Now this is the front facing camera. I decided to sit this influenced six to 1080p to make it fear, even though it does support 4k. Now yo the zenfone has more of a crops. You need to hold your arm out a little bit more, but, as you can see, it has electronic image stabilization. Both of them do have very good 1080p video quality, as you can see, audio, is better on the zenfone 6. However, it is a lot more susceptible to wind noise, I've found, and that makes it sometimes a little less practical. You do hear sometimes a bit of wind noise as well on the K 20 Pro so in this particular quick camera comparison, I'm, going to compare the front facing cameras and, of course, the main camera on those infants X, which is also flipped camera, so low light. Video and, of course, stills it's, not really a fair test, of course, because it's, the 48 megapixel main camera, the flip around camera up against the 20 pop up, and you can see a huge difference here. But both of them are terrible quality in low light. But at least you can see my face here on the zenfone 6, so this is 4k video on both of them using the ultra wide lens now Bofur them don't. Let you swap over to them, unfortunately, which is not great. It would be nice that we had that feature like other phones, for example.

They why we people pro or the Samsung's and let us swap between our lenses quality on both is very good, a little bit oversaturated and the audio yes, the zenfone 6, as the clear winner here. So I am just gon na run along little demonstrate the stabilization 4k now with the main camera so they're, both using Sony. I make 586 and very similar lenses, wind noise, more, I would say on because in front 6 it is very windy here, always really windy. It'S so hard for me to pick days, we do this focus on bow, for them is good because they do have the infrared assisted focus. Stabilization is good on both are gon na see some Jutta in the video overall stabilization. I think the zenfone 6 is just a bit better here, walking quickly at the moment too, by the way – and this is now 4k 60 frames per second – and you can see the clear winner is the zenfone 6, because it has the stabilization something we don't have It all with decay 20 pro, so this is now 1080p 60 frames per second, and you can see that this Xiaomi is lacking any form of electronic image. Stabilization it's still all shaky the footage, so they need to add this with firmware updates. So the clear winner here again is the zenfone 6, now in low lights, 4k again, and you can see that both of them are performing very poorly.

So this is very odd for any mobile phone, but I believed that these influence 6 here is just doing a little bit better I'm gon na walk ahead. You can see the stabilization on both for them, definitely not as good as in daylight in good lighting conditions, of course, Music. Alright guys, I thank you so much for watching this camera comparison it's very easy. This one, the clear winner does in phone six. If you want the best cameras, then for case 60 frames per second, where the electronic image stabilization just cannot be beat it. However, it does come on wind noise. You can plug in an external mic which the stock camera application supports on the show me it doesn't both are pretty bad, in fact, terrible at low light, both photography. So you really want to find yourself a gkm port to find a working one which will hopefully be out soon for both of these phones and then we can at least get better low light. Now you cannot overlook the course. The k20 pros value for money, because it has the eight gigabytes of RAM in 256 gigabytes of storage for about the same price as the base model of the zenfone 6. Here the AMOLED panel, the in screen fingerprint reader there as well. Thank you so much for watching this quick, quick camera comparison from me and I do hope to catch you back in the channel.