You can take photos with a hybrid zone, ten times hybrid, zoom and right up to sixty times. If you wanted to with this periscope camera. We also have a 64 megapixel main camera. This is the Samsung ISO cell GW, 1, 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel macro camera and for selfie cameras. We get a 32 megapixel front facing selfie, accompanied by a 8 megapixel ultra wide as well for selfie shots just to get more in the shot. So in this video I'm going to go over the capabilities of these cameras, we'll take a look in depth of what we can do with this phone here. I'Ll show you the stock camera application as well, and just how the zoom camera works and what we can expect of course, quality wise, not just stills, but also a video. So if you are new to my channel or a frequent viewer – and you haven't done so already – please subscribe check the bell icon to enable notifications. This way you don't miss out on any new videos from me, so quickly run you through their camera. What we can do with it, so this is our ultra wide tapping right here, so this is 8 megapixels. This is the main sensor 1 x, which is that Samsung ISO cell. It is the GW one, so it's a first generation, and it has an aperture of f4 1.8. Now, if I tap to 2 times that's two times its digital, we have five times now.

Optical tapping here then, gives me ten times the ten times I feel is still actually usable. Now, if you tap and then hold, you can in scale up or down but I'm going to scale up now to about 20 zoom it's a little hard to get actually spot on, but it doesn't really matter now that this, as you can see, is not so Good, the qualities to take a photo there it's looking a little bit too pixelated, not really usable, and you can go all the way all the way, all the way, all the way, all the way right up to 60 times, and this really look at that quality. Not usable at all, of course, it's just so pixelated, so video modes we've got the same options here now. If you tap for video to go to the five times, it's, actually just the main sense of cropping in right up to ten times there as well. So certainly it doesn't use that 8 megapixel two times optical power, scope, camera night modes, so with a night mode, we've got a tripod option which is currently enabled it's down in the left bottom hand corner here, tapping that gives ic50 second shutter time, which is very Long exposure and then right up at the top here, we've got portrait 64 megapixel mode and under more we've got experts expert ISO up to 3200 shutter rate up to 32 seconds white balance. Auto focus also got an option with a main camera for raw, and you can change by tapping here to the ultra wide, the five times optical or the main camera.

So let's have a look at some samples. Now this is the 32 megapixel front facing camera. So this one does have electronic image stabilization, which is great, and yes, I am wearing a mask right here and that's because from tomorrow is actually law here in Spain, but I've been wearing them the whole time I go out in public, of course, so stay safe People – and we also do get ultra wide with the eight megapixel camera, but the quality is not as good as you can see. Not a sharp 4k 30 frames per second sample panning around. We do get a little bit of Jetta it's, quite common with electronic image. Stabilization, it is nice and steady, just gon na walk ahead now to show you the electronic image stabilization working. So there is no optical image stabilization on the main 64 megapixel gw1 sensor. If I run now, you can see that the stabilization is still working well, but it's, not the smoothest I have seen audio bitrate is 320 kilobits per second good audio. It is susceptible to a little bit of wind noise. Now the ultra wide quality 8 megapixels 1080p. Maximum it doesn't, let you shoot in 4k 30 frames per second like the sample. I showed you before it tends to overexpose. I mean look at those boats, they're just a little too white but blowing out now. This is actually the ultra steady mode max, which is using the ultra wide so run down these steps here.

Just to show you how steady it is, what you can expect it's a little bit more steady than just the main sensor with its electronic image stabilization. Now the street lights here in Europe and Spain at least where I am they are normally yellow down that Street. So it should look. Yellow we'll have a look at the electronic image stabilization to just walk forward a little Music Music Music. So let's talk a little bit about what we saw that with the camera, so the periscope camera five times optical means we get just so much closer and so much more detail versus digital digital five times would look terrible, but at five times optical we can really See that it still captures a lot a lot of detail, five times, which is now hybrid, so that's five times digital five times. Obstacle still is usable to me, but going over that as when we start to get a bit borderline, even twenty percent may be okay for some people, that's 60 percent. Of course, no, not really that's, not a usable image. For me there now the main sensor. I think does capture a very detailed image. Sometimes the white balance I've noticed is a little bit off. I feel that there's, a bit of optimization, still needed on Romy's part there, especially with the ultra wide cameras in video video performance with the ultra wide. It is not so great, the exposure can sometimes shift out.

You have blown out backgrounds or at least okay. My face might be exposed. Okay, but you'll find that if you're at a bright environment that the background will be just completely blown out there, so there's a little bit of tweaking there now the portrait mode. I found that the stitching normally is pretty good on this one, so very good. Normally, with the front facing camera, it will stitch around now I do have a camera comparison if you're interested to seeing this particular model up against the Riddick e30 pro zoom in other zoom Chinese smartphone that's, another flagship and you'll see that the stitching is actually, I Think a little bit better on this particular model versus that one there now video quality stability is good, but it is certainly not the best electronic image stabilization I have seen you know. I did say that they in one of the clips. I think that their video quality looked a little bit soft, the 4k, but actually it's not compared to others, because I started doing to these comparisons and I've noticed it is actually a little bit sharper their 4k video, probably because their crop isn't so aggressive or the Electronic image image stabilization is why we get a little bit more sharpness there. Now, if you take it really easy, you pan around really nice and slow hold it. Two handed not just you know, one hand style, but two handed you can get some excellent results with the 4k video and the bitrate is very good on 4k and audio bitrate too, as well: 320 kilobits per second normally or 319 around that and the microphones on Here do offer rich sound their quality mics, which is another good thing there too.

So with the front facing cameras with that ultra white on there that 8 megapixels it does come at the cost. Of course, of having the waiter cut out a pill shape to cut out, but you can't fit a lot more in. It really depends on what you're, after in the phone, if you want to take a lot of photos with groups of people that then is ideal, but as mentioned that the quality is not going to be good as good as the main 32 megapixel. So overall this does pack, I think, quite a good set of cameras in here. Apart from the ultra lights, the 8 megapixel rail for white that's, its real weakness, I think – and the periscope camera very handy – to have really good we're, seeing that now the flagships like the p30 pro p40, a lot of other phones now with five times optical. So having it at this price point and in a phone like this, i think is excellent. So thank you for watching and this camera review here of the real me x3 super zoom. Now you do have a full in depth.