We'Ll be x2 Pro launch event in Madrid here and I do have, as you can see, Abe review unit. So in this video I'm going to unbox real meas new flagship, the x2 pro powered by snapdragon 855. Now because this is a loan review unit from them, it has the maximum speak. Naturally, so they've gone with the 12 gigabytes of RAM and the 256 gigabytes of UF s3 storage. So in this video it's not going to be my full review treatment, but there are a lot of questions I've. Seen from my first video, this video will be a proper video I'll show you storage speeds and do two benchmarks: give you some feedback or so some camera samples, video samples. So, yes, let's, do a proper unboxing here that I will show you the box contents. So inside we have a case, they do include one believe it's a TPU style. Yes, it is just like their other phones, so it's a sea floor gray, and it does cover the buttons, as you can see so fairly, decent protection out of the box. We get here – and this is just an information leaflet and the phone of course this is the white version, and right under here we've got our super vaak charger. Now this is a crazy 50 watts and it will fully charge the phone in just 35 minutes. So that's insanely, quick, our type c cable. Of course. Now you will notice that it does have a thicker gauge wire and it's understandable, considering the wattage that's going through this, of course, and, lastly, a sentry tool right there and the next two pros weight is 202 grams, so it's not the lightest phone out there.

So, as I pointed out in my first hands on video, that we've got Gorilla, Glass, front and rear on this one here and it does feel good in handy curved edges middle frame around the outside. Now the real me logo it's a little strange. How they've put it off centered here? I don't know why they've kind of done that they could have just put real me along here. Perhaps but hey. I don't, know it's odd, that they've done this and then you can see jewel tone le flash right here. So the main camera at 64 megapixels we've got an ultra wide and we have then a two time: zoom camera and this one also dedicated to dip the fake that's. Just 2 megapixels now you'll see that the button here on the right. This one has a indent in it with a yellow color, a little bit hard to pick up on camera, but I can get my thumb to it quite easily. Now the symmetry I pulled it out already just to quickly show you that it does have a rubber gasket around it. It is metal reinforced and it takes two nano sim, so sadly, no micro SD card support, which I was kind of hoping for – and I know a lot of you were as well doing so. We'Ve got four antenna lines, apparently four by four and Tenace it up here so there's one here one here and on the left.

You can see the other two antennas and the volume up and down now this is made out of middle as well. Those buttons and they've got a good feel to them no rattle down the bottom. We have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, hooray great, that they did not drop, that microphone type c ports and then our loudspeaker up top no IR transmitter. So if you needed one of those, sadly you're out of luck with us, it's just the secondary mic, and you can see that the camera does stick out a little bit now. I will actually measure that and we'll take a look and see just how much how thick this really is, this phone, okay, so it's about 9.1 millimeter, so it's, not the thinnest phone. If I count that camera, then that brings it up to ten point six, as you can see more or less. This is just an estimate. Okay, so let's take a look at the screen, so the bezels will not win any awards for being the slimmest. You can see they are not the slimmest bezels here, their chin, isn't too bad, but overall it's, okay, we have a teardrop notch or water drop, not 16 megapixel cameras and the front right there and overall the screen is really nice. Okay. This is a 6.5 inch. 2400 by 1080, so Full HD, Plus Samsung AMOLED panel, that has 1000 nits maximum brightness and it also supports HDR, 10 plus so a really good screen.

Now there have been already in the comments, a few questions about this: okay, so voda fold out of the box, of course, they're gon na set it to 90 Hertz, which is very smooth and fluid, but it will hurt your battery life. Okay, now you're able to change it, just like the other phones that do have higher Hertz screens, so you can set it to 60. Now all that talk and onsens about people saying it once you've experienced hundred twenty Hertz on 90 hook screens you can't go back to sixty that to me is rubbish. Okay, because I use 120 hurt phones, I've gone back to my 60 hurt y ye 30 Pro and I don't have any issues you notice it at first and it's, really not a deal. Breaker it's, not such a big thing, but yes, okay, it is just so fluid and smooth em and full screen jesters at the moment. So of course we are running color, OS there's options here too, as well for their basically their screen dimming. I have that enabled right now and you can tweak the scaling color modes vivid and, of course, your a cooler whites, warm whites, all of that is in there, so performance of the ROM so far, very very smooth. So this is what I was talking about. Color OS your: are they gon na love it or you're gon na hate it their apps, draw it's good that it's got an apps drawer.

