They they keep on pushing and giving us a very decent spec for the price point, especially when you take a look at the new read me k, 30 from them, so i have the 4g version. The 5g version that's not out until January – and I don't – have any 5g support anyway here in Spain, not where I live so I'm, not particularly bothered about that one, but my model has got six gigabytes of RAM, and the big big big selling point here is The screens 120 hurt refresh rate, which is unheard of. In fact, this is the first for a mid tier phone, a phone priced so low to have such a high refresh rate here, and you do notice it. You do see that me away now is very, very smooth, but it still has a couple of those typical shammies corners that have been cut, which I'll be pointing out in this review. It'S great to see that this time around that Xiaomi have included a 27 wat charger here, so will fully charge the K 30 in just over one hour. We get a clear case just out of the box, not a bad case at all. It covers the buttons there's, a cutout for the fingerprint reader, which of course, is on this side. You get a center a tool and a few instruction leaflets on to our build now. So we've got gorilla glass on the front and on the back here, and this phone does have a very huawei make 30 look to it to me, especially with the circular design in the glass the pattern around the camera there.

Now the camera is 64 megapixels, sony, imx6, 8, 6, the main sensor, of course, and then we do have an 8 megapixel ultra. Why there's a 2 megapixel pointless macro camera, which takes very of course grainy looking blocky pixelized photos, and then we do have it to make a pixel depth sensor for information for the blurred backgrounds and portrait shots and a dual tone LED flash. So the frame does have these curved edges so in hand. It does feel really good. We just that the single downwards firing loudspeaker, there's, no joule loudspeakers on this one, unfortunately type C port it's USB to spec; ok, so there's, no video output from this. I did test it, but no surprises, of course, there and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, really clean output out of this high quality, typical shower and microSD card support. So this sim tray will take to nano Sims or a micro SD and nano SIM. Unfortunately, it's not one of those ones that can house all three now the sim tray itself does have metal reinforcing so it's not likely to break on us, and there is even a gasket around it, as you can see that red, which will help keep the dust And even maybe a little bit of water out, but there's, no official IP rating, of course. So on the right we have the volume up and down buttons. They'Ve got a good feel to them, and no, they do not wrestle and we've got a combination power on button, slash fingerprint reader.

It actually works really well, very quick. Just like the rear, capacitive fingerprint readers it's at the top we've got an earpiece here. So we don't have a typical notch, but we've got the pull, shaped, cut out, hole, punch and yeah I'm, not a big fan of it. Now, apparently, in between, they discovered that this is actually software that's, the black there, that there are ways to now have this enabled. So you just get the white in the middle or whatever colors being displayed. So a thickness of this phone is eight point: nine millimeters, but with this camera, as you can see, that does protrude quite a bit. That brings it up to eleven point one. So it's, not the thinnest phone, nor is it the lightest it's a rather heavy 210 grams, and you can see right here at the top. We do have an IR transmitter and secondary mic. So, overall, the build quality of this phone is the norm for Xiaomi, which is excellent. The finish on this i've got easy access to the buttons, and even though it is a larger phone larger, then the k 20 and personally, i think, it's a little bit uglier. I would have preferred the pop up camera again and that full screen experience without the pull shaped cut out. However, it's not bad overall fingerprint and face unlocking is quick, so looking at it, you can see that took about a second to unlock and I will now hold the power button, which is always on fingerprint, unlocking it's a little slower, not the fastest.

I have seen so some optimization is needed there from Xiaomi, for the fingerprint unlocking brings me onto our display, which is probably the weakest point with this particular phone here, because it's an IPS panel yeah, we do have the 120 Hertz, which is really nice. Personally, I would have preferred an AMOLED, even if it was just 60. I could live with that, because it's not an amazing quality screen here, the gamma comes out to be about 2.0 out of the box, with the standard calibration that's. Actually, all right closer to 2.2 would have been ideal here, but what we do have is a little bit of this bleeding this darkness. The shadowing I like to call it around the edges of the screen. This is more obvious and present just around the cutout. Here we have for that pull notch. You get quite a bit of it really only on white images that you're gon na see it so the same image that you will be displaying, which is quite rare, but you'll, see it often, for example, surfing the web with Chrome, and you will notice that which May irritate some people but let's face it. The average Joe your auntie is not going to be able to detect or see this and they'll think it's. An amazing display quite bad too, on my unit down the bottom as well, with a bit of that shadowing. As you can see, so the maximum brightness tops out at close to 400 nits, which is not bad, and you can still see it in direct sunlight.

Okay, so let's jump into ROM performance. Does the hundred and twenty hurt refresh rate help? Is it the fastest UI experience with me who I live in from Xiaomi ever that I have seen it is? I can thankfully say that that I'm really not seeing much lag at all there's, a couple of things that I will point out, but this is just so so quick now, of course, I need to be recording this video at 120 frames per second and then publishing It 100 frames per second you're watching it on a hundred and twenty Hertz monitor to see exactly how good this is now there's. This, of course, which is some pop up thing that's just in the Chinese ROM, which is kind of annoying here, but have a look at the scrolling speed. It is very, very fluid. So this is the same kind of experience like the azuz Republic of gamers phone. In terms of the UI fluidity that it's really good now one thing I have noticed here that's what the camera sittings that this doesn't seem. Did you see that then I'm gon na say it my crisps stutter it just. Did it a little bit of a lag? Then, and look at the settings menu in here, okay, it seems to be doing it now. But to me it doesn't seem like it is at 120 Hertz 120 frames per second it's, not matching the refresh rate here and there's a few things like this.

