Me'S x50 Pro 5g. It just launched today 5th of May in Europe, and the base model will be selling for 599 euros. So does a value flagship phone now that base model has 8 gigabytes of lpddr4 AM 128 gigabytes of UF s3 storage and this phone I've been using on and off for the last couple of weeks. I won't lie to you and say I've been using. It continuously. No because I'm reviewing also a lot of other phones, but every time I go back to the X 50 Pro 5g. It really does surprise me at just how well this phone performs it has to be the best performing phone. It is just so quick, not just because of the 90 Hertz screen, but, as you see so, I'm gon na also cover the new patch that came out at the end of April. This one's a big one because it's the a 19 patch that you can at the time of this video manually install at the moment. It will actually be seeding out two phones shortly, and it really does pick up the performance of those cameras that I did criticize in my full review. I just felt that it didn't have really flagship grade cameras and now, as you'll see, it really has improved, especially low light. So, in this video I'll show you a bit of a comparison to low light performance against other phones. I currently have also have a listen to the loudspeakers on this and then my thoughts on this phone after using it now for a few weeks.

Is it worth their 599 euros? At least the base model let's find out so I'm on that new patch, which is called patch a 19. This is for the European version. I think it also came out for the Indian one as well to manual download, but it will be seeding out soon. Two devices that are released here now with the European release – I believe so I wanted to demonstrate the fingerprint unlocking on this phone is probably one of the fastest. I have seen just like the x2 Pro the x2 Pro was really quick, and this has no exception here. So I need to tap that again just to get it to come up and you see how quick that is very, very fast face, unlocking as well really good on this particular phone. So I've got the K 30 Pro right here. This is a readme device, and I just want to show you too, that this one is quick, but a little bit slower and one of the fastest. For me, at least from last year, in phones was the Huawei P 30 Pro and still is very, very quick. This fingerprint unlocking and that one is very accurate too, and this is a newer device here. This is the red magic 5g and you see that one a little bit slow there too, but I'll do that X, 55 G, again profile G, just to show you that it's, a really quick with fingerprint, unlocking, probably one of the best and most accurate ones, I've Used now, we'll take a look at the changes here with that firmware update so we're now in security patch level April, which is great.

That is super recent. The desktop they change the charging icon sets and want a little change there and vivid mode, as I just mentioned – 4k 60 frames per second added to our camera, which is good. I'Ll. Just quickly show you that the option is there, I've tested it it's, not very good for k60 footage. I think it looks a very soft. The bitrate is not too high. I'M fortunate. I won't include a sample here because I shoot my videos in 4k, 30. So there's no point me showing 60 frames per second at 30 as just pointless, but maybe I'll upload that separately a sample. If people want to see that the big one is the optimization to the camera. Now I did do an an to 2. Before and after score, okay – so this is before and after that it is excellent. So this is a super quick phone, as mentioned Dennis one of the fastest. I have seen almost cracking that 600000 mark there in n22. If you do like your synthetic benchmarks now, this is the thing that hasn't changed, of course, as the super quick charging on this so 36 minutes to take it from 3 percent to 100. They claimed 35, so it's only an extra minute or so now. I know a lot of people are saying their concern, that that is just going to get the batteries too hot. It splits the charge between two battery cells. I believe, and you don't actually have to charge it at the 65 watt, so you can buy yourself a slower charger and just charge it at normal, slow rates.

If you wanted to do so. This phone does, however, lack wireless charging, which would have been great to have just before I give you a sample of the dual stereo loudspeakers it has on here, so we'll jump into the important thing, which is the camera update? How much better is it? I think they have really improved the camera so shows and samples. So what we have is a ultra wide selfie right here now, the ultra wide selfies before on the first firm that I reviewed would often be overexposed the backgrounds. Now it might capture your okay, but the background was just completely blowing out big time very light here and this time around. I think it is so much better they've improved it now, it's, not perfect, and some photos you can see that it does P, maybe need a bit of work. This is a selfie shot here, so this one you could say yeah. Sometimes it may, where the main camera over expose a little bit, but it does capture so much detail that 32 megapixel. This is a so any sense that they use with the front facing camera and say I believe, it's a custom, one that they've got there and it does take. I think, an excellent photo in a portrait shots as well on this particular phone. I do happen to like, I think they do a good job with the skin tones some way to say that okay it's a little bit too much the skin smoothing the way they're processing this, but I think it does take a nice photo now.

The big difference is the ultra wide on the rear as well. I think, has improved a little bit as well. This is lust rotors, where I took this one and you can see it just captures so much here in the image for an ultra wide that's normal. But when you zoom in yeah, okay, the itches it's lacking detail there's a bit of noise in there they're, not particularly high quality ultra wide cameras. I don't really feel they're fitting for a flagship device, they're ultra wide just a little disappointing. Don'T get me wrong. I mean it's great to have them, but the main sense it does a much better job, as you can see right here of the coast, so we were allowed out. We are allowed out actually for two hours to exercise. Now there it's kind of easing up on the lockdown, so that's great and then okay we've got the two times optical. It just like again a very detailed photo and you can even go up to this is five times so that's a combination, hybrid, okay, so it's digital and optical zoom and the results it yeah there, okay, it's kind of usable. You can see the tower here. I certainly could not take a photo this good if it was all digital. It would not look as good as this one right here and you can see with the ultra wide just how far away I am, and you have very good photos.

