But you cannot deny that the real me x2 Pro that I've had now for a few days and been using non stop as a True Value flagship here, that it does have some killer specs for the price, so that dragon 855 Plus, which is of course, welcomes Latest and androids best chipset, we got up to 12 gigabytes of RAM and up to 256 gigabytes of UF s3 storage in the top model. We'Ve got a 6.5 inch. Samsung 90 Hertz Super AMOLED panel with 1000 nits. Our brightness and let's not forget super quick under in my testing 30 minute charging, so you can go from 0 to 100 in under 30 minutes, which is pretty amazing here so overall, this phone in my time using it, I think, is differently. One of the best of the year that I've seen so the build of the phone let's cover that first, that it does feel very good. We'Ve got Gorilla Glass, 5 on the rear and the front glass as well. It'S curved on the rear, not on the front and in hand does have a good feel to it. Now the phone is about approximately 200 grams, the weight, and it is 9.1 millimeters of thickness and just over 10. With that camera you can see. The camera does stick out a little, but only by about a millimeter or so we're got a sim tray right here. On the right hand, side that will take to nano Sims, it does have a rubber gasket around it, but it doesn't support micro SD s, which is really unfortunate because the base model starts at 64 gigabytes only and I believe they should have gone with 128.

So down the bottom, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack great, to see this on a flagship with so many manufacturers dropping them. Of course, type c doesn't support a video out mic and the loudspeaker one of two, the earpiece also houses one. So the knotch and the bezels around here of the screen you can see and not the slimmest, this camera up front is 16 megapixels, with an F 2.0 aperture and up the top we've got just a secondary mic. So no, I are transmitter with this phone. So, overall, a decent build does it feel like a premium flagship? No okay. So next, on my samsung galaxy s, 10 plus and my huawei P, 30 Pro it doesn't quite have the same. High quality feel but it's understandable that these phones on release we're about twice the price of this phone and in fact feels a lot like the xiaomi redmi note. 8. Pro that i have and as you can see, they both look very similar with the same kind of camera layout, odd placement of the real me logo right here. I think they should have put their branding down the bottom. That would have been just a little bit better for aesthetics, so we've got a Samsung Super AMOLED panel in this it's, a 90 Hertz of refresh rate and that's the UA by default and I'll show you the settings we do get with it, but first some real World images it's a very nice screen, 1000, its maximum brightness, and it does come with a pre applied screen protector, which I still have on there, because I don't want to scratch the screen, even though it does have Gorilla Glass.

5. I find personally it does scratch. Quite easy now the gamma is a little off here. This is the out of the box default settings so it's about 2.4, ideally or even 2.3 there. It should be 2.2, so it's not too far off it's, not like some of the honor phones. I'Ve, looked at that will be like 1.6, which is really quite off so let's take a look also at our display settings here, and you can see that we've got a lot of options. So you've got night shield you've got this screen dimming here, which they call, though brightness flicker free eye care screen, color mode it's on the default vivid I prefer. Actually, gentle to me is a little bit more correct there and, of course, the refresh rate so 90, Hertz or 60 is the option: there's no adaptive, refresh rate okay, not with this but you're able to set per app, which one you want to run at 90. So you could just say: oh, I want all my games to be at 90 Hertz and I want just the normal UI and Chrome to be 60 you're able to tweak that and we've got white balance as well. Here, of course, auto brightness is there and your typical kind of settings. So a lot of people also asking about the off screen clock here, which is they're always on display or ambient display, and not a lot of options. Okay, so just schedule it that's it.

Okay, so you can hear it come on at 600 in the morning and off at midnight. That is basically, it I'll quickly demonstrate to you so it's going to show the date the time battery percent and, of course it will slowly move around to stop any screen burn so on to our audio quality and call quality. So first up calls. I made a few calls on this and the mics are using noise cancellation, it's, very good quality, and it sounds very similar to any other mobile flagship ones as well. No issues with debt and, of course, we've got a normal earpiece. The sound is good to me and no problems with signal strength either. So audio quality we've got 3.5 minute a headphone jack. It does sound very good, but I don't think it sounds quite as good as some of the 3.5 millimeter headphone jacks, at least when they have them on say. Shall we find that I've reviewed but it's still it's, great and Bluetooth audio as well working? Fine! No strange disc connections so that your loudspeakers, the one at the top is more mids and highs and we're getting more mids and just the lows coming out of the bottom speaker a little bit more but overall for loudspeakers it's, actually very good, very good loudness. And I love the fact you can feel the bass vibrations through the phone. It does add a lot to gaming but here's, a quick sample of just how these speakers do sound Music.

