Now it doesn't have a 90 Hertz refresh rate screen on this, which would have been absolutely perfect, and then I think Xiaomi could have really dominated with this phone. It only has really one weakness if you can get over the fact that it's just got a 60 Hertz screen on it, it's a fantastic screen. This has the best battery life. I have seen in a phone for 2020 an excellent build so on this in depth. Review let's find out why I like the Rigby K, 30 pro zoom Edition, so much looking at the build quality of this one. It is a true flagship in terms of build quality, very good. I like the middle frame around the outside of it. It has nice, rounded edges silver, as you can see so on the left. There are no buttons whatsoever, just the antenna line, and if you take a look at the right that's where our power button is and the volume button I can get to those very easily. So no problems with that where they have placed it, the buttons have made out of metal. Now they fingerprint unlocking on this we've got a good X fingerprint sensor, and I find that it is quick, but it is certainly not the fastest. I have seen. I think that goes to either my Huawei P 30 Pro or the real me X, 50 Pro 5g, which is very quick, but this one's not bad as you can see well unlock in about a second or so so I'll type C port on the bottom does Not support video out.

This is something that Xiaomi doesn't have on any of their phones sound. It would be nice to see this in the future single down with frying loudspeaker that's all for loudspeakers. We have just one on this microphone in our sim tray, so the cemetery will take two nano Sims. No, there is no micro, SD card support and then up top we have the pop up camera. So this pop up camera also houses a status LED within it. That you can see, for example, missed calls on things, but we've got an always on display as well with this now. The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on this is great to have, of course, that they didn't drop it, but the sound quality. The output from this very nice – it is very clean and it's loud, and it does sound great to my ears secondary mic and yes, there is an IR transmitter with this model as well. The phone is rather heavy at 224 grams, making it different, not the lightest. It is quite big, 6.67 inch screen that it has on. It is covered with Gorilla Glass 5, and we do have Gorilla Glass 5 on the back. The phone is 9.1 millimeters thick and that's, not including the camera, which sticks out an additional two millimeters. So the round of glass and the style and then look of it and the back does remind me a lot of the oneplus 70 that I reviewed it houses within it.

A sixty four megapixel Sony. I am ex 686 main sensor and this does have optical image. Stabilization, just like the 8 megapixel three times optical camera, that the zoom Edition has. We also get a 13 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel camera for depth information. So the build quality to me is at the same level as their flagship. The Xiaomi me 10 in the me 10 pro hats off to them, it's an excellent build that this phone has. So we activate the front facing camera to take a selfie you'll, see it pop up. It takes about one and a half seconds. You get a little bit of a light show but you're able to change those settings and the colors if you want in the camera settings for the pop up camera now, because of this face. Unlocking is not that fast it's gon na need an additional about one to two seconds to pop up, look at your face and then unlock the phone, so I do stick to fingerprint unlocking, which is more secure anyway. So Xiaomi selected a very nice panel. I mean a stunner of an AMOLED panel that's in this from Samsung, so it's six point: six seven inches. The resolution is 1080 by 2400 pixels and is very nice, so maximum brightness with this one does top out to be almost 1000 nits of brightness. So it looks great in direct sunlight now the gamma, as you can see right here, it does come out to be a little bit off here somewhere between two point, four and two point: six: a very punchy, colors, deep blacks and I'm, seeing no issues with deep Blacks not showing like a green tint or uneven.

Nothing like that real world images. They do look excellent on this, especially video content. When you're looking at a movie on this, you don't have a horrible cutout or a notch in the way, taking away from the experience. It'S a flat panel as well, but it does have 2.5 D edges, at least onto the UI now in system performance. I am running the apps drawer here, which I often don't do with me. I 11. It is Android 10 to that it was running. The security patch level is from March with this one and very smooth very fluid, no real complaints. For me. Yes, my typical little nitpick with me. Why is that sometimes, with the full screen gestures, I'll just trigger them again properly that you do sometimes see some animation stuffs? Are there now? What about the RAM management? Is it a little bit heavy handed I've have noticed so I've got PC mark that I've kept in the background for some time back to that and ok checking for updates, but it didn't have to reload the app that is good. Now what I do notice. Some of that animation lag that I'm constantly moaning about with me, UI, hopefully one day, they'll fix. It is definitely when you're in the camera and you go out. You sometimes see that it just does a little bit of a frame dip, so it goes from. Like 60 frames per second down to maybe 20 for a split second, I can see it.