They were seat just in look at that animation, not as fluid as it should be, but this happens to be probably one of more fluid phones from Xiaomi that I have used so let's go through some here of the tests that I'd like to tip eclis run. So out of the box, because it's the Chinese room, you're gon na get a lot of this bloatware, okay and that's typical you can uninstall it. I counted 28 applications of junk that I removed so with the display which we'll get onto just after this. As you can see, we've got two options, so 120 Hertz a bit of quality or 60 to save on battery, of course, and you do have a dark mode. That'S part of me, I 11, which is good to see now. You can also adjust the colors. I prefer standard here which will make the screen look a little bit more neutral white. I found out of the box. The IPS panel is a little bit bluish intense and you get 109 gigabytes hundred 10 gigabytes free on first use. This is the latest patch that came through to reduced system lag, so hey Xiaomi, they know about it. They know there is some lag present and hopefully they can work on it a little bit more, as I point it out so internal storage, very quick! Well, not the fastest course it's not ufs to dual channel, but apparently it's, ufs 2.1 single channel spec it's a pretty good, but have a look at those random reads and writes they are very high.

So it is quick storage and it's not going to be the thing that is going to hold up our system right here now, just don't do a couple other things as well course, Widevine level one. So not there it's level three as expected. This is the chinese rom, hopefully that'll be in the global and here's our antutu version. Eight score so respectable score, not bad considering it is a mid tier, mid range: okay, it's, not a flagship. Now the speeds out of was impressive, very very good for this chipset for this kind of phone and the price tag you saying here, you can see Wi Fi sweet spots to get the actual link speed between my router and the phone and maxed out at 670. Megabits per second that is blazing quick for the top of fun feeding a lot of flagships really impressive there, and even on the other side of the studio here, still got almost 200, which is really quite good, 4G speeds, but that all is dependent on your carrier. So a little on to the battery life, to which I'm currently running and monitoring. I will mention this in another video as well, so GCM, better stats. At the moment I have lost almost two hours, and that was in 21 percent battery gone sorry for two hours. Almost so it's approximately this is at 120 Hertz. You are losing around 10 percent, you could say and Alice. It could be a 10 hour on screen device here, but I'll be back with an update video on just exactly what you can expect from 60 and 120 Hertz okay on to audio.

Hopefully my neighbor that's drilling in the background has stopped he's been doing that for weeks on e, and I do apologize so 3.5 mini headphone jack tested. It sounds really good. This is typical, Xiaomi loudspeakers down the bottom, so unfortunately, no loudspeaker in the earpiece would have been nice, but I guess they had to cut costs somewhere, so here's a sample of what you can expect: Music, Music and just to mentioned as well. The call quality, no problems, no complaints there and also signal strength on 4G. Here, no problems. So just how well does a game counter deliver 120 frames per second well. It tends to be down to game support, of course, so this is Call of Duty. What I've done is, I have enabled the highest frame rate, which believe it or not is the very max. But when you check it very max only seems to be 60 frames per second here, which is a little disappointing. So I can't see it's really down to game support on what is going to be supported. Well, someone shooting at me yeah. Of course I died. Let'S find an iPhone, so sadly, Shadowgun legends here is cap to sixty frames per second as well, and I have noticed some frame dips, but all in all it is playable, so it's down now to developers the game developers just adding 90 frames per second or perhaps 120 frames per second support, but if you're worried about, if this phone can game or not to me, clearly testing these demanding games, it'll game, this fine it's just going to be whether or not in the future, we will get 120 frames per second support.

Out of the developers – Music, Music, okay, so onto video here, so we can shoot in 4k. This was 30 frames per second there's, no 60 frames per second option, not with this chipset. We do have some very good electronic image. Stabilization, which is good to see because sometimes show me was skipping. This you'd have it enabled, but it didn't actually work. Now. The audio bitrate is a little low, as you can see, so they could improve upon the audio, and I seem to rant on about this all the time and hopefully one day shall we will actually improve that. So let's have a look now at the front facing camera a bit overall, pretty happy with this quality it's very good 4k. Now with the front facing camera. Here we just get 1080p max and it doesn't seem to have any electronic image stabilization here, which is the shame you see. It does shake around a little bit as I am walking along. So hopefully they can add this with a firmware update but I'm, not holding my breath. There seems to be something that Xiaomi always skips on their phones. Well, most of their phones is electronic image. Stabilization with the front facing cameras. Now we don't have a big crop. I'M, actually not holding this right out. If I clear my arm a little bit right here, so that's one positive there, but you really do need a gimbal for vlogs can shoot video with the ultra wide.

