This is the zoom Edition that I went for so this is a true value flagship phone with a snapdragon 865. It has 8 gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabytes of storage. So I bought this one myself from trading Jinjin because I'm, looking for a replacement to my current flagship phone that I own, which is the Samsung S 10 plus right here now I will do an unboxing we're, not a proper one, but very quick. There. We go tada there's, the phone, okay that's, not a proper unboxing, but I'll point out the accessories we get so charger 33 watts, and this will charge it in about one hour and ten minutes or so in the full review. I'Ll give you my proper treatment and test it out correctly, so here's, the type sorry type CES, USB cable, that we get in the box typical Xiaomi, and we do get this case. Ok, this case is not a TPU one, but this is a hard plastic raised. Lip, therefore, the camera module at the rear for the glass and the top is open, of course, for the pop up camera. We get with that. One now let's have a look at the screen, because my first impressions of this screen are for a 60 hurt panel. It'S a shame: it's not 90, but I don't really mind too much very, very nice, so Super AMOLED let's bring that up to the camera, for you Super AMOLED screen and a full screen experience here.

So no annoying knotch cutouts and that is great – runs Android. 10, of course, and I've got it in a full screen. Gesture mode, see why doesn't that work? Just in because my phone was touching, the edges and it didn't detect that as an accidental touch, smooth, very smooth and get on to some benchmarks and a little bit more of the performance soon. But let's have a look at the build of it first because it is really quite nice for the price tag. So I got the white version here over see Captain Obvious – and I do like it very nice finish to it. So the camera, the glass, the look of it it's screaming 1 70. They all copy each other don't. They now the back here. No wireless charging, but this is Gorilla, Glass, 5, apparently front and back, and it does have in if see support. So what we are missing is just micro, SD card support with this one. Now I do apologize if the camera has a bit of a fit trying to get the focus here. Often doesn't like this using autofocus. So we have a loudspeaker microphone type C. Port SIM tray takes two nano Sims, so yeah that's. What I just mentioned, no micro, sd support, but hey 256 gigabytes of storage should be enough for most people frame around the outside. Here does remind me a lot of my samsung galaxy s. 10 plus is build, so this is a top build from Xiaomi, very good finish to it.

No rough edges, nothing like that. You wouldn't expect it. So, on the left hand, side there are no buttons whatsoever. There and up top there's the pop up camera, and what we have right here is a it's hard to see status LED within the pop up. Cam I'll show you that soon microphone, our 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is really good now, this headphone jack does support audio in full video as well using the stock camera app, which is great that's. Something I'm really fond of having my Samsung at assistant plus. Has that and then okay look at our buttons here made out of metal good access to it as well, holding it in my hand, so no problems there. So let's take a look at that fingerprint reader. Is it quick, it's a little slow at times? I'Ve noticed? I mean it's, just the animations let's have a look at that again: okay, not bad it's, not the fastest out there. The fastest is probably this particular mobile. I have right here, which is the rumor X 50 Pro, which isn't very impressive with accuracy and the speed of this read. I mean look at that. It'S never actually failed me how fast this one is as well accuracy very good and, of course, this screen is 90 Hertz, so everything's so fast and smooth on this particular phone, which is a great another value flagship. But the cameras a bit of a weakness on that.

Well then, you've got the ugly notch here that this it does not have so in terms of size and bolt. While I've got a way it it's, not the lightest phone out there, but it's very manageable. It is a big phone, but I don't think it's too bad. So those cameras there on the back with the module about sixty four megapixel Sony, imx6, eight six 13 megapixel ultra white and a three times optical zoom. So why didn't I get the macro: the normal model, with the macro camera, the good macro camera, because I don't actually take a lot of macro shots that's, why this is a phone for myself, so I will use the three times a lot more with that one. So let's grab a another look here at those cameras, the pop up camera actually is what we need to look at so let's. Go into that all right. I need to hold this properly see how it comes up a little bit of an animation, very nice. The way it does that it's, very subtle and you can customize that in the settings, so just jump on that to show you that if you go along here to the pop up camera funny enough, there are the settings we have there. So plenty of adjustments there for those that want to tweak that and I'll say it again, it's just so good to use a phone without having an ugly, not you'll, cut out absolutely love this flat AMOLED panel.

Now this screen just talked a little bit about it. We do have some settings in there: okay for the typical kind of night modes and flicker free mode and all of that and I'll go in and show you that. So this has a maximum brightness of around approximately 500 nits, which is not too bad. Now dark mode is here: anti flicker mode. If I turn that off, you see now that banding coming through on camera, now you can't, I can't actually pick up on the flicker when it's in the low brightness, as some people do see it, but it's not a problem for me, but great to have that Option and of course, I've got the blue light filter in all that reading mode, black and white I'm system, fine adjustable so dark mode now, brightness level. This is one thing that's very good of me. Ui they've got a customization for brightness on the night mode and then brightness with your normal mode, your daytime mode, whatever you want to call it, and that is really good to see that those options aren't there now forget out of that, will just take another look At the ROM that yeah there was a bit of bloat we're, okay with it. Now I have the apps drawer enabled I don't often show this, because I just leave everything out of the box as default. Normally, as some of the system, apps will have yes advertising in them with the Chinese ROM here, which is not great, to see now apparently there's the settings and then to disable it, but I still have them coming up for me anyway.

