This is, of course, from readme, which is Xiaomi it's a sub company. Now sis, the company, you could say – and this phone I do believe – is a good phone. Just like my review. A lot of you seem to have skipped all the positive things that I mention about this phone, that there is a lot of in here. That is actually very good. You'Ve got a factor in that price and what we're getting for this phone is really quite decent and before you focus on that battery life between 60 and 120 Hertz. I wan na point out a couple of things. So people are seeing about the notifications, the icons they are showing at the top there, as you can clearly see you just have to enable it in settings. Now, since me a 10, there was one point that Xiaomi decided they would Auto hide them. The notifications that they didn't want us to see them and later on, they gave us the option that they would actually be shown and they're there. So that's not too much of a problem. Now has the performance improved. Now we did have that patch from Xiaomi. That said, it was addressing the system lag, but unfortunately it is still there, but you just really see it with those animations, and I know a lot of you, you Xiaomi fanboys said you need to go into developer options and reduce the animation time and that will Fix the problem, the thing is, I review phones out of the box and, if you're unfamiliar with my videos, I point out all the good things, but also the bad things I see as well and it's, just something that shoma needs to sort out.

The software does need addressing, but for the most part it is actually very, very smooth and fluid. Now, because this is the Chinese wrong, things will be a little bit different. The DRM level one set will hopefully be coming through with the global roms. We have to wait and see there and then wait and see with the performance, so camera API to support is level tree and a lot of we, you were asking why didn't, I show any gkm ports. Well, I did it install a couple, but it keeps crashing with the nitesite a night mode shot. Okay, you take a photo, it looks like it works and then the app crashes so that's why I haven't bothered with it. Yet we need to wait for someone in XTF forums to give us a stable release. Hopefully that'll be coming soon, so onto that a better life. So, first up I did my own test. This is 200 Lux. I calibrate the screen too and just use it. Okay, most of the time, this was on wireless, a good 70 of the time 30 on data and I'm gon na live in hours and 3 minutes. That did involve some heavy gaming as well, which you can see right here, that's when the battery I've just dipped right down, because gaming does burn through it even at 60 Hertz. It does take a toll on that battery, but an excellent result really good battery life. If you sacrifice, of course, and have your refresh rate, so I wanted to do a fixed battery life test here as well, so it's exact same test repeating over and over.

This is PC marks, better life test 10 hours and 44 minutes very similar. To my own result again, this is really really good and then what happens when you keep it at the default 120 Hertz. This is where the better life is not so good. Now this is to be expected. Double the refresh rate, that's burning up a lot more energy here, so we lose around 25 to 30 of your battery life and I believe it's worth the sacrifice, keep it on 120 Hertz. After all, that is what you are paying for here with this phone now the screen here, you can probably see that what I pointed out that issue just with the IPS panels, I'm, seeing a lot really since the teardrop notches and water drop notches with the IPS Screens, you're gon na get a bit of this darkening. Okay, you can probably see right now when I hold it at certain angle. Just around that pill, notch it's a little bit obvious there, but for most people it's not really going to bother them. You can a bit around the corners here and really you're only going to see this shading or this dimming around the edges, just really on bright images, so that's, where it's gon na be an issue for some people. Now the fingerprint reader that is still a little slow, but that time it wasn't actually too bad. You can see it's, just not the quickest, and this is a very minor minor nitpicking thing that I believe that Xiaomi can improve that performance because I've seen the same goes for the UI, the same chipset, the Snapdragon 730 G run a UI, very fluid and quick.

So it's to me just optimization the ROM needs to mature me. I 11th is you so onto gaming performance, critical ops? You guys asked me to test this one that it does support 120 frames per second matching, a refresh rate. Now you can see right here that it does say target frame rate 120 frames per second, so this is one of very few games that is going to run at 120 frames per second it's also got quite a light graphical engine, so this chipset doesn't have any Prob delivering those 120 frames per second let's have a look at the performance of it very briefly, so the frame rate is as expected, just super smooth here. This is really good. Reminds me of the Zeus Republic of gamers phone, and, as I mentioned, this is a very light title, so the chipset really has no problems running this. If I can get this guy, no, he got me first, all right, so let's just round up my thoughts now after a week that the hardware is definitely there to me, I mean the build quality is decent, very good 3.5 minute output cameras can produce very good Day time still so that's pretty much. Every camera now low light a little room there for improvement, the fingerprint readers a little bit slow at times. Definitely that needs to be improved, and the main thing for me is that system performance is a little bit laggy. At times now, xiaomi clearly knows about this, because their last firmware update on this phone mentioned system lag.

Ok, so that was just one of the problems that they do need to address and once they fix that so it's all down to the software, they can just iron out all those bugs improve the system. Speed because I've seen the Snapdragon 730 G actually perform really well and very quick in your eyes, but that's just at 60 Hertz, but I believe, even in 120 Hertz, the chip has that potential to run the UI. Just fine, I mean it's, just a full HD display it's, not like it's running a 4k display or anything like that. So when you factor in the price, what you're getting there very fast 27 watt charging as well and the fact that it's got any of C, it really does took a lot of boxes here. It'S just come on Xiaomi improve the software and I'm sure they probably will just give them a few months. Then we've got a really good phone. Another winner, I believe, on our hands here, especially factoring in that price point. So thanks so much for watching this. Just follow up video of my K, 3 review. Please do check the original review for all the in depth, information, camera samples, video samples and things like that, and I do hope to see you back in the next review and video coming up from it, which will be the LG G 8x.