Flagship I've been testing it for a week now. This is a review unit that was sent out to me. So we have a five times: optical periscope, zoom camera. It can zoom up to ten times. Hybrid zoom and even right up to sixty times digital. It has a 120 Hertz IPS screen powered by the Snapdragon 855, plus up to 12 gigabytes of RAM and 256 in gigabytes of fast UF, s3 storage, which is in my particular version. So in this in depth, review of the x3 superzoom I'm going to cover the build design face and fingerprint unlocking the screen in detail, UI performance, a loudspeaker test benchmarks, including an some gaming thermals battery life and, of course, a camera review. Looking at exactly what you can expect from this camera set up in this all in one detailed review. So if you are new to my channel or a frequent viewer, and you haven't done so already, please subscribe check the bell icon to enable notifications. This way you don't miss out on any new videos from me inside the box. You'Ll find a quality TPU case it's in a smoky grey. Color we've got a 30 watt that flash charger now will charge the phone in 55 minutes so it's, not as fast as the X 50 pro 5g, which is about 35, but it's. Still very quick for a four thousand two hundred million power battery we've got a Type C, two USB cable, sim trade tool and some reading material.

Now the build of this phone we've got a plastic frame around the outside of it. It might fool some people into thinking. It could actually be metal because it's, a very dense plastic that is painted silver with the white version. Here there is glass on the back. That does have a matte finish to it, so it doesn't really pick up fingerprints because of this finish, it is very slippery if your hands are cold. I have noticed and the thickness nine point: five millimeters that's according to my measurements and the camera does protrude. By about an additional two millimeters, so very easy access to that fingerprint reader on the right hand, side, nice and easy to get to and it unlocks the phone very, very quick. I have noticed so down the bottom. We have a single loudspeaker, so there's no jewel speakers in this particular model, but a type support that does not support video out the cemetery tool takes two nano Sims. There is a rubber gasket around it and apparently we do have some splash and water resistance that they have applied, but there is no official IP rating then, on the Left we have the volume up and down rocker, and this is also made out of plastic at The top we've just got a secondary microphone, so there is no IR transmitter here with this one and then inside the pool shaped cutout here. We'Ve got the same setup as the x50 pro 5g, and that is a 32 megapixel front facing camera 8 megapixel ultra wide.

Personally, I would have preferred just a single cutout, or even just a teardrop shaped notch. I think that's a lot more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As for the rear camera, so we've got a 5 x optical camera that does have optical image stabilization. The sensor is 8 megapixels and I believe it has an F 3.4 aperture. The main sensor is the Samsung ISO cell GW 1, the exact same one that they have used in previous phones and it uses pixel binning 64 megapixels. It has an F 1.8 aperture. We have an ultra wide that is 8 megapixels and then a 2 megapixel macro camera. So looking here at our screen, I'll just first show you the settings for gods. I'Ve got it in dark mode here now, dark mode, even though it is an IPS panel which normally are not as deep the blacks. It still looks very good it's, probably coming through on the video that this is quite deep black. Now I have noticed that when you are definitely using or looking at white backgrounds that you will because it's an IPS panel see a little bit of what I call dimming or shadowing around, where the cutout is for the front facing camera and also down near the Chin there is a tiny bit it's, definitely not the worst I've seen for an IPS panel and the maximum brightness tops out to be around 475 Netzer brightness, which is okay it's on the brightest screen out there either it does operate at a maximum of 120 Hertz You'Ve got options in the settings to set it to 60 Hertz.