So I've got my apps in here just going through my typical testing and I'll be going through all of us in detail with my final review, but let's have a look at a couple of benchmarks here. So this is the internal storage. Very, very quick! Look at that random read and the random writes there, it's not actually the fastest. I have seen, though, that again has to come down to which would be the real me X, 50 Pro that one's just a bit faster. You can see what the random reads, but they are very, very close there, both of them super fast in terms of internal storage. What we are getting so I did run and – and that is a very good score – let's – have a look at an what do we get with the X 50 Pro as well, and I do have the black shark sorry that I am currently testing soak a lot Of phones on the go here and that's, why I thought I'd, give you a bit of a glimpse at just what this phone is like, and the black shark is actually the lower performer here. Out of these three phones and screen. Brightnesses have not been adjusted by the way for my camera, which I normally do as I set everything up. This is those single take videos just to go over things quickly. So the internal storage is very good and another surprise here, and that is that we've got Widevine level 1 cert on a Chinese ROM.

This does not normally happen, so that is great to see. Camera2 api support level 3 great again, and what about this so we've got bloatware yep been on there that you have to uninstall that standard. I am on the latest firmware to by the way – and this is the free available space on the 256 gigabyte model. You'Re gon na have around 230 8 gigabytes free there with that one. So I'm still testing things out, but we have a look at the camera because I know a lot of people are very interested in this one. So am I so video mode here we'll go into the pro mode, because that is very interesting for a lot of people, myself included why I kind of bought this phone, because we've got all the proceedings here. Just like the show me me ten in the me team Pro so you've got your exposure, you lens, as you can change over ISO and etc. All those different settings, white balance it's all in their shadow rate. The one that I like is the fact that we can shoot an 8k video which yes is upscaled 6k video, but when you down scale it to 4k, it does look very sharp, so there's the options when the lenses it does state AI, 4k. Okay, now Leinen does work for video mode, so that is great. So this right here is a road lav mic it's going to work with it, just plug it straight in no type C to 3.

5 millimeter adapters. I need it here and what about the thing that if you follow me with the channel that I often moan about and that is it uh fullscreen just just have starter, the animations have a bit of lag well. Is it there? Okay, it is pretty good. I'M. Think this is maybe one of the best when you bring things up and that you scroll through you're gon na see a tiny little bit just go through some apps here and just bring this up. Okay, while it's, reloading and or ready so yeah. The task manager can be a little bit aggressive with the RAM management that is typical Xiaomi. So one thing I have noticed – and this is me being real nitpicking fussy here: okay – is when you are going into the camera that sometimes after you've been recording for 8k video for like five minutes, and then you just go okay, I'm gon na minimize it get Out of the camera, it does a little bit of an animation hiccup. It doesn't have the full fluid sixty frames per second, but that really is about it. Now, if you're going to be using a 90 Hertz phone, let's just bring the okay let's bring the black shark into the picture. He another well sister company Xiaomi phone here, okay, so this one, you do notice it when you're looking at them both together and you go okay, let's have a look and how it scrolls and their performance that's.

When you see that oh yeah, that just looks so much more fluid I'd have to be recording a 90 frames per second or higher for you to really pick up on that. But I don't think 60 Hertz is a deal breaker. A lot of people probably be posting in the comments will say: 60 Hertz only in 2020, not not a flagship deal. Breaker brings me on to audio quality is something I want to cover here so it's, just a single loud speak on the bottom. Oh yeah, but it's not actually bad. Alright, it does sound pretty good, so jump into one of my videos here, which I think I will be able to show that here we go the last review. Okay, there we go I'll crank this right up for you for a single downwards firing speaker. It sounds really good, it's, excellent, okay, very, very good they're from Xiaomi. So what about the quality out of this top 3.5 millimeter headphone jack? So I think it's good, actually, one of the better ones I've heard Shyama does a very good job. This is one thing why I like them. I am a bit of a fan. A ShowMe fan is their 3.5 millimeter analog output to me is right up there, one of the best, and it does not disappoint this one. For my ears, at least because this all subjective – but they do a good job there, alright guys so that's. Just the first look at this phone here and I think it is a winner differently from Xiaomi that I am impressed so far with this one, that the build quality is a huge tick.

The screen – okay, yeah it's, not ninety Hertz, but 60, heard panel. This one AMOLED is great, really really good high quality panel. It does support hdr, HDR, 10 plus and, of course, in having no distracting cutouts or notches. Just really adds to the emotion with this particular screen, the loudspeaker from that sample. It gave you. It sounds perfectly fine for a single speaker, there's a really good job. So what is it missing? It'S, really to me only missing a micro SD card support, I mean in FC. Is there and okay this one? It doesn't have the global bands and it is not the global version. This is a Chinese phone, so the global version will possibly be the poco f2 or it could be if it's like last year, then that would mean this would be the tea edition of the meetin series so keep an eye out for those releases from Xiaomi, and I hope to see you back with my full detailed usual review treatment for this phone up and coming with the full battery stats.