It'S got a super competitive price. Five hundred and seventy nine euros here in Europe gets you that spec. So this detailed review I'll be covering everything I can think of a detail. We'Ll, take a good look at the cameras, a small disclaimer, that this review is an exchange for this review unit. That was sent out to me free of charge from Nubia. But all the opinions expressed in this review are 100, my own, and they do not have to prove this video before it is published first on what do we get inside the box? So we have a Quick Start Guide, symmetry tool, USB cable to type C and then our charger, so the included charger here is 18 watts. Now that will take eighty five minutes to fully charge the phone that is from three percent. However, it does support 55 watt charging I've tested that out and under 50 minutes. You can fully charge the phone if you happen to have a 55 watt charger. So, looking at the designer this phone, the first thing you'll notice – that when you pull it out of the box that yes it's a heavy phone it's rather hefty 220 grams, it is nine point nine millimeters thick. So not the thinnest out there. The camera does protrude a little here. You can see sidon about one millimeter, so bringing it up to then over ten millimetres. If you count that camera bulge, so we've got a red magic logo there on the back, that will illuminate red.

There are RGB settings here. So it's a little bit of gamma bling, but it is actually toned right down this year with this model. I do prefer this design at the back of it compared to last year's. I think this one aesthetically just looks better and it's a little bit more simplistic, but not really by much. You can see clearly the 5g there their logo and then powered by Nubia at the top. So our main camera here is a 64 megapixel Sony imx6. Eight six: we have an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel camera for depth information. There is also a dual tone LED flash on the left hand, side you'll find a poker port connector. We do have an exit vent for our fans, so there is one on either side. One picks the air in the other, expels it out similar a little bit to last year's model having the same fan, but the intake on the side of it is different because was on the back of last year's model. Now that switch here is to go into the red magic gaming mode, where you can launch your games this performance. I will cover that in this review in depth right hand, side we've got two triggers here, so these can be customized now they're, not Hardware triggers, but just like the previous gen model. These are capacitive touch buttons with very good sensitivity. You can calibrate customize them as well all through the settings which I will get on to later in the review exit vent there.

We have volume up and down and power buttons made out of metal and they do feel good on the top there's, a secondary mic and tin align and yes, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack great to see this on a flagship and then along the bottom. We'Ve got a loud speakers or one or two. The earpiece doubles as a secondary loudspeaker. The type c port here doesn't support video out, unfortunately, which i think is a little bit of an error being a gaming phone. It would be great to output this to a large display, but hey, maybe that was cost reduction, is why they didn't include it. The SIM tray slot, which takes to nano SIM, so no micro, SD card support. There is a rubber gasket around it as well, as you can see in our earpiece at the top here, so a bit hard to make out the bezels, but we'll get onto this blade. Just after this, the front facing camera is 8 megapixels, the same as last year. Now there is a small little cutout with the pre applied screen protector that's, where you'll find the ambient and proximity sensors for the earpiece at the top. As mentioned doubles as a secondary loudspeaker, there will be a sample in this video, so this panel they have used as an AMOLED it's, completely flat, so there's no curvature to it, which is great in no distraction. Sequency right now, here I've gone with this red image.

Just to show you that there is no cutout there's, no knotch, but yes top and bottom bezels are large because of this, but it runs at 144, Hertz's AMOLED panel, Full HD plus resolution and of course, that refresh rate means it is very quick, very fast. Now you're gon na see some banding come through with my recording here. Trust me in real life you're not actually going to see that and the maximum brightness of measured to be 460 of brightness approximately, and that is on the manual setting which to me was disappointing. But if we put it on the auto setting that will then top out to almost 700 minutes of brightness, which is actually very good now, due to that banding that's, just coming through a camera it's hard to see the gamma here so it's 2.2, almost 2.2 2.1, Which is very good now, if we jump into the display settings right here, got dark mode, of course, which I'm currently using right now and our screen refresh rate settings. So you can set it to the default 90 144 Hertz as well for games that support it and you can run the UI and everything is the global refresh rate here that you can override it and it's no smart mode, unfortunately, which would have been nice on This it can also display the refresh rate in the status bar there. So you know what it is running at and you've got the typical settings here too for our display preferences, so normal mode, colorful mode, natural mode.