Okay, so the phone's got Android nine out of the box. Now I was really hoping for Android 10. It runs color OS, which is their own skin, a lot of people aren't fond of it. I was never really fond of it, especially the previous versions, but it actually is getting better. Now. The apps drawer here looks so familiar oxygen, OS, okay, they're the same company, and you can clearly see that they are using some of the optimizations from oneplus from oxygen OS, because it is very, very smooth and fluid I'm using full screen gestures and I'm. Not seeing any lag whatsoever, this is a really fast phone it's, not just because of the 90 Hertz okay, and all that nonsense of once you experience 120 Hertz screens or Mobile's or 90 Hertz you can't go back to 60 Hertz is to me absolute rubbish, okay, Because I go back to my samsung s, 10 plus I go back to my quality 30 probe. Both was 60 Hertz screens. I don't have any problems. You do notice that for the first 10 minutes and that's really about it, so really good performance of the ROM. There really is not a lot to talk about what the run, because it's just fast, if you don't like it, you can swap over to Nova Launcher, which I did test out. You can run as you can see there. You just need to go into the settings and set it later as the default system launcher.

You know. I also want to run through my typical test that showed some of this on my first video, so I do apologize for those that watched it if I'm repeating a few things here, so the performance. This is, of course, and they're gallery app is very quick. I'Ve got all my screenshots, but I first wanted to concentrate actually I'm. Probably the one of the most important things for people is battery life, so I have run it both at 90, Hertz and 60 Hertz to get an idea of just what kind of better life we can expect now. This is just an estimate all right. This is not exact kind of use that everyone's going to get everyone's use is different, so you can see. I was running YouTube a lot. I did a lot of gaming Call of Duty, but for some reason this is not reflecting the use that accurately and neither as the screen on time with their app so they're telling me with 90 Hertz, that I got 5 hours and 43 minutes. Ok, but really, if you have a look at GSA and battery, monitor, I disabled always on display as well, so it wasn't going to interfere with it I'm getting about eight hours, okay, so this is good. This is a step down as you'll see from sixty Hertz but overall demanding use. Okay, if you're a heavy user you're going to make it through a full day, medium user a day and a half on 90 Hertz on sixty Hertz.

You get then two days. So sixty Hertz, I got almost 11 hours, it wasn't the same kind of use. This was mostly on wireless and data. There was a mix of it about 5050. I tried to make it okay, so if you're more on data expect less but very good battery life. On 60 Hertz refresh rate, but I would still go with the 90, even though you're taking quite a head it's just nice to have, of course, and part of the reason of buying this phone alright. So this is a gamer bench that someone was asking for pause. The screen, if you want to see all those details on this one, I thought I would just include it. Gps does work very well. You get an accuracy of about 4 meters, it's, not the best I've actually seen or seen to it, it's dual frequency gps. So how can we tell, or you can see level 5 here? Okay, carry a frequency and the e5 a I believe as a second frequency there as well, so that is going to help out and here's how antutu score. So I did show this on the first video, very, very good. Okay, that was not in the performance mode. It was just normal, so you might better squeeze out a little bit more remember: I've got the 12 gigabytes of RAM, so the 6 gigabyte version will probably be a little bit less here somewhere around 360000 Wireless speeds.

