Now this is my k30 pro it's one of my favorite phones that i have reviewed this year. Great performance very nice screen because it's got no notches, cut outs, tear drops or anything like that. It'S, a full screen experience with slim bezels looks fantastic, but one of the areas of criticism from me and various other youtubers as well on tech review sites is that it was just 60 hertz as a value flagship phone. Everyone else is shifting over to 90 hertz or 120 or even 144. That was one area that hey come on. You can improve that so we've got now the improved tweet model and what this new k30 ultra has is a 120 hertz screen refresh rate it's. Still an amoled panel, so they haven't gone and downgraded to our cd, which is good, and yes, it has a very good top brightness as well. 1. 200 nits is their claim very, very good in screen fingerprint reader just like this particular model, and it should work very quick, as you can see that unlocks really fast and the touch sampling rate for the screen's digitizer. That is 240hz. So again it that should offer really good input and no noticeable lag or anything like that. Now we'll be running miui 12 and what else have they done so, instead of just having the downwards firing speaker and this one's going to have two front woods firing loudspeakers now it's one area they have improved as well with the k30 ultra and then it comes To the battery department well it's, uh, 400 and so 4 500 milliamp hours with 33 watt fast charging, so it's gon na be very quick.

There should be under one hour to fully charge it, and then the big change is probably why they've been able to price. This so well, this particular model more on the pricing soon has they've actually gone with mediatek this time with the dimension 1000 plus chipset. Now this chipset should be very, very good. I was really impressed with the demand cd 820 and the redmi 10x that i reviewed it offered flagship level, wireless performance, gps performance and internal storage and overall, very quick and snappy, and the thermals were not actually an issue. So forget the mediatek. You knew a couple of years ago: they're older chips like the x series. X30. No, these ones are very, very good, so it's going to offer antutu performance and scores around 530 000, which is only a little bit behind the snapdragon 865. So they've really stepped up their game, their media tech. So i offer you just a quick preview here of what we can expect with the new k30 ultra. So it's gon na look very very similar to this, but there will be a front facing speaker right here and then the earpiece is now gon na double. As a loudspeaker with the k30 pro and the poco f2 pro, you don't have that we don't have the dual loudspeakers, which is a shame but it's, actually a very good single downwards firing speaker so build wise, it's excellent, very slim, bezels it's, going to have the Same 6.

67 inch amoled display here. This one has a maximum brightness of around about a thousand nits, which is very good, but then on the k30 ultra well that's going to get up to 1200 nits, so slightly brighter and it's perfect this one. I can make it out in direct sunlight without any problems whatsoever with this, so it is running me ui 12, this one and of course the k30 ultra will have miui 12 and we get the nice animations in the background and so far the performance has been. I think a little bit actually quicker than miui 11, which is good and you've got the option to have your apps draw now being a chinese phone. If you're going to import it, there will be some and lots of apps in chinese and there's. Just one thing to bear with there and no other additional languages, so the build very good middle frame around the outside of this. It is reasonably slim, not bad and down the bottom. Of course, then we've got our type c port right here we have a sim tray and the loudspeaker, and this one being in silver. I do actually like the look of it now: cameras on the back uh the same as the poco f2. So we've got the main 64 megapixel camera, which is the imx686 it's a very good sensor. It does use the four and one pixel binning now this particular model here i have is the k30 pro zoom and the zoom has an added optical image stabilization.

Sadly, the k30 ultra, i can confirm, does not have optical image stabilization. So just like the poco f2 13 megapixel ultra wide, a 5 megapixel for macros is what it's going to have and then 2 megapixel for depth. Information and the build of this is very good with glass on the back here and it does feel really good in hand. The main thing is, of course, we don't have any notches it's, just a fantastic looking screen so tapping here finger unlocking with it it's. Very, very quick and let's have a look at the pop up camera. So when you swap over to that, you see it pops up exactly the same thing. We'Re gon na have here with the k 30 ultra. You can see my overhead camera right there, but it's not a bad solution for a lot of people that don't take selfies. I don't take a lot of selfies myself i'm perfectly happy with this, and i would rather have this really nice screen to look at. But having 120 hertz with the k30 ultra that's going to be great, now, of course, what about pricing? This is the most important thing here, and this is why this is going to be such a deal, especially in china. If you can pick one up for the price that is it's going to be 250 euros for the base model around about 285 us dollars, which is amazing now of course, it's. The 6 gigabyte ram version with 128 gigabytes of storage, no micro sd card support with these models, unfortunately, but that is a fantastic price, really really good, so that is going to be the new value champ, so forget about the other phones.

I like the oneplus nord. If you can get your hands on one of these now i'm, not too sure about the band support, but i believe that with the modem that's in the dimension d1000, plus that we will actually have lte band 2028, this is the rom. The rom is going to be just in chinese in english, so that is is one of the cons, but hopefully it will move over and be released of course globally. But no information on this, yet maybe in september or october end of the year, possibly could be the poco f2 ultra or the poco f2, which would be fantastic there just to compete, then, with the likes of oneplus as nord and various other more budget orientated, so Called flagship killers, even though i hate that term myself, so, yes, i will be getting hold of one of these as soon as i can. I will order in fact one of these straight away, it's releasing in china on the 14th, i believe – or this month, so that's only just a few days away it's this week and hopefully it will ship, then so, maybe next week or into next week. I will have my hands on that and give you the full in depth treatment.