You can tweak the white balance, which is great. Having all of these options in a gaming phone, so this phone is running. Android 10 at is red magic, UI version 3. Now the theme of it out the box it's very toned down. This is like stock Android tin. When you look at the icon set. No Super gamer, bling, red and black ugly, looking UI here or the theme to it, which is really a good move. Now it doesn't come with any bloatware. Nothing really and the performance of it is excellent, so very responsive to touch as well everything even at 90. Hertz, none of them currently recording at so we've got typical toggles in here. There are some useful ones that I do like so obviously one here for the back RGB lighting, if you don't, want it just toggle it off a good one to have. Is this so 5g toggles? So I turn this off because I'm, not in a 5g area. Why would I want the mode I'm searching for 5g signal using up battery life, no need to say with that screen recording as well for recording your games? You can do that through the gaming menu as well. The gaming system, which I will get onto just after showing you this, and that is all pretty much standard there now. What is missing is a battery or battery settings. Menu is not in here but apparently red magic told me that it's coming in a firmware update that will add that setting so right now.

If I wanted to see my battery I can't, so I had to install a third party apt to see that okay I've got 80 at the moment with GCM battery monitor. I can see that now. Won'T go into all of this right here because there's a lot of things to go through, but there's the lighting effects. Okay, so there's a lot of things you can tweak in there and I won't, as mention go into all that, because this video of then will be like 30 minutes long, which is crazy. You don't want that cooling fan options, so I you can turn it on here, but I just keep it with the gaming mode and I'll get onto that later with that and there's a lot of other bits and pieces. The gaming dock station, which I don't have that's using those Pogo port pins and what about the fingerprint reader, so this one I had a couple of problems with. Actually I needed to add my thumb three times to get it to now. So if I tap here, I can't do that again: okay, it is pretty quick, but I had some issues with it in the beginning, I had to add my thumb three times to get it now to work as it's working now. Otherwise, it was very hit and miss. Now I find it's good, so that's a little tip there and you're saying fingerprint three times and it should work. Fine, so let's jump in here to have a look and just a few of those things performance wise, so Geekbench five.

This is a very good score, very high, of course, for the snapdragon 865 ain't gigabytes of ram and n2. Okay, really good score. This is nearing 600 mm and not like mediatek. They don't cheat Qualcomm, apparently that's. The genuine performance here so 83 of the storage is free to us on first boot, with 128 gigabyte version, and this is what I'm talking about when it comes to no bloat, I mean okay, it's got Google bloat in here, but where's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, that's, not Pre installed, which is absolutely perfect. I think this is really how it should be very lightweight there. You'Ve got no pen and a couple other few useful apps on there and, of course, some Google stuff so camera2 api support is level 3. I think you can find a gkm port, for this certainly must be one out there that supports the Samsung GW one, the main sensor, Widevine level 3 suit. Unfortunately, so if it had level one that would have been great, of course, for Netflix Amazon, Prime in Full HD, but here we're, stuff and standard, so it does support dual frequency. Gps, and I found that. Well, while you get about three meters of accuracy normal – and this is like any other flagship – there that's pretty standard what isn't really standard. Well, it is kind of now your first three speeds very quick, very, very quick there, but they're not the fastest. I have seen so random reads and writes they're good.

The sequential rate tends to be a little bit lower that's, not really that important. What is important is the reads there and they are very fast that's not going to bottleneck this at all so better life. Here. This was running it at 90 Hertz, so we've got nine hours, 44 minutes with a fixed PC mark 208 calibrated screen that isn't actually too bad. I believe for 4500 M our battery running at the faster refresh rate. You do take a hit there and you can take about eight hours in of screen on time now. Wireless speeds and the range in reception, very good, as well as 4G reception, find no problems and that speed is about what other snap to again 865 flagships are getting so very good. Now, what happens if you set the refresh rate then to force a global 144 Hertz, not just gaming? Well, there we go seven hours and 30 minutes yeah it's, not wonderful, now we're getting into they're kind of yeah there's that trade off between such a high refresh rate and poor battery life. Now, if you're gaming at 144, Hertz it's going to be approximately four hours, if your game at ninety Hertz about five hours, you're gon na get out of this with the hardware, with a little fan inside as well. So when you flick this switch here for the gaming mode, you jump into this menu here. Red magic and I'll quickly go through our options.

