We have a Zeus: they also have their own gaming phone, raise their gaming phone to two as well. They kind of started it and then red magic. So this is the red magic, three, their latest phone, that has a Snapdragon 855, eight gigabytes, around 128 gigabytes of storage, a 90 Hertz screen and what sets it apart from all the others as it is fan cooled. Yes, a fan called mobile phone has got a tiny little fan in there, helping keep it a little bit cooler during those long extended gaming sessions. So let's find out in this review here if it's, a gimmick are actually something worthwhile and worth going for inside the box. We'Ll find some red magic stickers, a Quick Start Guide, a red type c cable and our 18 watt charger, which takes around two hours to fully charge the phone on the rear, it's all alloy. Here we do have a rare fingerprint reader which works well, but unlocking can be a little slow, as you can see here. It does take about a second or so. The animation is where I think it's lagging a little bit. So we have a 48 megapixel camera. Just above it as a single LED flash, so no dual tone flash here and that grill below the camera that's an intake vent here for the tiny little fan that is inside this. This vent, you can see on the right hand, side, and if you put your finger up to it, you can feel a tiny little bit of air being pushed out and if you do happen to block the rear of it, you can even hear the RPMs of That fan spin up a little faster as the resistance decreases, because it just can't suck in any air there.

Now it does turn off when the screen is off, if you're in the game, space mode and it's only really just in the gaming space mode. In fact, that's the only place that you will hear it work and you can disable it if you don't even want it and to be honest, you don't really need the fan that's in it. On the right hand, side you will find two capacitive trigger buttons. Now these can be configured through the games based settings to be any on screen button, but more on that later, when I get into the gaming space and it's gaming mode, the rear, LED strip called the aura light strip. You see has many options. You can customize this, you can set it to pulse width, strobe up and down change. The different colors it's got for RGB their front facing camera is 16 megapixels, and next up we have a status LED I've, only seen green and red colors here. So I don't believe it's a multicolored one and at the top we do have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack great to see this. The quality and the output from it is not bad at all. Really, no complaints from me and along the bottom you'll find a microphone a type c port, and this grill here, where some of the sound from the front facing speaker comes through this, so we've got rather large, bezels, okay! Well, this phone, which some people might actually like so you don't, get any accidental touches, at least when you're holding it in portrait, left and right, you're not going to have that problem, the top and bottom bezels, if you're, looking at it, of course, in this direction, They'Re not too bad they're quite slim, and we do have the front firing speakers.

They sound okay. At 100 volume you will notice that they sometimes distort a little bit, but later on in the video, I will give you a sample of them on the left. You'Ll find a 7 pin Pogo port. This is for connecting it up to the dock, which is of course sold separately. We have a SIM tray here that takes two nano Sims, so no micro, SD card storage on this particular model here and then I'll switch for toggling the game of space that's, the dedicated gaming mode. So the boot of the phone is very good overall. It feels good in hand I like the fact that we've gone with alloy and not glass on the back we're just going to make it a little bit more robust, but it is a very heavy phone, okay, so it's 216 grams and approximately 10 millimeters thick. So it's, not the thinnest and differently no way is it the lightest phone. So for some people this phone is simply just going to be too big. So this is the game space here, so it's very similar to the black shark with their shark space gaming zone. You flick the switch here. This brings us into the menu, so you've got toggles right here for the LEDs on the back, which is your RGB thee or a band. They call it calling fan. You can turn it onoff. You can hear it, especially when it's on the higher setting, which I'll just show you here.