I actually am quite fond of that very similar to oxygen OS, so maybe they're borrowing, I think some optimization also from oneplus, because it is very, very smooth and fluid, not just because it's 90 Hertz it's, just the optimization of the ROM as well, is excellent. Really really good: there no problems launching things very fast to pop up scrolling and everything you notice it. You can't, see it right now on camera because of course, I'm just recording in 30 frames per second. So you have to take my word for that. So wireless speeds really really quick. Okay, as you can see, we've got the dual band wireless well, actually it's Jill Wyler so can use both the 5 gm 2.4 G Wireless bands simultaneously to help boost speeds. So ufs 3.0 is in here, okay, very quick, so 1400 danfa sequential reads: random region right: okay, really, good camera API! True there are a few questions about verse. So we've got level 3 support, which is the best that's. What you want so look out in the future for Google camera ports, for that, does it have Widevine level 1 sit, yes yay! This is great, so this means, of course, we've got Netflix and Amazon Prime Full HD, and it comes with quite a bit of bloatware. Alright, this is one of the cons. We'Ve got Facebook on there, plenty of Google Apps Oprah and a few things that they put on the rom. A lot of people won't really be too fond of runs: Android 9, not Android.

10. You get to 137 gigabytes free on the maximum spec version, which I have my review unit here. Okay, so and two twos just finished up, and we have a really good score. This is over four hundred thousand, and this is due to the fact that I have remembered the twelve gigabytes of RAM so that's going to have a big impact so onto audio. I haven't had enough time to test up 3.5 millimeter headphone jack yet, but I will my full review and call quality. Okay, I'll update you on that, but loud speakers, there's been a lot of questions. Give you a sample now at 107. Follow me and we'll see how they sound Music. Okay, I think more base is coming out. The bottom speaker – they sound okay, it's great – to have dual loudspeakers on here I'd – have to say that I don't think the volume is the loudest of definitely not the loudest. I'Ve heard quality wise, I would say average. I have definitely heard better and I've also heard worse now, a very quick example here of gaming. This is Call of Duty and I've got it on their class maximum possible settings here and the maximum frame rate visuals. Everything running super smooth, as expected with that 12 gigabytes of RAM and, of course the 855 plus let's see if I can get at least one kill here before dying, okay got lucky there, oh and about to die, now have actually been gaming for awhile and I've Noticed that, yes, the phone is getting a little bit warm on the back and that's to be expected.

I will monitor temps later on I'll gain for a couple of hours straight and of course, I died just then so that's gaming, great performance as expected. That brings me on to then our cameras, so I'll give you a very brief run through of the stock camera app here, it's very straightforward. So here we have the ultra. You tap that for ultra wide now, if you're in video – and you do have the following settings here – okay, so we've got 4k a lot of people asking about this as well. 4K 60 frames per second that's there, which is good front facing camera, is only 1080p 30 and you also got this, which is their ultra steady mode and I'll, give you sample two of that, so without wasting any more time, let's jump into some video and camera Samples straight from the x2 Pro so here's a quick sample now all 4k video. This is pity frames per second, we do have a 60 frames per second option, probably give you a sample that in my full review, so the sun.star sitting here at 6 p.m. and the electronic image stabilization does seem good, but there is no optical. Ok with the sensor, video doesn't need optical only ready for low light photography. So when I hold my hand like to say, we've got quite a bit of a crop here. The focus does seem to work well, which is good. I haven't seen any focus pulsing in and out issues that we sometimes see with some of these phones, so you can treat video with the ultra wide camera as well, which I'm currently shooting on is mentioned with the main camera, though, you cannot just swap overlay unamended Factors allow us to, for example, Samsung and Huawei.

