typical Xiaomi here and nothing to report on that. The quality is really good. There'S, no interference is no static, it's excellent, sound output from there 3.5 millimeter headphone jacks. If in radio, yes, it does work, of course you just need to plug in it hits it now voice calls out of that tiny little earpiece at the top don't sound, quite as good as the more traditional wider one. I think this has a slightly larger speaker in there and they have compensated compromise. Should I say with the notch there a little so it doesn't sound, quite as good loudspeaker in the bottom. It does sound. Okay, it's, not the best you'll hear and it's. Only one speaker but I'll give you sample of it now. Actually, no, it does sound quite decent when you factor in the price of this phone it's better than most of this sub 200 phones, they're tiny, a little bit of distortion at 100 volume. However, okay I'm going to test out the face unlock. You know this is not ideal conditions, because I got a tripod, a camera, a microphone all in the way, but let's just give it a go and it should be able get my face now, set it to the Indian region to get the face, unlocking gear, because I didn't see that option without that. So here we go I'm, probably completely where you are to see that's not that's way too hard for it to get my face like this, but it's it added successfully.

How is that even possible? Okay? Well, it unlock now. Just looking at me, oh that is that's crazy. I think it's unsecured super unsecure. How did it read my face properly from that distance? I mean look at that image. See that right there, okay, so not very secure, I would say face unlucky. You probably hold a photo of yourself and no unlock screen and, yes, I will demonstrate the fingerprint reader. It is always and always works. It is really quick. This thing only takes about under a second or so so really quick, no problems. It'S typical show me with their fingerprint readers. They just always work well, so the phone performance is good. I mean you probably can't, tell the difference. I could hand someone the four gigabyte version of this and in the three gigabyte one tell the difference. Tell me which one is the four gigabyte and really you can't see it now. There is one thing too that has just come through. I don't even know how, but these apps just showed out they weren't there. When I first started to record this now been using the phone for a day and they just showed up, I mean what got this share, chat, thing, Daley, hunt and then Amazon and you see browser and phone P. What the hell is that that's a bit dodgy? They just suddenly installed themselves on the phone I can't say I've had this happen before now. This was a sealed box, so this is the ROM, unless I somehow okayed that, without even knowing it to install that bloatware not good to see, but of course we are going to be able to remove this.

I hope that I can get rid of most of that rubbish. There see that's gon na go now, but just not good to see this, so this is pub G on the low settings is what it recommends, and I think that was just a bot there. It is perfectly playable you can get, kills good framerate on these settings, so we don't, unfortunately, have the high frame rate mode with this. Yet, hopefully developers will add that yeah I'm definitely playing against bods right here. You will notice that the notch, of course, is blocking some things right there. Now, if you do run it with the hide the notch mode, then it won't actually show this because it's going to be running in an 18 by 9 aspect, but you can also just flip it around too. If you need to get close to that suffer from the front facing camera, so you can probably hear a little bit of wind noise. Now you don't get any image stabilization with the front facing camera on 1080p, even though it has enabled it clearly doesn't seem to work because it shakes around a little bit. If I start to walk now, I have noticed that when you are in direct sunlight that the changes and the exposure seems to be a lot better than previous generations of xiaomi Mobile's that were really over exposing my face, but remember in the other videos. If you've seen them that my face would be completely white, really really white, so that's not too bad.

The audio quality as well, I feel, is it's okay, it's, not too bad. It has been in the past, really quite washed out with some of the phones. So this is the stock app and you can shoot up to 1080p with the StarCAVE you get 4k with open camera. We'Ll give you a sample of that shortly, but I wanted to focus first on the 1080p footage and you can see that the electronic image stabilization enabled this is working and it's doing a reasonably good job. Now one thing that's, missing and don't know why it's not in the settings is the focus, so the focus normally would be attempt to focus or me continue autofocus. Now you can see that it is working pretty good, but I have noticed that times, though, that you can't actually focus now that's, quite rare, because the sensor has that dual pixel phase detection autofocus – you can see now like okay, there we go, it seems to be Working no there we go. This is the problem I've been having that have noticed. This just doesn't want to work the focus which should not be happening here and if they had that setting, we could at least set tap to focus, but let's take a look now at 4k footage. You can see that this quality is quite good. The audio for the time being is good and when I say for the time being because what happened with the rebbe note 5 is some of the patches.

The over there updates ended up actually killing the audio quality, adding noise cancellation to it. So hopefully that is not going to happen here, because at the moment, it's quite good focus as well is working pretty much perfect there as you'd expect with dual pixel face detection autofocus and a quick sample. Now, what the selfie front facing camera that 20 megapixel one is like in low light, so I'm, going to step out away from the light. Even more I've got a few lights on the outside. Here we can see it starts to get a little bit grainy and choppy. The main thing is, it is not dropping any frames per second, which is good and the rear camera. So you can see massive difference now. Look at all that grain artifacts everywhere. This is low light very hard for this camera, of course, any camera from a mobile phone and these kind of conditions. Yes, the focus kind of goes all over the place once we don't have good life. Okay, so yes, you guessed it. If you read me note five a Iona, the Chinese model, should you upgrade? Definitely not. This is not an upgrade. This is just a refreshed model. Really I don't even know why it is called third read me six pro. This should be called something like the readme. Five knotch fission or something so we have a fantastic performance from it from the snapdragon 636 great, better life, you're gon na get about ten hours of screen on time, continual use otherwise, two days, maybe even three, almost depending on how heavy you use the phone.

So the notch does have some compromises, as I showed. So you need to swipe down to see all your notifications and things. The screen is no better really, then the room in note fives. It does have a better white balance, however, out of the box, but they have the same brightness rate. Camera is exactly the same. I can't tell any difference whatsoever. They using the same exact sensor, so there's no difference there. You go ao modes on the front cameras AI on the rear, the front selfie, yes as better. So if you are looking to buy one of these phones – and you don't have one of them – you don't have the redmi note 5, then by all means, go for the redmi note 6 pro for the bitter selfie camps. If that's, what you want – and you don't mind the knotch so overall it is a fantastic phone, it offers so much for the hundred and seventy price there really isn't much. I found that I don't like about it. Apart from the step down slight step down and cool quality, that is so the smaller earpiece you do notice it. I notice it from what I've made calls on this one and moving over that doesn't sound, quite as good, now, I'm being very picky with that, the other thing is the status LED, which is located right up in here. You can hardly even see it when it's on its very dull.

For some reason I don't know why there is, and the note speaker is okay now, the other thing I did notice with the camera that sometimes the focus isn't, quite as good as it should be. Considering it as dual pixel face detection autofocus, it should work something a little bit better but that's only with the stock app, it seemed to work much better with open camera. You also get 4k electronic image, stabilization and good audio quality. My biggest complaint would have to be the bloatware that's self installed itself on there. For some reason I don't remember okaying this I don't remember going into me store or anything like that. It just suddenly appeared. I had about four or five applications without any OTA update over their updates. Nothing. It just came through so not good to see that hopefully show me and not changing their tune and auto installing bloatware, putting more adverts and things like that on the run. That'S not a good move, but besides that I mean for the price. You can't go wrong with a phone like this. It all depends if you like they're, not sure or not. This one is still fantastic. So please do check my review of the redmi note. 5.