It uses both 2.4 G and 5g wireless at the same time to get some phenomenal speeds here and really really good performance. I want to see more phones with this feature, the internal storage. So this has the UF s3 storage, but if you get the base model it's only ufs 2.1, but ufs 2.1 is not going to bottleneck the system. Very quick speeds, good random, writes and reads, as you can see from that camera API to support is level 3. So yes, google, camera in fact I've got it installed, is going to work there wide vine levels, cert 1. Okay, so it secured a level 1 net means Netflix, Full HD, Amazon, Prime video and other streaming services. You do get some bloatware. This is one of the cons, so they put Facebook on there and all sorts of junk, as well as a bit of Google bloat. But you can remove those apps, which is great, and you can see that we're on security patch level September, the fifth but unfortunately only Android nine. Hopefully we get Android tin soon and I am on the latest version of this software at the time of this video. So you probably saw this Google camera is on here, so this is the latest gkm port for the oneplus 70, that I'm testing out. Unfortunately, when we go to the night site, the night mode, okay, it's going to crash so I'll take a photo, you hold it still.

You see the preview and boom it's gone. So some of those guys did some brilliant work being done with XDA forums and all the rest of the developers will have a working port I'm sure within a month or so on to gaming, now a Call of Duty as expected. This is running and sixty frames per second on the absolute maximum settings and I'm probably about to die here. Oh no got him, but very fluid I've been playing more of Call of Duty than I'd like to actually emit hours on end, and it just runs great on this phone. As expected, very immersive with the front facing single speaker there and the dual speaker setup and the fact of course, they're very loud these speakers now of pub G. I wanted to run it on the maximum settings because we all know that a Snapdragon 855 plus, especially with 12 gigabytes of RAM, will run this game on the default. Normal settings are fine, so using GFX tall, I've forced everything on to the highest possible settings here. So let's see how it performs so as expected, even on the maximum settings, we're, not a stressing out the snapdragon 855 here it is running this game at a constant 60 frames per second, as you can see well, okay, 58 59. It always sits just about one frame per second less, and this is the built in gaming system. They have their gaming mode, the game space, so you can record the screen you can take screenshots.

It gives you a little bit information on your battery life. This is your signal, strength for wireless right there you can see excellent and then your CPU and GPU. How are they being taxed, and you can say well – GPU – is currently up to 85 percent just thin at peaked. This is probably one of the more demanding games. You can get on android on the ultra setting. This is shadow gun legends and, unfortunately I am seeing some frame dips and a little bit of lag at times. You can see that noticeably the frames will dip down to about 30 frames per second from 60 and there's. Only one Android mobile I've seen that can run this game super smooth and fluid and that's the soos Republic of gamers phone. It doesn't seem to run into those issues. If I look at the frames per second right now, I can bring down the menu we see 45. Just then and I've seen it get down to 35 '. So just shows you: how demanding this game really is now I'm in the stock camera app here just to run through this very briefly, a lot of people were asking about this, so where is the hybrid 20 mode and where are the samples? Well, I can't give you any samples, because it's not actually in the current firmware at the time of this video, so that's a normal sense. Are there two times that'll swap over the two times camera and when I hit the next one is five, which is actually very poor quality and you think it'll go over 20 now right, but the 20 times hybrid is not currently in there.

It cycles over to the ultra wide camera, so you can either tap through or just over. Here is a lot faster now they've got chroma boost, which I prefer to have off IO modes and things like that as well, and their videos all the way up to 4k 60, and there will be a sample of 4k 60 separate from this. That I will include in a separate video and the expert mode for the camera that a lot of people are asking for. That is actually a little disappointing. Okay, we'll just got exposure a shutter, so great white balance, auto focus that's it so not like, for example, Huawei or Samsung. That gives us a lot of options there. No, not there now showing the settings. There is a little bug here that it often will revert. The video resolution will end up going back when you're in the video mode, of course, to 1080p and won't actually stay on 4k. If you want that it's a little bit annoying that they fix this. So this is a 4k 30 frames per second sample, so we do have electronic image stabilization. Now, when you pan around, you sometimes see a few little stutters because of that electronic image stabilization, I find the focus to be good. I only have too many problems with it. You get a bit of a cropper course because of that electronic image stabilization, you can see my hand, is quite closely even I'm holding it out and you see that focus isn't really having too many issues.