If you want to save on battery or auto, select will be using most of the time. 90. Hertz is the other thing to point out too that when you're using the screen, the touch response, I think, is very very good here. We'Ve got scaling options as well, and when you do look at real world images on the screen, I think they are fine. Most people should be happy with the screen it's just to me not as good as the higher quality AMOLED panels we get and then well screen. Legibility is also good, but I wouldn't write it as great because of that four hundred and seventy five Nets of brightness, but you can still make out text messages, place, calls and do everything else, even in the Sun. So the fine has face unlocking and it is working well for me, no problems and I just wanted to point out what the UI is like, so at 120 frames per second, it is very smooth and fluid as you to imagine very, very quick here with the Animations it's not hard to see and fall as though, maybe a little bit optimization is needed. I have noticed that if you're in something very demanding so if I was gaming – and I got out of there – triggered recent apps, for example – I noticed that sometimes the animation will dip below and not be at that 120 frames per second dip down to something. Maybe like 60 and you'll notice that little bit of stutter so apps drawer here with real me UI, it runs Android 10 and it is on the March security patch level 2 as well.

Now, when you go into gallery things like that, because the storage is very fast and quick, this is 256 gigabytes. The version I have with the 12 gigabytes of RAM that there really is no slowdown in anything I'm doing now. What about the screens response to touch it is excellent edge touch. Detection is also good for triggering the gestures I'm, not having any problems with them even doing it. With my camera tripod everything in the way I'll just clear the RAM there and because I've got the 12 gigabytes well, it's, probably gon na be a little bit better at multitasking I've noticed that sometimes it will kill things off in the background a little bit sooner. They would like now, when you first boot the phone up. You will see this right here, a bit of bloatware that's, always on most phones, there's, not a lot, and some of these are Google apps and some people might not consider them below 2. But I do there's no advertising in the ROM that I can see anywhere, which is great, wide vine level, 1 search. So this means a Netflix, of course, Amazon, Prime full HD, camera 2 API support. So yes, gkm ports do work on this and get the port for the X 2. Pro from real me is actually working with the main camera. With this one and the front facing camera internal storage speeds, so you FS three spec and very, very good random, reads and writes here, as you can see, that's not going to be holding up this system at all and because I have the 256 gigabytes.

That is very high, just like this right here, so antutu version eight and it is score of five hundred and ten thousand, which is excellent for the snapdragon 855 plus. I do believe this is the best score I have seen now. If you run it again and again and again, the school will drop down a little bit to about four hundred and ninety nine thousand bits normal with these chips. There passively cooled, of course, and Geekbench five score and also FX bench so pause. If you want to read all of these results here, there's a lot of information, so compare this to your own mobile phone. If you want to see what the GPU performance is like and hit pause again, if you want to see all of those details and then GPS, so we do have dual frequency: GPS, supporting two different carrier frequencies levels, letters so level 1 and level 5. You can see being picked up and the accuracy will be always about 3 meters, which is typical for Qualcomm powered devices. The wireless is excellent, so I'm, connected up to the 5 gigahertz wireless AC and I'm able to go down to my spot, one which is downstairs away from my router and getting excellent speeds. Very, very good here. So almost 340 meters per second is great and in the higher speeds, when I'm close to the router up to around 700 and even further away getting still over 250, it has to be one of the better ones, probably because of the plastic frame on this phone.

Is also helping, I believe there and in better life this was run with the display calibrated to 200 nits of brightness, like I do with all the tests and just let it loop this continual benchmark here to get this result. So almost 11 hours is not actually bad at all. Considering this was run with the screen set to that very quick, a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate. So if you set it to the adaptive, which will be 90 or 60 you'll get a much better result. 120 Hertz burn through the battery, especially when gaming onto our audio performance, so I've noticed that, with a 3.52 type C at damper that the audio quality is very clean, there doesn't seem to be any hisses static coming through. That is good voice calls as well excellent. No problems, it does have noise cancellation and also using just bluetooth, take a cell, no problems, so here's a sample of that single downwards flying loudspeaker. I would have preferred that they had a secondary one in the air piece would have been great just like we have with the X 50 pro 5g, which I'll compare it to right now, Music. So as you hit from that sample that the loud speaker is reasonably loud, but there is like some distortion or it sounds almost like compression with the highs coming through and the real me x50 pro 5g, which is above it that loud speaker, the dual loudspeakers and That one so much better, so the phone comes with their game space application just like other roomie phones that I've been reviewing in the channel.