So there are some other settings that you can bring up. So this is the handle you can get for it, which is the gamer grip that I don't even think. It'S. Actually out, at least not at the time of this particular video here, your games are automatically added here. If they aren't, you need to manually, add them, I had to add Shadowgun legends that didn't automatically detect it. So all the Chinese, of course they automatically pop right up in there without any problem, so here's the controls for the fan that you can either choose to have it on or off now. I just wanted to comment that this is a little bit of a gimmick that I've done some testing, that, with the fan on it's, only cooling it down about 5 degrees, and this chipset is designed to be passively cooled anyway. It doesn't actually need a fan. Now a lot of manufacturers and that this includes the vapor chamber they've got the copper, cooling and things to help it cool it down and ok for extended periods of gaming. You will notice that it's going to be a little bit cooler and not get as hot say as the Black Shark to rapid cooling is the maximum speed. You'Ve got basic settings here right now for changing the LED light fix on the back force of constant brightness. So disables the automatic brightness and a screen refresh rate now the screen a fresh rate changing here.

Okay, this is changing it from the 90 Hertz or the 60 Hertz it's, only applicable in actual games itself, so the UI is still gon na run at 90 Hertz. It seems super smooth, I don't see any difference there and when you can force us to auto or 60 frames per second and if you wanted to, but I don't think there are any titles at least that I don't know of English ones that do support the 90 Hertz or 90 frames per second, yet the best thing about this is that toggle that you can swipe from the side it's going to. Let us know about the resources there, so you can see the clocks of the GPU and the turbo. You can disable the fan from there block messages and also game space, so tapping standby here. This actually puts the screen into an off mode as to standby mode, but you can still continue to play the game which is great for games, for example like lineage to that you can auto level up your character and just simply turn the screen off, and let That run in the background, you've got the touch buttons here. The on screen touch buttons, which I will get into later, once I'm in game and pub g40 shock is just a hectic feedback sitting and it only works with a few games so knives out. Qq speeds pub gns felt 9, so mostly just Chinese games it's, actually in a work now the auto mode here is on by default.

This is our performance mode, so you've got GP, turbo, CPU turbo and I can force it now into super performance mode. But if you take a look now, if we swipe again and look at the box that they haven't actually changed, so I for thought that it would force the governor of the CPU and the GPU onto the top modes of high performance. But it doesn't really seem to do that so to me, it's a little bit of a gimmick and I don't see any difference in antutu scores, either with the super mode on or off. So this is where the phone I think, has a bit of an edge over the black shark from Xiaomi that you get mostly pretty much stock Android nine here and, of course it is running at 90 Hertz. You do notice it because when I go back to my 60 hit phones, which is your standard refresh rate, you can see that things here. They are just very, very, very smooth and that even goes with other applications. So Twitter that's, going to be running at the 90 hits as well. It does seem a lot smoother and it's a little bit like the experience of the 1 7 Pro that I did recently review now. The performance of it with the 8 gigabytes of RAM is as expected that it is fast, but one thing I have noticed that the fingerprint, unlocking sometimes doesn't seem to be as quick as it could be.

I'Ll just quickly demonstrate that now so I'll lock it and I'll touch it now and see how slow that is I'll. Do that again, so gon na touch it now so it's, not the fastest fingerprint unlocking, and I think mostly the animation is to blame here. So over the 4 days now I've been using it, I haven't encountered any major bugs so, and you think once I did see a little bit of a stutter coming and I don't know why that was. I think it was just something random and you can see that the theme of it for me is quite ugly, so they've gone for a very gamer red gamer theme. Okay, that suits it, but you can change it over into the white mode. That I've got now, at least with the applications to me, looks a little bit better and of course you can theme it. You can change the icon set and tweak other things to your own personal preference there. So performance is good we're, seeing the notifications – and yes, you can see here that the bezels top and bottom they are rather large, as expected. So let's take a look at the display on this one, so it is a huge display, 6 point, 6, 5 inches and because of the top and bottom bezels being rather large, it makes it a large phone. So it is a 23 40 by 1080p AMOLED panel. Here were they 700 Simon, Lux brightness tested with whites, which is good, so it's a very bright screen.