Now the audio quality is very good, microphones are quite sensitive and they have a bitrate of 320 kilobytes per second. But what I have noticed is they are really susceptible to wind noise, a little bit more than other phones, so I'm, just going down the stairs here. Just to demonstrate how smooth this footage is, because we do have that ultra steady mode, so I will demonstrate now going up these stairs. So this is now the ultra steady footage which records in 1080p 60 frames per. Second, there is no ultra steady 4k option, but we do have 4k 60, so I pan around in here that it's just a little bit smoother. But really this is more for using, for example, tailing someone that's on a bike or a skateboard, so I'm, just gon na jog ahead now we'll see how stable this is and you'll hear that those mics are picking up. This is a breeze of me running here and you see that is quite a bit smoother up these stairs. It does a good job here, but it does have a huge crop to it. This footage now with the front facing camera, the crop isn't too bad, but we don't have any electronic image stabilization for some odd reason. Now, it's on the real me 5 Pro and it's on the real me x2, that I've reviewed, but not on the x2 Pro. So hopefully they can add this with software. So you can see that when you walk along that it is going to have all this shape to it and trimmers.

So not really that great you're gon na need a gimbal until they sort this out and add that electronic image stabilization audio sounds good again here, which is good, but as mentioned it will pick up on this slightest bit of wind or breeze passing over those microphones. They are really sensitive and because why not here is a low light sample now again it's, okay, three frames per second, and you can see that the quality has degraded and we are getting some noticeable jarring in the video with the electronic image stabilization. But you got to remember that these conditions are, of course, difficult for any mobile phone: Music – Music, Music, Music, Music Music. So, as you can see from those camera samples that the low light is the area of weakness here, but we're going to have Google camera bullets, that'll work I've got one installed and the normal photo modes work but night doesn't, okay, it crashes on me. As I point it out, but there will be a fix for that soon, so that will hopefully correct night photography and will get slightly improved pictures there. If that is what you're, after now, the front facing camera electronic image. Stabilization doesn't work with video but I'm sure that there is going to be Fitz, considering the fact that there are only five Pro and the x2 both do have. It enabled I think, it's just a bug there. There was another bug too, that it doesn't remember the video resolution you set after a day, or so it seems to revert back to 1080p by default all the time.

So you have to keep going into settings and putting it into 4k, which is a very minor annoyance there, but otherwise I really haven't encountered any major bugs the ROM is super fast and fluid. I can see optimizations clearly from oxygen OS from oneplus they're. Here I mean look at the apps drawer. The apps drawer looks like oxygen OS, so performance is great. It has a very good screen on it very, very good. Ok you've got a thousand it's a brightness in screen. Fingerprint reader is also there as I demonstrate it. It is very quick faster than my Huawei P 30 pro faster. I think. Even maybe then my samsung galaxy is 10 plus as well there and the face. Unlocking too is very fast great battery life, most people, so very heavy users on 90 Hertz will make a day, I believe, unless you're gaming. So I did a gaming test non stop gaming at 100 white brightness, worst case scenario right 4 hours, almost 4 hours is what you're gon na get there if you're a gamer, so the gaming performance. I have to say here that it's great ok, but I did see a few little stutters, my Crusaders with shadow gun legends. Now, if any games going to show us their weakness of a GPU or the optimization, I should say and it's that one because nothing out there beats the azuz Republic of gamers phone, because I didn't see any of that issues.

Any of those issues I didn't see any stutters or leg and shadow gun legends. The azuz Republic of gamers phone is the gaming phone to go for, if you're really really really into your mobile games like Call of Duty pub G that's, the one okay, but still very good on this don't, get me wrong there so all round. I really like this phone. I think it is the best value flagship. Then you can get out there at the time of this video course and it does come recommend it from me. I do believe, though, that hopefully, with the next model, real me gives us a base storage of not 64 gigabytes but 128, because if they're gon na drop the micro SD card support, which is one of the cons, then really, I think they should have the base Model at 128 gigabytes would have been, I think, a sweet spot there, because that could put some people off only 64 that's why they want you to buy, of course, the more expensive model. So thank you so much for watching this review. Detailed, lengthy.