We'Ve got so this is for the controller. If you happen to have that, you can buy an extra controller for it, but at the time of this review, it's not actually out at the moment, I don't think you can get it just yet. We'Ve got these settings in here, so options for our fan, which can also go through from the settings menu right here. So you can set it to the intelligent adjustment mode, which is by default or maximum performance for rapid cooling, which you can leave on for the absolute best performance here, but I recommend is going with the intelligent. It adjusts the RPM according to the temperature there. I think is the best way to go recording settings for, while Chinese only supported games for that one right. There will automatically start to record your best moments. Network protection here is actually a good idea, so it stops it from swapping over to, for example, connect to another network. You don't want it doing that, because that will then break up your gameplay and possibly throw you off the server and basic options here, but I won't go through all of those, so these games are automatically added the ones that it detects. Otherwise, you can just add them yourself down the bottom. You can just turn the cooling fan on and off some toggles for that and let's just jump into a game. So I already got pub G here running and the background.

Okay, the Amos says that I have on is definitely giving me an advantage now. This is crazy, crazy, silky smooth, even though it's 944 Hertz 144 frames per second, this particular game not supporting it at the moment, this version, at least it is really really good. So those triggers I have them configured I'll just show you the pro trigger, so you just drag this to where you want it to beat with the onscreen control and simply just go out of it. It saves it so this one here look down the sights or is already down up before so tapping that very quick instead of pressing the buttons endless to fire so that's very fast. So when you find someone on the map that okay there's a guy right, there even look down the sights fire it's just a bit faster, I find than that and then of course, having an aiming assist right. There is definitely aiding me now, I'm, just going to turn the brightness down a little bit. So we can see this right here that the CPU at the moment, enhancement I've, just got it on GPU turbo mode. I set that to super performance that's really going to help everything just be a little bit smoother here and just crank that brightness right up I've got a full set over the screen, so you're not seeing any of that flicker. So let's go over to another game. This one supports 144 Hertz.

It is critical ops. So this title here is quite a light engine that they use critical opposites, cold it's like a Counter Strike clone really, and it runs 144 Hertz super smooth when you look around as you'd expect for this framerate and no problems, because this is really as mentioned, a Light engine, so it can keep up that framerate and just keep pumping it out did already let's. Just to give you an idea that this performance over the screen means that everything is just crazy smooth. So here we are at the 444 frames per second 144 hit refresh rate. It is so smooth. Of course, I cannot demonstrate this properly, with my camera. Recording at just 4k 30 frames per second, so you have to take my word for it, but it's the fastest and smoothest. I have seen this game ever run now, there's an old title. It still does look quite good though, and then a game like asphalt. 9. Here also does support the high refresh rate, fantastic graphics and there's, no visible lag that I can see this one is just super smooth, as expected with this hardware, so I wanted to briefly touch on this. Theta is the thermals the fan? Is it really helping it? Doesn'T make a bit of a noise. It depends on if using in the high performance mode, it does actually help now thermals, I noticed with the fan on doing the stress test would get to right about 60 degrees and then top out now, if you turn the fan off, I saw up to 75 Degrees from a 15 minute stress test, so it is definitely doing its job there it's helping boost that performance and especially when you use that performance enhancing mode through the gaming settings, forcing the GPU to the maximum clock and the CPUs to the maximum clock that's, where It will get very hot, it will still get hot to the touch I've measured about 43 degrees C from the back of it 12th and by the battery stats actually – and that is still very warm, so it's gon na boost the performance, but it doesn't mean it's Gon na be cool after 4 hours of gaming, it will still get very hot now to audio performance, so we've got Bluetooth as an option, but there's also the three point: five minute, headphone jack, that a lot of flagships are just simply missing.