The gamma is almost spot on here, it's about 2.3. It should ideally be 2.2, but having it not far off and being a mobile phone is actually not bad. Real images on the screen look good. The touch input is super quick, very fast and very accurate as well, which you'd expect for a gamer phone they've. Definitely tweaked the touch digitizer here the 90 Hertz that the display runs out as well means that I prefer this phone over the black shark to because of the more fluid response, the faster touch response it seems to have and good accuracy, blacks, look, nice and deep. Although it's a little bit more effective here, because I still have the included screen protector, that came with a screen – I've kept that on because I don't want it to get scratched up, but overall, I think for a gaming phone. The 1080p resolution is a wise choice to keep the frame rate up without 1440p and overall, a decent panel. One move that I don't understand here with the red magic three is: it does not support type C video out without that dock, so that's a way for them to get sales. I mean they spent the money to put the poco port in there, but I think that would have been better spent to give the type C port a video output which it lacks and a gaming phone. I think should definitely have that now, because I've had the phone now for four days, I managed to get some battery stats.

It takes me that long because I'm always plugging it in and pulling off files checking the video quality, and things like that. So I got 9 hours and 19 minutes. I still had 14 remaining so believe that you might be able to get about 10 hours of on screen time, and this is what the 90 Hertz that you'll get in the UI, so that's. Actually, okay, considering with the zenfone 6, I managed to get about 13 hours, but that's running at 60, Hertz with the same battery capacity, which is the 5000 million hour so that it has so the antutu scores very high, as expected for this one here with the Calling they've really optimized things for the maximum kind of GPU performance. You can see, look at that GPU score really high. In fact, these are the high scores I have seen now so it's, definitely no slouch in terms of a drone performance. It has androids fastest at the moment. I believe, but don't don't quote me on that, because it could actually be another phone out there. I think, maybe the black shark. Oh, she could be faster in the overclocking that chicken mode whatever they've got they roasted chicken mode. They call it so sequential reads and writes here: finding the speeds it is ufs, 2.1 storage it is using. Gps is working, fine, the accuracy hovers around 4 and I did check out and see if it was using dual frequency, but no it's only showing for the carrier.

Frequency here just level once nothing there as level 2 and the upload and download speeds here with 4G. Here in Europe does have been 20 supports if you get the European model that is, and no complaints and issues their wireless performance is very fast, but it's still not as fast as the current king. For me, which is the 1 7 Pro over the other side of the apartment, I got 144 megabits per second, the 1 plus 7 Pro was able to get 240 Plus, which is really good, but still, these are really good speeds for a mobile phone, a able To reach about 464, you can see there, so downloads are very quick now. This is a bit of an issue here, so, if you're into your Netflix or Amazon Prime, you like to stream you're, stuck, unfortunately with standard definition. Yes, so no full HD, Amazon or Netflix unfortunate, because it's only got a level 3 cert, which is one of the cons there camera a peep API here, so full support level 3. That is good. Someone will probably end up putting over Google's camera, and this does point out too that, with this screen that we have these display preferences, you can change it from the colorful mode natural mode there, and I prefer the natural mode. So free storage you get on first boots – you can see right here is about a hundred and nineteen gigabytes. What about audio so the front facing speakers? They are loud.

They have a little bit of bass to them. They do distort it 100. So you have to turn the volume down a little depending on the title and the track that you are playing overall. They do add to the immersion and I like the fact that they call say when it was stereo front facing speakers, so here's sample of them and you'll probably detect a little bit of distortion at 100 Music. So, as mentioned, the phone runs very fast, very fluid. Multitasking split screen everything like that, but now what most of you are waiting for, of course, is sim gaming, so let's flick that switch go into the dedicated game, space mode and we'll check out a few titles and see just how it performs so. First up is Shadowgun legends, so this one's running well, but I still have some stutters, as you can see like it's caching, the sound or something now with these front facing speakers it's, more immersive and this game. Certainly they are quite loud. I have it set to ultra high on the 60 frames per second setting, and you can see that it is very, very smooth here and one of the best experiences that you will get. Of course, the largest screen does help with the gaming immersion and we'll. Take a look at the temps. I'Ve been gaming for a while now actually I'm out of the game. Shark mode just turn it on now and you can see we're up to now 38 degrees, so pub G, I used GFX tool to set the frame rate to 60 frames per second now.

