I made some very stupid errors. I'M rabbit rundown. I had the fever a bit of a fever yesterday and really I'm, not functioning at a hundred percent I'm. Just overloaded, I mean I'm pumping out like one video a day. I'Ve got three or four things on the go. At the same time: I'm working weekends, I'm. Up till two o'clock in the morning, editing videos, it's, no excuse, and I do apologize so somehow I miss this right here. So the show notifications, every second comment and my video is go into settings and enable them alright. Okay, I get it yes and after the video was posted, I realized my mistake and it's just something I miss there. Okay, so why I missed. It is because the me 9 you'd get the notification icons to show up at the top. They would be there. Then they'll just hide and I fell into that trap. Thinking that okay it's just the same thing, they're hiding they're, not there and you didn't, normally have to go into this menu here. But they've changed things a little bit with the firmware update so that's. What you need to enable – and you can see they disappear or they're gon na show, and yes, they do show they stay it's, not the same buggers than me: 9. The polka phone. Ok, now there's a few other questions that popped up. One of them was the face, unlocking, so, yes, it is actually there now.

Alright, I didn't list it as a con right at the end, because it is there the last firmware update did bring it. So when I first checked when I first got the phone out of the box, it wasn't there, ok, so once we tap to unlock, we can just now simply swipe up and the camera sees us unlocks and pops down. As you can see, the whole process is a little bit slower, of course, and not as quick as the fingerprint reader. So I can give you update of that fingerprint reader. If your thumb or your finger is a little bit dried at some times, it's, not as fast but for the most part, you can see it unlocks quite quickly. The same goes for that stutter there's, a lot of comments, saying mine's, fine and that's normal. I posted as reviews and people say I don't see any stutter. What are you on about so, if you're, a PC gamer, if you're used to gaming at 144 frames per second or you vsync at 60, you'll notice, frame, dips and that's a definite thing I'm, seeing with the UID now and then, but I probably cannot get it On camera, you swap between different applications. If I bring up, for example, Twitter you're pulling gon na, see it now and then I've just swiped up home that's, where a vacation is seen just a tiny, little tiny little stutters and definite frame dips in the animation.

Where, of course, Xiaomi needs to focus on optimization there, so the one plus seven pro is the phone for me for Android that doesn't do this. Okay, even though zenfone 6 does add a little bit now I'm running into a little bit of a dilemma. Here I want to do a comparison, camera comparison with the zenfone 6 and the zenfone just an overall quick comparison, a lot of you asking for it, that's phone by the way is really quite good. It has surprised me so far, so it's really good but I'm, not pushing it for any hidden agenda or anything like that. As some of you have commented on, I mean the Zeus is not paying me for this whatsoever. In fact, I can say and prove that they're not because, as if phones suck don't buy them so could I say that if this was paid for me to push it it's, just my opinion that this one is actually really quite good but it's a lone unit. Okay, I've got to send it back and I'm running out of time because the next three days afternoons I won't – have free this afternoon's my only free afternoon, and that means I can't really do my full battery test. Okay, but I can give you some really accurate stats. I think okay, so look four and a half hours now on screen time: I'm down to 62 it's, looking really good, okay battery life on this very, very good that's, because the AMOLED panels are more efficient than the IPS, so the zenfone 6 battery life is about 13 hours on screen time I'm predicting here, we're gon na get about ten, perhaps 11 hours, so that is good, unfortunately, no final stats until maybe Monday.

Okay, so I could wait till Monday, but then I won't have the zenfone and I want got to do the camera comparisons that you are all asking for. So I try and push that out. There was another comment to that. How did I get nine point? Eight millimeters of thickness with the phone when Xiaomi quotes eight point. Eight, I don't know where they're measuring it but I'm measuring at the thickest point where the camera is and here's the result it's. I just did a remake impressed really really down hard and it's. Nine point: six: approximately okay. Maybe these are slightly inaccurate, but nine point six millimeters is what I'm getting. I said, nine point eight before okay, I'm point: two millimeters off shoot me: it's, not 8.8. 8.8 is probably without the camera bulge and in fact it is without that camera bulge, then that's that's, what it's going to be there so overall, this is, I feel, a great phone for the price. The me 90 is looking very promising as well. I might review it but it's basically the same phone, but with a global rime and a snapdragon 730 right that they're going to put in it. So it probably very good, but for the price of about 400. What is it four hundred sixty four hundred and fifty something euros, you're getting eight gigabytes of RAM on this 256 gigabytes of storage, which is my vision here versus the about one? Is that 479 that you pay for the zenfone 6, which has an IPS screen? This is AMOLED.

This has a larger battery better cameras, micro SD card support, this doesn't NFC. This has NFC as well it's really hard to overlook because it's it is really offering a lot so that's why? I called my review the value King flagship value, King okay, because the snap during an 855 flagship chip really good performance gaming, as I pointed out so please do check my Rafal review of the K xx Pro here and do keep an eye on IO out for The next possible, 2 or 3 days that I should have at least the camera review and a quick camera comparison as well of the zenfone 6 here. Thank you so much for watching. I, hopefully that answered your questions there and i do apologize for the errors.