You can swap between them, but here we can't see they just make up in your mind which camera you're going to use. It does have electronic image stabilisation again and it seems to work well, but you can see some shutters as I'm walking along so there's a sample of their ultra steady footage now so 60 frames per second 1080p, with some very aggressive electronic image. Stabilization doesn't work before Kay so I'm. Now right these stairs here and you can see that it's quite a bit smoother than the other modes, will be, for example, 4k, which doesn't look as smooth as this one. Here, of course, the 60 frames per second does help. It has quite a huge crop because of this electronic image stabilization. This is a quick sample now with the front facing camera, so we've got 1080p video 3 frames per second, and you can see it's shaking and it's trembling a little bit that's, because the electronic image stabilization, even though it's enabled does not seem to be working so Hopefully, a firmware update will add this and we'll get a better quality out of this. No no 4k video, either with the front facing camera it's, just the electronic image stabilization they need to fix. I think audio quality here as well still sounds good Music, Music, Music. All right, so you can see from those camera examples that daylight it does take a very good picture. The video quality stabilization seems very good.

Audio is very good there now once it go into one of the details, but just bear in mind, okay, that this is just a initial first impressions with this phone. I do need a lot more time with it before I post my full review, but so far is so much to like about this phone mean '9 euro price tag. I was actually expecting it to be about 379. The price didn't directly translate from China over to Europe, so they've added a little bit more to that, but even so, when you look at though what's out there for that price here in Europe at least that that's a super competitive offering just so much so there's. So many things to like about it, the screen is very good. A 6.5 inch 19 Hertz is gon na take a toll on the battery life I'm already seeing if you're using 90 Hertz I've got a figure of what I'm sort of getting per hour of use, and I was looking quite high it's looking like about 15 percent Ready pins up one, what you're doing there, so I think it's gon na be about continual use 7 to 8 hours with the 90 hits, maybe even less than that, and if you put it on 60, then I expect to see a lot more so that's when It'Ll be a 2 day phone always on display. Is there as well? We'Ve got NFC 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, no micro, SD card support, that's missing.

We don't have an IP rating really what else wireless charging? No one is charging on this, but a lot of people always there's, always a debate in the comments of my videos and say: why do you need wireless charging when you got such fast wired charging? I still find it convenient just to place my phone on top of its wireless charging pad go to bed, wake up with a fully charged phone, but hey you probably don't, even care about that. But the wired charging is crazy far so 35 minutes and you've got a hundred percent battery. In fact, when you plug it in, you can actually just sit there and look at it slowly going up, because the accurate reading that they give you there, you can just see it going up and it's just so so quick there. The whole phone is very, very fast, as you'd expect, with the top in Android chipset that it's got on there. So gaming performance is looking very good and it's also the wrong optimization. The 90 Hertz is helping, but oK we've got color OS that a lot of people don't like, but it has the apps draw from really looks like it's from oxygen OS very similar and that's, where you can see similarities with the optimization, because the ROM is very Fluid very responsive and as you'd expect, of course, with that specification, but it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes you see phones that have very high spec, but you see little stutters in the UI or little tiny legs and things but I'm not really seeing it with this at all.

In fact, I cannot see any just yet but again bear in mind. This is first impressions. I haven't had a long time with the phone but it's looking super positive. I love that your Wi Fi feature. That means that you can really push really high speeds. It depends on what apps are going to support it and work with it, though, but it's really handy to have that you can use the 2.4 gigahertz wireless band and also 5 gigahertz wireless AC, combined both for them too. In theory, almost well, not quite but double your speeds and, as you saw, is getting really impressive speeds over 600 megabits per second here with my fiber line and the studio. So so far I think it's safe to say that this is a very, very competitive phone. In the market right now – and I hate that term but I'm gon na say it the flagship killer, you, okay, but it is one of the what you could say more budget flagships and it offers a lot. So where was it? Where is it gon na fall short? I think for me I think the camera performance it takes very good stills, but compared to say a huawei p30 pro night mode, the other top flash it's like iPhone 11 samsung, note tents. I don't think it's going to be able to completely compete directly with those phones and that's kind of to be expected when it's selling for half the price, but it still does take a very good photo.

So I need more time with it more time to just a battery life more time to go over and go into detail with some other things. Voice calls audio quality and all that, so I hope to see you back in the full review now, if you do have any questions comments about the x2 Pro while I have this temporary loan unit, let me know in the comments I might be able to help. You out there with your questions, and I hope that this video answered a lot of those questions that buyers are considering well.