There is no 90 frames per second option at the moment, which will be really idea, of course, with the faster screen refresh rate that the red magic 3 here has now the triggers. I wanted to quickly point those outs that I have it configured for the triggers to be the firing and then go look down the scope or the sights of it and it actually works out. Well, so I just demonstrate that get out of the car here that if I look down tap this so that's looking down the sights and then to fire see the reaction time there is milliseconds really. So it is actually quite quick. So looking around here with a 60 frames per second very fast and look at my temperatures it's so about 37 degrees, I haven't seen it go over 40, so it does keep the fan at least the thermals under control. But again, I don't actually really think it's probably needed this chipset is normally just passively cold and for a very good reason, because it really doesn't need more than that that's about 9 legends. This is running as expected. No problems very smooth this game. So this is fortnight here and you can see the performance is good, but only 30 frames per second, the developers still have not enabled 60. You know this hardware should be able to do 60. I just wanted to point out to the the performance is good here. You can see visually looks great, but I've noticed that it's not holding you see that at the moment the turbo mode is 427.

Then it drops down now to 345, so it's a little bit of a gimmick on the super mode, GPU turbo, no matter what you do, it's just a temporary boost and then it seems to always revert down then to 345, the highest I've seen the GPU get Up to is 500 that it will never hold it for some reason. Ok, so I think it's a little bit of a gimmick, the fan, but you cannot deny that it does actually make the phone a little bit cooler to the touch than most other phones. Other phones on the back of them around this area would probably be up to about ' degrees here, and this is much cooler at 31 degrees, so, according to Nubia, read magically the guys that make it gamers don't really need an amazing set of cameras. That'S kind of being overlooked here, so you've got no dual camera setup. You'Ve got no fancy portrait modes here, it's quite straightforward. They do have a very gimmick mode here, which is the 8k video. Now I want to actually give you a sample of it, because it's terrible it's between 5 and 15 frames per second now. They do mention that, yes, ok, the back camera footage is recommended for outdoor use and it is a beta, but it really it's just to get people to buy the phone. I think for that factor the fact that they can say: oh well, my phone can do 8k, video, yours, can't, well, it's, just absolute rubbish, so I'll give you a sample soon of the 4k video at least and the front facing camera, so the photo quality out Of the lenses on this, I find to be ok.

Now a lot of people will actually probably like the photos, as you can see right now, so this is shot outdoors. The photo of this red hibiscus has got a lot of detail. It does look good, but you see a lot of over sharpening here, it's just way too processed too sharpened for my liking. That is at least, and even look at this photo here of a lot of detail. Yes, when you look at all the tiny little individual pieces of fur on her face and things like that, it does look good but again, it's just way too sharp and these other samples you can see here it takes a decent photo outdoors and when you put It on, for example, a 4k TV and you look at it and you crop in you can see that over sharpening it's very obvious now low light, as you can see from these examples here, not good at all. It doesn't have a night mode at all. So no dedicated night mode with this particular camera. But here are those video samples now and a quick clip with the front facing camera. So you only get 1080p max but the front camera here. The quality is average because of the lack of stabilization and in that audio quality, so not the best for vloggers out there, this particular phone. This is a quick 4k video sample, so it does not have any image stabilization whatsoever, so electronic image stabilization could be enabled and it does actually work quite well normally, with the snapdragon 855 it's very good at actually processing and doing that stabilization.

