1 storage, a four thousand milliamp hour battery and, of course, the screen which has, without any notches it's a full screen. Experience it's a six point: three nine inch AMOLED panel from Samsung, so I've got a completely factory sealed box, as you can see straight in from China and on the back. We'Ve got that funny little dragon, as you can see so inside the box you'll find that our type c cable in white, a Qualcomm quick charge through recharger, so it's 18 watts it does support Qualcomm quick charge for if you happen to buy that separately, then you Can fully charge the phone and around about an hour and 25 minutes. We get some instructional efforts here and then this hard case, which has a matte black finish to it. So our phone weighs in at 196 grams it's, not the lightest phone out there. By no means it does have their 4000 watt hour battery, probably making it a little bit heavy, of course, than the me 9. The thickness of the phone is nine point: nine millimeters. So the back of the phone is covered with glass, it has curved edges and it does feel quite good in hand the build of it and the finish as expected from Xiaomi that it is a high quality finish, and I like what they've done with the back Of the phone, so black in the middle, with the red accents on the outer edges and depending on the angle you can see, it creates like this wave effect on the back of it, which does look really good.

So four cameras on the back here, the top sensor to me – looks to be the 48 megapixel main sensor. It is a Sony AMX 586 below it is l3 x, oom, camera, that's, 8 megapixels and then the 13 megapixel camera, which is our ultra wide dual tone LED flash. Now I can't see two tiny little dots here, so this does have infrared focused assist on the bottom of the fire. You will find a single loudspeaker, so there are no dual loudspeakers on this particular model, which is a shame, microphone, type C port. That does not support video out and I'll sim tray, so the sim tray takes two nano Sims, no microSD card support. On the left hand side. We simply just have an antenna line, so there's no buttons here. Those buttons are located on the right hand side. So our power button and the volume up and down both of the buttons have a good feel to them. They do not rattle around and very easy access to that power button up the top. You will find the pop up camera that does have a status LED within it. A 3.5 millimeter headphone jack great to have this here and why didn't we get it on the me9 and then a secondary mic there for noise cancellation and used in videos, and you can just see right there and in turn a line as well. Now I'll show you the pop up camera, which is kind of cool, that there is a little LED light that is within it for a notification light, but it also lights up, as you can see now either side of the camera, and that is when you press It to pop it up and then to retract it as well.

Do that again the whole process takes about two seconds and there is no face, unlocking with this front facing camera. At least at the time of this video now let's take a look at that screen. So we've got a resolution of twenty three forty by 1080p, the screen bezels. As I pointed out, they are very slim, as you can see, and maximum brightness is very good, so it's, eight hundred and twenty lux. This is an excellent result. Sunlight legibility is very good. One other better displays that you will see definitely from the Chinese brands and the gamaheer checks out to be about two point: four, so it's a little off here. It should be two point two ideally and because it is an AMOLED panel. Blacks here do look quite deep and we don't get those IPS problems, so there's no light leakage, there's no shadowing in the corners that I've pointed out on some other IPS panels like the zenfone 6, for example, none of their no white bright spots that's. Why? I personally prefer to have an AMOLED screen in my mobile phone over in IPS, for that particular reason now touch response and the accuracy is very good, absolutely no problems. I really do like the display that they have put in this one Xiaomi. So one is the point at the sunlight legibility, but first let's test the fingerprint reader, which can be a little bit slow at times. I place my thumb there unlocks and you can see you can make out the screen here, because it is that bright 800 Lux.

I find that the sunlight legibility is actually very good on this model. It might not be coming out in the camera and the sample I'm, giving you right now, but trust me it is actually quite good. I wanted to talk, as I do my reviews a little bit about the performance of the ROM here. Now the software is the biggest downfall. It seems always really with Xiaomi and it's, not any different here, okay, so the notifications, none of the icons are showing there at the top. Now, just to give you an example, this just happens to be the other snapdragon 855 mobile I'm. Looking at right here see how you get the notification icons at the top, so you can see I've got to YouTube ones, they're Gmail and something else there, but you don't get any of those here with Xiaomi now. This is because maybe I'm on the Chinese ROM. So it could be that, but I believe it's just the way that Xiaomi are pushing forward with me. Why, lately that they don't want to see us to see them there and that's. Something, I think, is wrong a mistake. So the performance of the ROM, like multitasking, going through things, is good I've noticed. But yet again sometimes you do see the occasional tiny little stutter there. Now I just wanted to test as well the fingerprint reader to show you what it's like. So you just need to tap the screen place my thumb here and there we go unlock, so it is quite quick and I'm not really having any problems with it.