I think that this main camera can take really detailed. Is he have a look at this photo here, a very my cat, lots of detail being captured. So to me they have improved that quality. A lot on the main camera and these selfies the ultra wide seem to be tweaked a little bit better too in terms of exposure, but the big difference to me is low light. Okay, so let's have a look at some low light photography here. So these examples I'm, showing you here, they're all handheld, okay, all right, that's, okay and then you look at the low light much better and then you can actually also use what's called the tripod mode. Then so you mounted in a tripod that has a long exposure of 47 seconds. I believe it is so very long. You don't want to move it at all and then it can capture. I think some pretty amazing results now when you zoom in you can see it even managed to pull light where there really is no light. It looks like it's, just after sunset, it's kind of crazy that it's that light here. So we get into that point now. I think the manufacturers are finally getting low light. Shots were their night modes as good as GK imports. So I don't really think you need to bother with G cam on this particular phone, and I also went out and took a couple of samples. Were some other phones? I happen to own, so this is a shot here from the rid McKay 30 Pro yeah, it's.

Okay, I mean, of course, guys in the comments ya gkm. Of course you can probably get maybe better than this that's alright and here's. My samsung galaxy s, 10 plus yeah that's, good, okay and the same shot using now. The real me X, 50. Pro 5g – I think, looks monk's much much better here, so they're really pushing ahead in terms of low light photography, which is good to see. So a welcome to update really with the cameras now what about our video quality? So yes, some improvements here. If you saw the original first review that often it would blow things out with a lot of overexposure, it's still not quite perfect difficult conditions as well, because the Sun is coming down and sitting here. But we still got that great electronic image stabilization with this front facing camera and the audio quality it's a high bitrate that they use 320 kilobits per second and the audio to me does sound good and you can see yeah. The white here in the Sun is blown out and because it's trying to capture my face, but if I get back here into the Sun, you can see now and that's a little bit better. So it's not quite perfect, but they've definitely improved. I think of the video quality here with the front facing camera. At least the ultra wide retains that great electronic image stabilization, but it doesn't look quite as good as the main camera, so this is 4k video you're looking at right now, 30 frames per second.

I would show you 60, but I don't record my videos and 60 frames per second, so there's kind of no point, so it does look like they have improved the 4k 30 frames per second video. To me it looks better. Audio quality is very good. High quality microphones, high bitrate and you see, as I walk ahead now all the electronic image stabilization doesn't seem to be quite as good as other flagships. Here focus no problems with it, as you can see, it's locking on to that just fine. So I think if they can just tweak and make the electronic image stabilization a little better we'd have a very good phone here for video quality on the main camera that is, and if you're not the resolution down to 1080p, we can shoot with the ultra wide. But a huge downgrade in quality. This to me looks very washed out ultra wide video – just not great with this sensor here, so this phone has some very good loudspeakers and then the dual firing. So the earpiece doubles as a loudspeaker and it does to rate the sound out towards you, which is good great for emotion and then my samsung galaxy s 10 plus, which is this phone right here, also has very good speakers, and I think this STM plus sound May be marginally better, but the x50 pro is almost just as good and I think, a slight but louder actually, but I'll give you sample abow for them Music.

So it does have really good loudspeakers on this phone. So, if that's, something you're after in a phone, you won't be disappointed with the x50 prone terms of loudness and quality of those loudspeakers. But yes, sadly, this phone does not have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is sorely missed. Most manufacturers are dropping these and you can use a course and adapter type C to 3.5 millimeter. So what it boils down to me is that this overall, I think, is an excellent package. It is a powerhouse of a phone. The performance not just because of the chipset is really good, and this is one of the best optimized roms. I have seen a lunchtimes fingerprint reader super fast charging times. It is just the ultimate speeds that have a phone out there for flagships is so quick now don't just take my opinion on this I'm sure. All the other reviews out there will be exactly the same. How could they not be that this phone is a definite champ when it comes to performance? Now, yes, the 599 euro base price is a bit higher than last year's. X2 Pro now, the x2 Pro there last year, flagship with 855 plus it still comes highly recommended from me. That is a very good phone as well, for the same charging speeds a very good screen on it. Of course, it is overall, a very quick phone, even though it's the last in chip it's still just as fast, really because of the UI performance, and it now does have real me UI, which is better than color OS.

Now the camera, the a 19 patch, thankfully, to me the photo quality is now looking a lot better. They can't take a very decent shot. I do like the results from portrait shots front facing camera as well as very detailed, good stitching as well with portraits. The ultra wide is great for group shots. So if you want to get your whole family into a shot, you're taking a selfie, you know you're holding it up like that gon na capture, every one and there's no more kind of playing around to try and get everyone's head in the shot or cutting someone's Face off but the quality is not the same level as the main camera, of course, that 32 megapixels is very detailed. That Sony sense that they've got in there now. One area of weakness I still see is the video quality to me personally. Audio and video is excellent, very rich, high bitrate 320 kilobits per second, and that is good, but it's. Just the softness of the video it's a little bit too soft for 4k. I feel I've seen it on oneplus and Oppo phones that I've been reviewing. I think it just tends to be a bkk technologies, they're all the same company, just something they do that they, I hope in the future, to sharpen up and give us crisper. Looking for K for K. 60 is also quite disappointing. It'S, not really flagship level. To me, I possibly post a sample of that, so you can see what it looks like so overall, this is a very good phone recommended for the 599 euros.

Yes and where is it lacking? Where are the weaknesses of this phone? So no wireless charging, no micro SD card support and no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, and that is basically it, but overall, very good. If you can get past the pill shaped cut out notch on the screen that I know a lot of people are very against, but you do actually get used to it, and this is me being a samsung. Galaxy is 10 plus owner with that notch I've been used to it for a year and here to me it's okay, I would rather not have it but it's there and you do actually get used to it. So, thank you so much for watching this follow up. Make sure you do check out my really x50 Pro 5g full in depth review that is linked in the description it's, also showing out right now, and thank you so much for watching this.