But here I don't know: maybe it was a software update. They could add that the focus is okay and certainly could do with the infrareds assist focus that most people pair up with the sony MX 586 sensor just to help it alright. So to answer that question at the beginning of the video that is this phone, a gimmick or does it have gimmick, features differently and it's, not because I'm, not against gaming phones, it's just another niche there for manufacturers just to get more sales really. But there are a few on here that they shouldn't really have okay, the first one is the 8k video recording. I mean it's a beta feature, so that's probably our way out for them to say yeah but it's. Just the beta we're only testing the 8k video. Now I can't put a sample in this video for some reason, because Adobe Premiere Pro that I used it at my videos – won't accept it. It just keeps only adding the audio track and not the video I don't know what's going on there. So it's only 5 to 15 frames per second, the frame rate, it's, terrible it's very choppy, and I believe it's just like up scaled 4k. Really it doesn't. Look that good to me at all so that it's just a stupid bragging right that people can say yeah but hey. My phone does 8k video. Yours only does four Wow no, but this also has the fan in here which, again to me, is both a bit of a gimmick because the fan in here well, it does keep it a little bit cooler and you notice the temperature differences.

If you keep an eye on the temperatures and the gamer mode, okay, when you swipe and take a look at it, you can see yeah. You know what it's about four degrees cooler than when it was just been cooled by the vapor chamber by the copper transfer heat pipes that it has in here, but really that is all the Snapdragon 855 needs. It doesn't actually need a fan. It'S meant to be a passive Lee called chip in here. Besides that, yes, okay, the build is all right, it's, a solid phone. It is a heavy phone it's, a big phone and it's not going to be for everyone. It really is quite big, but even so they move to the buttons down here. So you can still actually get and touch that quite easily. Now will touch that fingerprint reader right now and you can see that it works. It'S accurate it's working about ten out of ten times. For me, I just find it to be a little slow due to that animation, it's, not exactly the fastest one. There now the other areas where the phone as good as the screen so it's, very smooth at the 90 Hertz but of course there's how many any games I don't think there are the only games that support 90 Hertz. I mean I haven't been able to find one out there. Perhaps there are in China, but you can't really take advantage of that. However, the UI is one plus seven Pro smooth it's very smooth at loading times are good, with the storage being relatively fast.

I mean it's ufs 2.1, which is still blazing fast storage for a mobile phone and then stock android. So the screen that the 90 Hertz and the stock android basically stock android is almost 100 stock, is kind of why i like it a little bit better than the black shack. Overall, the experience with it voice call quality. To mention that I have made some calls on it, it sounds fine, it's, good, the loudspeakers dual facing loudspeakers and exactly as good as I thought and hopes they would be. They'Ve got some loudness to them, depending on the titles that you're in so gaming and shadow game, legends it's very loud, but when you're listening to say YouTube or some audio tracks it can distort, they do store a little bit. Some, not amazing, quality. There 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack sounds fine to me. No complaints, well it's, it's, good and better life, so you're getting around 9 hours of screen on time, continuous, mostly on wireless, that is with my test, was about 40 percent on data only and that particular test there. So it does work out to have good battery life, not quite as good as the zenfone 6 here so for the price that sells, for you cannot deny that it's offering a lot in terms of eight gigabytes of RAM, the storage 128 gigabytes, which is a lot More than a zenfone 6, but for about the same price, you have the zenfone 6, which to me games exactly the same okay, but you get much better cameras on debt won't there and overall I find it's just a smaller, more compact phone er, even though it Is still quite a large phone to the zero fine sex it's, just not the Beast that this is so it doesn't come recommended.

I mean if you're a gamer, take a look at the Black Shark. Tony. If you want you, like your android games and you're really into a pub g or fortnight, then perhaps it is a phone to go for, but in terms of camera, performance is quite disappointing. The rear shots are over sharpened. A little bit does take a decent rear photo lowlights very poor front facing camera is either it's either too soft overexposed it's it's, not very good. I don't I don't like the front facing camera performance and video performances. You saw no stabilization whatsoever, so it's disappointing. Thank you so much for watching this review of the red magic, 3 hope to catch you back in the channel.