It'S one of the better fingerprint readers at least it's – definitely not as poor as some of the earlier first model ones, so that's good. So most of the time the performance is really good. I mean most people will not actually see that little stutters that I detect here and there, so you can see that it noticeably sometimes dips below 60 frames per second, the 60 Hertz of the refresh rate of this display, but at launch times are really good. I will go through some of the benchmarks as well, so I am on the latest version of the software here at the time of this video. Now there is another bug I wanted to talk about and that's the wireless okay it's, not picking up my 5g. For some reason I can't connect to it here so that's, something they probably will patch. They should hopefully definitely do that. So I cannot test out fine to you Wireless, at least now, because I'm on the Chinese version. Yes, you get quite a few bloatware applications, but you can go in and install all of those. So if you can't wait for the me 90 pro or the me 90, and then this is all you need to do is go in there and uninstall them. So not too much of an issue. Now I've got the 256 gigabyte version and you get approximately 240 gigabytes free, as mentioned no micro SD card support. So one of the cons here is no Widevine level.

3. Cert. Ok, so this game could just be a Chinese ROM problem. Hopefully the globe version of this phone, which is going to be the me 90 pro, will have a level one set. So we can watch Netflix, Amazon, Prime, in full, HD good news here with camera2 api. So it is running the hub with support level is level 3, so that's what we want so gkm ports eventually, when people do get those out, they will work for it, and it just needs, of course, a developer on XDA someone to tweak and work on that. I have actually tested it out and G came at the moments, not working so job and GPS. We can tell because the carrier frequency we have a level 5 and a level 1, so that's good news there and then I'll just move on to as well the GPS. So, GPS, no problems, look at how many satellites at sea it's like 38 in view locked on and using 33. This is one of the highest numbers I've seen so that's, really good here's the end to to score so it does have quite a decent score. Not the highest I've seen, which goes to the red magic 3, so check my channel for the route review of that one there. But I wrote for the chipset it's very fast, very decent, as you can see, and it wanted to point out to the audio codec that has been used.

So the bit rate is 96 kilobytes per second for our audio still low. So still scratching audio as you'll see later on when I review the camera on this phone and the internal storage, so we have for ufs 2.1 spec, very good, sequential write speeds here, so the random writes a little bit faster than other phones, i've tested that can Sometimes be about 150 190, and this one is 260, almost there so good scores, good internal storage speeds, LTE speeds as well no complaints. Here there is no band 20. I believe on the particular Chinese model, that's out at the moment, of course, of the K. 20. Pro now, while this feeds – because of that bug – I was talking about – I can't get onto my 5g router here and I can't get onto my one at home. I don't know what's going on, but I cannot test out the full speeds. It seems to be ok on the 2.4 G Wireless and no real issues, it's, just that, as mentioned, I cannot test its proper speed now on to audio, so we don't have dual LEDs, because here, sadly that would have been great if they had included their because It really does add to the immersion, especially when gaming, to have sound coming out the top right here. So the speaker at the bottom downwards firing the loudness is good, a bit of bass to it, as you hear from my sample, but also wanted to talk about these 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack, so very good quality. Out of this. It sounds great to me: no complaints with it whatsoever, but here's that sample now of the loudspeaker, Applause and let's not forget that this is a mobile phone what's, the core quality like so it's, fine, no, complaints, no issues, the earpiece sounds great and the other end Also said that I sounded just fine okay, so this is an all glass phone and stating the obvious. Yes, of course, it is slippery that's why they included the case now the case isn't actually too bad, it's, a very slim foot, as you can see, it does protect the cameras it's not going to really offer too much in terms of drop protection now placing it Face down like I have now, I can say that it just does actually stop the screen. The glass from touching and we've got all the ports top and bottom open as well, and protection for the buttons. As you can see so here we have pub G now it's running at 60 frames per second. There is a little feature that I'll just show you. So if you swipe here from the left, you can see right here. We'Ve got this, which is called their game. Turbo and you can see 60 frames per second, which it runs that stable now I've used GFS GFX tool to override that and oh I'm about to die again. Okay, I didn't die this time. This is my second time recording because I died straightaway last time but you're all the games, I hope tested so blades edge, felt 9 it's all running smooth as he'd expect occasionally get a tiny little stutter, but the gaming performance really good.