This is a gaming centric hub where you can add your games. It also gives us a few options here so you're able to if you want to block a call. So, if you're in the middle of a gaming session of mobile legions, for example – and you don't want to be interrupted, that is very handy and in different performance modes as well, so on the competition mode, that's, maximum performance and balanced and then the low power mode. Just to save a bit on battery life now notice that when you're gaming at 120 frames per second matching the screen refresh rate of 120 Hertz that it will chew through that battery, you get around four hours of gaming time, it's all dependent, of course, on your Screen brightness, so other titles that do support the hundred and twenty frames per second are grim: valor that's, one of them. There are many in the market. You just have to search and find them and mobile engines. As mentioned, other games like shadow gun legends run at 60 frames per second to solid 60, very good performance and no problems, but I've noticed it will get hot. After an hour of gaming, I was seeing up to almost 43 degrees on the rear of the phone and the internal temperatures on the CPU, getting into the mid seventies, so quickly run through what we can do with the camera right here. So in the standard photo mode we have the ultra wide, which is 8 megapixels, so the one times this is using the main 64 megapixel camera that's Samsung ISO sound gw1 and hitting two times that's 2 times digital off that main sensor five times.

We now swap over to the periscope camera, so that is optical image stabilized as well. 8. Megapixels take a photo now to show you that there's actually a cross up here on the mountain that I want to zoom in to so at 10 times. You can probably see that cross now. This is still usable, I believe at 10 times so. It'S, hybrid and let's go up to about 20 times right here, just to show you that now it's not really that too good, and you get all the way up to sixty times here and see it's shaking around quite a bit. Now. But at least we do have that optical image stabilization and the result of this photo very pixelated. Personally, I would not be using that it's, not really a usable photo at all, but at all, so you can do that portrait mode, that's self explanatory! You can use two times a 1 x, 64 megapixel mode. I don't really use this because you don't really gain much again a little bit more detail, maybe but a bit of noise there and under more you'll, find out ultra macro and we've got expert mode here. So, with the expert mode, ISO goes up to 3200 shutter rate up to 32 seconds white balance and a focus. You can shoot and roll with the main camera, and we also have over here. You can select the different cameras you want to use, so you can shoot with the ultra wide and pro mode all the 5 times optical as well there's a sample of the front facing cameras.

Our microphone quality, I think, is very good. Here. We'Ve got a bit rate with audio of 320 kilometers per second electronic image stabilization. I will demonstrate right now just walking down these steps that it is very smooth great to see that they are continuing with the electronic image stabilization here with this front facing cameras. Now the exposure sometimes can be a little bit off, not with the main camera the 32 megapixel front facing camera. That is but what the ultra wide is I'll show you, if I step into the Sun now you'll notice that it does tend to overexpose a little bit it's bright, midday Sun here at the moment – and that is just one minor area of complaint from me – that If the exposure, I think they could tweak, maybe – and hopefully they can improve – that with some future updates, so it's great – to be able to put so much more in this shot here and that it does have that electronic image stabilization. But if you want better quality, I would stick to the main sensor that 32 megapixel one is definitely a huge improvement over the 8 megapixel quality. As you can see now, I just jumped back to it to quickly show you what the main front facing camera looks like here is a sample now of 4k 30 frames per second, so I shoot my videos in 30 frames per second, so I'm, not going to Show you 4k 60, with this particular clip here we get very good electronic image stabilization.