Nowadays, the output quality from it it's, not the best I have heard but it's above average it's, not bad. This good volume to it as well now voice calls. I have done a test with that and no complaints. I think that's good. It allowed speakers, so we've got the earpiece that acts as a secondary frontwards facing loudspeaker. It seems to have actually more lows in meds and the bottom speaker has a balance of everything and more treble from that one. But here is a sample of the very loud loud speakers on this, and I love the way that they actually vibrate inside the case to just making it a little bit more immersive for gaming Music. Moving over to our cameras now so in the standard photo mode. You can see that we don't have an ultra wide option here to select it so we've got the three times five times and ten times digital that I wouldn't be using, and if I select right here pro mode, you can see. We'Ve now got the ultra wide camera it's in the Pro Mode, buried and hidden away there. I don't know why that is and for video, okay, you can see we've got this little hand icon, so that is electronic image. Stabilization enabled tapping. It then goes to the tripod mode, and it is not enabled so you can see it shakes around here. Even with my screen capture, night mode and portrait let's have a look at some samples now shot on the red magic 5g and you notice that it's shaking around a little bit that's because it doesn't have any electronic image stabilization, which is disappointing, because this is a Flagship spec phone very powerful phone fan cooled, so we can shoot 4k at 30 frames per second and 60 frames per second right now.

This is a sample of 30 to match my video here. The focus seems to be fine, as you can see: I'll focus on the tree in the background and then lock on to the pillar right here without too much of an issue, and I just walk ahead now to show you that electronic image stabilization Vera, it works. Well, you can hear her meowing away and just what you're looking at is another sample of a ke video, but this time I'm using a tripod – and you can see the sharpness of this video is very good, even if it is just maybe 6k upscale to 8. When you down scale to 4k, you gain some sharpness there, creating very good video quality Music all right. So what did you think of the camera performance? I think it can take a decent photo. The main camera ultra wide needs a bit of work. Night mode definitely needs some work and video performance too. We do have the stability on 4k and other lower resolutions. Electronic image stabilization, but not the front facing camera audio bitrate is 96 kilobits per second a bit on the low side. So it does sound scratchy in two common complaints with Chinese phones from me, just like no way vining level 1 cert on here. So hopefully that can be added, so they are pushing out pictures because we've got a recent patch that added 444. I believe framerate support for Real Racing 3.

It also added a battery in the icon in the status bar now, which is great that was missing, but still no battery. Oh sorry, battery stats in the settings menu you can go through and see your usage. What apps? You screen on time that you normally get on. Android phones is actually missing, but apparently will be added in upcoming update from them. So 144 hurt gaming, super smooth and fluid for games that do support it. There'S, not a lot of titles out there. That has support for it, but more will be added eventually from developers when they start to recognize this phone. Oh, we need to add support for the red magic 5g and that will then eventually come through now, when you game at 144, hurts it burns through that battery so be prepared for heat as well, if you're on the highest performance mode, even though the fans in There that maintains that super good performance, it will get warm to the touch about 43 degrees. I measured from the internal battery temperature CPU gets up to about 80. That is normal when you're pushing it so hard for that to happen, but the battery will go in about 4 hours at 144 Hertz gaming, depending on your brightness setting, of course, the higher the more it's going to go through that battery and at 60 Hertz. Well, you can game for about six hours at 90 Hertz, which is the sweet spot it's about 5 there, with this now 55 watt fast charging, unfortunately, don't have a 55 watt charger in the box, which is a shame, but overall, I think fantastic value for money.

579 euros gets you top spec great screen a bright screen. Good, build quality, really good performance super fast ROM. What more is there to like for that price point, it's, just really. The main weakness is the camera. The cameras on here they're not going to be flagship level, so be prepared for that. You saw for my samples it's still not too bad. Is it so? Thank you so much for watching this review of the red magic. 5G.