You can see when I look down the scope here: it's just the whole time, a steady 60 frames per second, as you would expect, of course, with this particular hardware and the eight gigabytes of RAM that I have and last let's take a look at the camera. So it's pretty straightforward if you're single, my other reviews, show me phones, it's, very similar right here, so we've got slow motion mode here. Video. This is to move over to the wide angle. So if you tap that and over to the two times as well, okay – but we cannot use this in video. So when, when you're in the video mode – and you start recording I'll, just demonstrate that you can see – we cannot actually swap over. Which is a shame. I hope that they add this in later firmware updates, which I'm sure they could, like other manufacturers, 48 megapixel mode. Now this to me is a little bit of a gimmick: okay, because the quality of the photo you get more detail, but you get a lot more noise and when it is pixel binning from the 48 megapixels down to 12, with the sony, i'm x58 six it's. Actually, better just to leave it on the default 12 megapixels that's my recommendation, they have their night mode. So we give you samples of that shortly and pro is the other interesting one here. So we've got white balance, focus shadow rate ISO and then you can select which lens you want, and you can select all three of the camera senses and lenses which is really good there.

But let's take a look now at some video samples first and later, followed up by some photo samples. This is the front facing camera so 1080p max here, and you can see that there is no electronic image stabilization, even though it's enabled in settings it's clearly not working. The footage is a little bit shaky, so the focal distance it's not too bad. It is a fixed focus. You don't have to hold your hand out too far, it's kind of like what is normal. So now my arms look completely extended like that audio quality a little bit scratchy. The bitrate could be improved upon, of course, hopefully, with software updates. They add the stabilization, because otherwise this 1080p front facing quality is good and maybe they could even add 4k at a future date too, with some firmware updates. So this is a sample of 4k video. The electronic image stabilization is good, but it's, not flawless. You see, as I pan around the unified a slow pan. There is quite a bit of judder to the video now. The audio quality, as I always complain about it could definitely be improved. Focus seems good because it does have the infrared assistance – and I just demonstrated getting this stabilization. Go – do go down these stairs here, so you can see it does quite a good job and overall quality is very similar to Shelby's me9 Music. So what I've been missing is, of course, battery life stats.

From this review I will post an update, video or a Twitter update, but I've lost 11 percent in one hour off of my demanding use, and basically just 100 percent screen on time. So it is looking better rewires like two days for most people, and it will be different one day. I believe for heavy users. Gaming performance is really good for the most part, it's smooth its fluid pub G. When you override the default settings using that GFX tall get the 60 frames per second, there really smooth and fluid other games like shadow gun. I did notice a few little stutters here and there, but I've seen it with other Snapdragon, 855 mobiles as well. So 3.5 millimeter headphone jack output, very good, so we don't have wireless charging on this. We don't have a dual loudspeaker, but the loudspeaker on the bottom is really quite good and the overall build and finish really really good. It really is, and the screen no beer sauce on it. A very nice super bright AMOLED panel, the pop up camera, takes an okay selfie photo. It doesn't have any electronic image stabilization at the moment with the front facing camera, video and the rear camera video and the front facing. Like I always mentioned now my videos, the audio quality, is something that Xiaomi needs to address: okay, low, bitrate, scratchy audio it's, not the best compared to other flagships if they fix that and it fix all the other bugs I'm seeing they've got themselves a true absolute Powerhouse of a phone – and yes, even though I hate the term a flagship killer.

I really do not like that term at all, but their cons, okay, could just be related to the Chinese ROM, and that is, I cannot see, notice locations at the top. You have to swipe down to see everything I am seeing a few stutters still with full screen gestures. At one point, it was fixed and it's kind of come back again, but for about 90 of the time you won't see any stutters it's just a couple. Little micro stutters here and there it's very smooth, very, very fluid, especially with 8 gigabytes around. I have on my particular model. Now know why I'd vine level 1 cert, so that means Noah's on Prime Netflix full HD streaming again. It could just be the Chinese bronze. I hope you they will address it, so the hardware's all there just the software, the bugs that I'm seeing and I just cross my fingers – that in a couple of months, it's gon na be all fixed and when we get the global version of this particular model, Which is going to be mean 90 Pro then hopefully, hopefully, then it's going to be all fixed. So thank you so much for watching this review. Now, if you are interested in another good value for money, snapdragon 855 mobile, this one's hard to beat as well, which is these Zeus – zenfone 6 – it has 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage. The starting out price of I think about 450 us a very similar to this mobile here, but you get stock, Android and 1000 million hour battery life sizemore.

Sorry it goes for about 13 hours of screen on time this one, but it has an IPS panel that sets down for it's not openly smile I'm, not a super high quality IPS panel either, but a very good phone toe so check out my review of that Which is right up here and again.