I know some people can't, I know others can and I've confirmed this, but it's. Just one thing I wanted to mention so I have made some voice calls with this, because I got ta test this out. It is a phone after all, and excellent quality wanted to mention that, just now that it is great now, you do have some options here. That, if you're not too happy with just how it is out of the box, because out of the box, it's the widgets and all your icons all together. But you just need to change that to, of course, the drawer mode that I'm, using now with the apps drawer default launcher, can actually be changed here. So if you want to use, say Nova Launcher you're able to do that now, I do have the Chinese version. So it didn't come with Google Play Store, but I have it here up and running and it is very smooth, no problems, and how did I do it? Well, you've got Google Play installer app. If you trust it, it will download it and install the apps for you, but you do need to set permissions, so you don't run into any problems or you can side, Lohner live load it or you wait for the global version of this phone. As the other thing here too, so all our typical toggles right here notifications are showing NFC is onboard here too now. Someone did ask me this in the comments of the original first video, my hands on first impressions.

They wanted to know the remoter. Okay, there is a barometer onboard this and the other sensors here so hit pause. If you want to read this because there's no point be taking up too much time with that, one good X's are fingerprint reader, which I pointed out, isn't super quick, but I think it's just down to software optimization. Now the wireless in this particular phone is one of the best I have seen not just for maximum speeds, but the most important only two bars or three bars of signal strength. It gets the faster speeds I have ever seen here, so it can get an average of 322 in the same place. Other flagships may only get 180. No, it does have dual frequency GPS. So you're going to pick up the level five ones you can see in there that's the carrier, frequency of course, and GPS is very good. So there were 60 satellites in view used 28 accuracy. This is Qualcomm typical, three meters right there and battery life. So this is one thing that did surprise me just topped my charts now other flagship still tested out with 60 Hertz. They do offer high refresh rates when I put them on 60, will get maybe 14 hours, 14 hours and 20 minutes. But this one is right up there over 15 and a half hours, so great battery life that's a different, a two day: mobile phone for most people. Now what about the idle drain over night of notice, keeping it on overnight you're going to lose about seven percent? Okay, so it's not the best, maybe but it's, not too bad.

The better off is excellent internal storage. So my spec here because I've got the 256 gigabytes of u FS. 3.1 storage is blazing fast. The random reads and writes one of the bests of seeing and the sequential writes as well, very, very good that's right up there with the best phones out there, just like the antutu version. 8.3 score. Almost 600000 excellent, really really good performance from this. As expected with the spec – and this was a big surprise – why advise level one cert on the Chinese wrong well done? Show me it's normally level three, so that means netflix amazon prime, should be in full HD plus, and we do have camera2 api support, so gkm ports. Yes, i have been actually testing one out. There are some working ones out there, but not 100 bug free, and this is a bit of the bloat that you will get out of the box with this particular phone here: free storage. So, with the 256 gigabyte version, you will have 238 gigabytes free and available to you, and I am on the latest version here. There was an update that I added before I started testing it out so into our audio quality. Now so, sadly, we don't have a front facing loudspeaker in the earpiece. It would have been great if that also doubled as a loud speaker, but it's missing here, it's, not to mean that the bottom firing loud speakers actually bad it's.

A very good one here from Xiaomi now the 3.5 millimeter output quality excellent. This is typical for Xiaomi and it does not disappoint. It sounds great, my ears very clean, good, great audio out of that. So let's have a listen to that loudspeaker, but, as mentioned before, the core quality, as well great with this phone, say here's that sample so under gaming performance. I'Ll just show you that when you initially first shoot something example in this game, you hear Shadowgun legions. You occasionally get just a few little stutters, but it is super smooth and fluid as you'd. Imagine with that eight gigabytes of RAM Snapdragon 805 – here really really quick, and it is very immersive with this particular screen here, because we have no knotch and no cut out getting in the way, which is great. So, overall it is getting a little warm I've been gaming. Now for about 30 minutes 40 minutes or so, and we take a look at those thermals right now. It was just at 57 now it's at 52, and the battery can get up to about 38 degrees. But overall thermals are really good and has mentioned that performance. This is just so smooth with that eight gigabytes of RAM and the Adreno 650. So no issues with gaming really nice on this phone. So let's have a look at our camera now, so we have the photo mode pretty standard here. Tapping list right here is the 0.

