That is it's, not something I'm really into, because often you gain subscribers. That really are not there at all. For your reviews, your videos, they just want something for free, but this is really the only way that channels can say a big. Thank you to you, the viewers for following me, my subscribers, the guys that watch my videos, of course – and this is why I'm doing it so I'm gon na be giving away one of these Whitney K, 30s now it's gon na be the base model and probably Asking well what I have two of them. Well, it often happens that what I want to review something because of the kind of time frame we have with YouTube, and I need to get things out of China, the new releases as quick as possible. I often buy two from two different suppliers and that's kind of what happened so the one I was trekking ended up being the one that arrived late and the one that I got early way earlier than I suspected even have a tracking number. So there you go anyway, details to enter the giveaway for a K: 30 that's. The readme, of course, is down in the description of this video and it is an international giveaway so open to everyone. However, there is a little asterisks a little cause here and that is that any taxes you have to pay on arrival – I'm, sorry, but that's gon na have to be at your own cost.

I will try and send it as shipping method that you don't have tax. So not Express, but if you happen to have to pay that then bear that in mind now, if you're one of those countries that has a huge tax rate like Brazil or something like that, then perhaps not even bother with this giveaway here. So I have you. I just wanted to also let you know the plans for 2020 are really exactly the same. I just want to have fun and doing what I'm doing, and I hope that you enjoy my videos, my in depth, reviews and a lot of people tell me that too long and yeah I get it but that's. Why I'm a little bit different. So I just want to say a big thank you to for watching. I hope to see you with a great year. There was 2019 has been very, very good and I'm looking forward to 2020. Most importantly, looking forward to all the new tech, hopefully we're gon na. Finally, see the Gemini Lake successor and I do look forward to getting my hands on to some of that new tech at Mobile World Congress, which I will be attending and that's in late February. So big, thank you to everyone that follows me. Your f ing watching my videos for a long time and do enter in the draw here for the K 30, which I will be giving away now. I will draw that on Twitter.

Okay will be a random person, selected I'll post the results on my Twitter. That will be just after New Year's, so it'll be probably the 2nd of January 2020.