But you cannot swap over to them once you start. Recording I'll have a look at the main sensor now with the main sensor. Now the image is a lot brighter, but there is some stuff when panning around and just a bit of low light front facing video as well. You can see the quality, of course has degraded, but that is normal. Okay, I really was questioning the combination of going with a cemetery again 730 G and such a high refresh screen and I kind of see what Chum is aiming for here. They'Re trying to give us the absolute best spec they can for a good low price and again I think they've actually done it here me. Why is the fastest? I have ever seen it perform but, as I pointed out there, that I'm still seeing and there's just like I'm still seeing micro stutters, sometimes with the animation it's almost like show me see it all. Hang on let's go with a hundred twenty Hertz. Keep that high refresh rate high frame rate drive the UA at 120 frames per second people won't, see neither stutters then, but unfortunately, it seems some areas it's not running in a hundred and twenty frames per sec in the UI it's not met the refresh rate it's Noticeable in the camera setting that's, probably just a little bug, but they'll go and fix that later on, but it is there when you scroll up and down in the settings and various other areas, you'll notice that hang on this feels chopping.

It looks choppy. This is not 120 frames per second, but apart from that, I mean we've got a very good camera quality that I'm, seeing so far from the examples ultra wise a little year when you look at the edges, it's only 8 megapixels, the lens they've gone with it. Doesn'T seem to be really high quality, so that's typical, you get a little bit of blurring and lack of detail on the edges, but daytime photos very detailed, even that two times digital zoom from the sixty four megapixel new imx6, 0.08. 8 sensor. Sorry, a 6 sensor comes out: ok, it's, a very good photo and even in low light, it's, not too bad it's, not the best I've seen so wait for gkm ports as well. That should be coming in the near future as well as a patch there, too. There'S, a guy next day of forums who does work on that patching the audio quality increase the bitrate because it's only 96, it should be really a 128 or ideally, 256 improve the audio quality a little bit there. No electronic image stabilization on the front facing camera. As well as a little disappointing, but then let's look again at the positives super fast charging Y. Now I just over 1 hour to fully charge it with the included 27 watt hour, sorry, 27 watt charger, and then we have a very good build now. It'S not just me, I know a lot of people will probably thinking the same.

It does look a little bit, Hawaii doesn't it the way the camera is on the rear. It'S got a very make 30 look to it, especially with the corners the edges, the bottom of it so clearly, they're all copying each other, the Chinese manufacturers and I can see that it was inspired by Huawei that make 30. I think the design of this so it's good to see we've got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack micro, SD card support and I roll the UI and the performance of the phone is very good now, if you're a gamer out there, I probably wouldn't suggest getting this. I would get something like the exuse Republic of gamers phone or the real me x2 Pro. If you want really good gaming performance, those are phones a little bit more expensive, but then you can actually have the frame rate matching the refresh rate, because a lot of games out there – even older titles that could probably run at 120 if they're, very it won't, Be because they're not supported but it's good to see call of duty is supporting the very high frame rate sitting there. However, the GPU is struggling at times to actually deliver most of the times it won't actually be 120 frames per. Second, as far as I can tell there so that's one area where I say for gamers out there want the absolutely best performance for Call of Duty for pub G get another fine.

I would say now in terms of an upgrade over the K 20 camera y'see. I think it is okay, maybe not so much with that. Well, the screen it'll depends. I mean I prefer AMOLED panels more than IPS it's, not a bad ideas panel, the refresh rate, certainly as our plus they're, a great spec to have – and it just makes everything feel super super smooth and fluid, which is one of the best things about it. Even though I have to mention again they're micro stutter a little stutter, I do see it. I do see tiny little legs now and then, especially in the camera settings. Menu scroll up in our net menu must be a bug, but it only seems to be running at 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second it's, not matching the refresh rate. Unfortunately, is it battery saving? I don't think it is. I just think that one's a bit of a bug now battery life as well: okay, we're! Looking at so far my estimates now I've been doing a lot of demanding work of me. Recording video gaming benchmarking I've lost about 9 percent in one hours working out to be so it's, looking like a 9 to 10 hour phone, but I believe it'll be a little bit less because 120 Hertz now we'll do a comparison. While I will record my stats battery stats of both 60 Hertz and 120 Hertz that it offers us and I'll get back to you with a follow up video of this one after I just keep pulling the files off and even more time with the phone here And I don't want to lay this for a review here because of it so build quality.

Excellent. Three point: 500: headphone jack output is typical, shouting, Xiaomi, very, very good, so there's so much to like about this phone, especially when you factor in the spec we're getting 64 megapixel new Sony, imx6 86 sensor, 120 Hertz large battery 27. What charging, which is only just over an hour, will fully charge the phone and for the price that's going to be selling, for once it comes out with a global version. It is really really good. What they're offering for that price you cannot deny is a hell of a deal. It really is good, so do like this phone. I didn't expect the outcome to be quite this good, but I think Charlie's done it again. They really have I'm looking forward to seeing the pro version of this, so the K, 30 Pro will probably have a Snapdragon 805 plus, perhaps because I read cheaper or maybe they'll wait until February March and release it with the 865 that'll be interesting to see.