6, which is the ultra wide 13 megapixel camera and then the as the main one, the 64 megapixel so three times. This is the three times optical five megapixel camera that does have optical image stabilization, just like our main sensor that we get here with the zoom Edition, sixty four megapixel mode, so that doesn't use any pixel bidding or trait photo night shot mode, which you can also Use with digital zoom, while the three times but it's using the main sensor me mojo and then the pro mode here, which is the interesting one. So pro mode works just like there flagships other flagships with the video mode as well. So white balance focus shadow rate exposure now that shutter800 right up to 32 seconds, the ISO let's take a look at that. That goes right up to 6400 and then with our video video mode, 2 you've got the same kind of settings here, which is great and 8k video promo let's have a look at some samples, some point out from the front facing camera, so this one does have Very good quality, it's nice and sharp good audio, but, as you can see, as I walk along that it does not have any electronic image stabilization. This is something super typical would show me and I hope, with a firmware update. They do add electronic image stabilization, and this is 4k 30 frames per second. So this stability to me is very good, so optical and electronic image, stabilization I'm, just walking ahead, holding it handheld I'm, not using a gimbal or anything.

The stability to me is very, very similar to the meeting and the meeting pro, and this is now using their super, steady, video, so I'm, just running behind my daughter here, trying to catch up to her she's too quick and you can see it is very stable. So this is something that's similar to what Samsung has, with their ultra steady mode and other manufacturers and we're able to also shoot 4k with the ultra wide cameras, as 30 frames per second with electronic image stabilization. And it is very good. The stability and listen to the audio quality, so this is 320 kilobits per second audio. Just like the show me me, 10 and the medium Pro there flagships overall, impressive video I'm, quite happy with the quality on the K. 30 Pro zoom inout 8k video. So this is really 6k upscaled to 8k, just like the me 10 pro. But what is different here is what I was using. The me 10 in the me TM pro. We didn't have any optical image stabilization working with 8k. For some reason it was disabled, but here we have at least optical image stabilization, so the footage to me is still usable, not as smooth and as nice as the 4k with electronic, but we've got this option you're, probably thinking. Why would I want to use 8k video now 8k? Video, if you do downscale it to 4k, does look very sharp capturing a lot more detail than just standard 4k, but I wish we had a 6k option: Music, Music, Music, okay, so the camera, I think, that's the overall biggest weakness with this particular phone don't expect It to compete with last year, flagships like the p30 pro the Samsung Galaxy, s2 m or the iPhone 11.

It just will not. Okay. The video quality is very, very good. I love the fact. We have manual video mode with pretty much every setting you want and their focus peaking. You can even shoot vlog and you can treat the 6k upscale to 8k option as well to gain sharper looking video now the front facing camera. Sadly, when you were shooting video for vlogs no image stabilization, why is Xiaomi doing that? A couple of other things that are missing video out on the type C port would have been perfect would have been absolutely great to have that and yes, if the screen, if it was ninety hurt, AMOLED it's, a fantastic 60 hurt, Emily pedal that's earnest. I love it, but no, not no cutouts, and if it was ninety Hertz, it would be an absolute winner, they're from Xiaomi. So show me if you're watching this video. If you ever do, watch my videos, please poco f2 or the me 10 T Pro whatever it's going to be called and the global edition of this one and a ninety Hertz panel, and I think you've got an absolute winner. If you improve the camera, give it front facing video stabilization as well with a front facing camera and really it's gon na be a hard one to beat there's really nothing else. It'S missing from this as well, apart from maybe micro SD card support, so there you go now. You know why I like this model, so much.

Thank you for watching this video in depth of the readme K. 30.