You can see now, as I walk down these steps, that there is a little bit of jarring that you can see coming through so it's, not the best absolute best electronic image. Stabilization, I have see video quality is a little bit softer because of the crop due to that stabilization, and when I pan panning around slowly, you will see a little bit of Giada come through and this is typical of again electronic image stabilization. But overall I do like this quality. It captures still enough detail, I think, for 4k, so we can shoot ultra wide video it's 1080p only and the quality is not so great, and this is what you're looking at is the ultra steady max mode, which uses the ultra wide so it's, very smooth. The electronic image stabilization 60 frames per second as well, although you're just viewing it at 30: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, it's already had my video uploaded, but I decided I'm gon na have to cancel it because we did Get an over the air update that came through this is a dot 16 and it did add star II mode. Now it wasn't available to meet with my first like four or five days of use. It'S been like a week now with this phone, and I wanted to just update you on that that I will post a sample on social media of the story mode. I couldn't get a sample because it was overcast, so it's just not possible at the moment.

For me to do that, it fixed the the performance issue that I did see it's actually there in the changelog, so I was seeing that little frame dip completely gone now. This thing is so fast and move and fluid at that 120 Hertz. It also added an Android security patch level of May this year, of course, so that's right up to date, great to see and let's look a little bit about the pricing, so it's 469 pounds for the 12 gigabytes and 256 gigabyte version. I have here, and I think that is very competitive, considering we have a five times: optical periscope camera, the hundred and twenty Hertz screen, okay, it's an IPS screen. It has a little bit of that shadowing around the knotch bit. Actually, when you look at real world images, it's still a very good screen, really good touch response. I loved typing on there on the keyboard. It would be bored and no problems with it at all their Android, 10 of course, and it's just so fast. This particular model here now the build quality that glass on the rear, the plastic frame around the outside may put some people off, but trust me with this one. It doesn't really look like it as plastic. It certainly doesn't feel it in hand there's no sharp edges. It doesn't have a cheap feel to it. We do have a middle frame around the outside, with Gorilla Glass 5 with the front screen protecting it.

Of course, now the pill shaped cut out. This trend is good and it's bad, of course, it's great having the ultra wide to get more people in a shot that smooth electronic image stabilized ultra wide video, as well with a front facing camera for your vlogs and even the main scene says much better actually, But it comes at the cost of having that wider cut out there, which yes let's face it isn't exactly the greatest thing to look at there. Now you do get used to this I'm saying this. As I sense, a galaxy is 10 plus user. Would that same cut out, but yeah, I think a single cut would have been a little bit better there for that now, really good audio quality with the video. I do like the microphones in here rich audio, a hundred sorry, 320 kilobyte is audio bitrate that we have there. So it does sound very good and you can take a lot of good images with this detailed photos. From the 5 times optical zoom 10 times hybrid looks good anything over 10 times hybrid, I wouldn't actually probably be using it all there, but the ultra whites are the weakness of the camera setup on this one. They are just not an amazing quality. They have improved it with their firmware update, but it still is poor. When you look at video quality that sample, I showed you of 1080p ultra wide video looks very washed out and it's marginally better now, but it wasn't worth me: we're, shooting everything just to let you know that it's marginally, better, so that's the weakness there with the Ric ultra white, otherwise I think what they've got here for that price.

It'S, definitely aiming for, I think, the poker f2 pro they want to give users more better screen, refresh rate and double that one. You get the optical camera, of course, and it really just depends on what you want now. The loss of not having 5g in this is that a big issue, Snapdragon 855 plus it's, still super potent. Can you actually see the difference? I'Ve tested, snapdragon, 865 phones. Let'S. Take, for example, their real me X, 50 pro 5g, when using this phone when using that one, they both seem exactly the same in terms of UI speed. You can really not tell that difference. It'S, just synthetic benchmarks, you'll see the difference now. For me, I think, like a lot of people are watching – probably gon na say this as well 5g. I don't have it in my area here. I probably won't, have it for the next 6 years of something so really that is not an issue there either. So there is no three point: five minute phone jacks support; sadly there's, no micro SD card support, but yes, there is NFC. It'S got all your European bands, so LTE band 20s there, even our LT 28, for you guys and France. So, thank you so much for watching this in depth long. I know detailed review, but I hope I answered all your questions you had on this particular model. So right here, I've got a camera comparison. Also another video on the x3 superzoom.