So i know ive put out quite a fair bit of videos on the latest tablets, but in todays video uh were going to be checking out. The real me pad that i have right here versus the me pad 5., so these are two of the hottest tablets right now in the industry and, yes, i know a lot of you guys are very excited for your official launch so depending on which country youre From obviously the dates for the launch will be different and in terms of the pricing, they will be different too now, before we start off with this video, it would be great if you can just hit that like button to support this channel. Yes, im. Definitely trying to push out more interesting content for you guys content that you really relate to so without further ado lets just check out this realme pad versus me pad 5 video all right. So before i begin, i just want to make it very clear to you guys that both tablets here are actually from different categories, and what i mean by that you might already know as well is that both devices here are on a different price level. So the real me pad right here is a smaller device and it comes in at a lower price point again, depending on where youre from pricing will differ, but here in malaysia im expecting it to be approximately 250 us dollars ish, whereas on the me pad 5.

Here this is a slightly more expensive device, obviously also coming in at a slightly bigger form factor, so its coming in at approximately 350 us dollars again. These pricing are not official pricing and please just wait for your official release. Now lets talk a bit about the differences between both devices here, so in todays video, i wont be showing a lot of b rolls. Please just listen to me very clearly in this video because ill be going through every difference that i can think of. Slowly with you guys, alright, so lets start off with the design. Obviously, like i mentioned just now, the real me pad is a very small form factor device. It is a 10.4 inch device and in terms of design and build quality. I really like this form factor. It is very small in size and, honestly speaking, if you are going to take your tablet outside youre, going to be using this for your presentations and all that it is actually very handy in hand. Apart from that, i noticed that the build quality was also very good. In fact, it feels way more expensive or more premium than the price is asking for so very good in terms of the design and the build quality on this guy right here now on to the me pad 5.. Obviously, you can see that this is a larger form factor. It is a 11 inch device right here and again in terms of the build quality and design design.

Wise, i think, is very good as well very simplistic minimalist. There is obviously other colors, but mine is this version right here and in terms of the build quality again, it is also very premium here. It feels great, it feels nicely made, and definitely whenever you carry this out, it does feel like something premium as well. So in terms of design and build quality im going to say that both devices really did well in terms of the tablets right here now were going to move on to the next point very quickly and lets talk a little bit about that display. So, regarding the display of this real me pad right here: well, it is not the best display here, because it is coming in at a more affordable price point. Yes, it comes with 1200 times 20 100 resolution, and what you need to know here is that this is an lcd display panel, so youre not going to get those super great kind of viewing angles. Apart from that, it is also only 60 hertz, which again i did mention in my first video that is very responsive, so youre not missing out on a lot here with this budget device. Now. Does this in terms of the display lets talk about the mini pad 5. for this particular device right here, the display is actually on a different level. We are getting very good colors on this display right here again. This is also an ips panel, which means its not as good as those amoled panels, but i must say that the colors on this device here is very good, and apart from that, one more key thing that you need to know about.

The me pad 5 here is that it comes with 120 hertz, refresh rate. That means browsing. Everything on this device here is going to be buttery smooth now bear in mind guys. The 120 hertz display is something that i think is one of the major factor for the midpad 5 here that is really going for its money. So its a very good thing here and if you appreciate those very fast and smooth responsive kind of displays, the mep5 is the one to check out for all right guys so done with the display. Now lets talk a little bit more about the processing power. Again, the real me pad right here is a budget device, its starting from a lower price point, so it only comes with a helio g80 and again, like i mentioned in my previous video as well. This is very entry level. Ish now bear in mind again if you are doing stuff like just browsing the internet. You know browsing your social media watching videos. Of course, the time to load the apps will not be the quickest, but, like i mentioned earlier on, it is also very responsive, and you can definitely do quite a fair bit with this device right here now, im going to move very quickly to the mi pad 5, which is a whole entire different story, so the midpad 5 right here is more powerful. Obviously it comes with the snapdragon 860. It also comes with more ram on board again, depending on the specification that you choose, but the me pad 5 by default comes with a higher level of ram 6 gigabytes versus only 3 gigabytes on the real me pad right there.

Apart from just doing your productivity stuff, like your microsoft word office and all this kind of stuff, it also works very well with gaming. So if you also like to play games on your tablet, well, the me pad 5 here definitely takes the kick now im going to show you guys a very quick benchmark score between both devices. Here the real me pad against the midpad 5, so you can see for yourself roughly what kind of scores they are getting and how big the difference is between the performance of both tablets right here. All right now lets move on to one more key thing that you should take note of as well. So for the me pad 5 right here, i did show quite a fair bit of demos where it was able to turn on pc mode. So these are additional features that you can find on the me pad 5.. Apart from that, i realized that i was able to plug in a mouse. I can connect it externally through the type c port right here, but, however, i wasnt able to do that with the real me pad. So im, not sure why its not taking that kind of external input. So you cant connect mouse to a tablet with the real me pad right here, its mainly just for you know, swiping on the device itself, so thats, something that you might need to take note of now. Lets move on to the next point very quickly.

Here lets talk a little bit about the cameras on this device. I mean im not sure how often you actually go out and take pictures like this, but if youre the kind of person who takes photos with your tablets right here, you should take note that the real me pad right here has an 8 megapixel main sensor, whereas The mi pad 5 here comes with a 13 megapixel camera now in terms of the selfie camera at the front here, im just going to show it to you very quickly for the real me pad. It sits on this angle here, whereas for the me pad 5, it sits on the top here so again, depending on your use case, how you put your tablets down when youre using your video conferencing, video calls and all that this really depends on you personally, but I think if you dont make a lot of video calls, this wont really matter all right guys so now lets move on to one of the final points now lets talk a bit about the battery life, so naturally the real me pad is slightly smaller. So you only get a 7 100 ish mah battery, so in terms of the mi pad 5s battery right here this comes with a slightly larger battery. It comes with a 8720 mah battery, but what you really need to know here is, in terms of charging speeds, the rear, mid pad charges up at 18 watts, whereas the mi pad 5 charges up at 33 watts, so its slightly faster here on the mini pad 5.

now thats it in terms of the battery last thing i want to talk about here very quickly is the speakers. What i can say about the speakers of both devices here is that both actually come with four speakers set up and they both at the sides top and bottom, and surprisingly, they both sound, very good. I cant really say which is actually better than the other, because they are so close, but im very happy to say that both of the speakers here sound great, so you will definitely be able to enjoy your movies or music on either of these tablets right here Now last point: i want to talk about here very quickly, and this is more of a value add. So if you already know about the me pad 5 im, not sure if youve seen my previous videos, but i mentioned that xiaomi also created the xiaomi smartpen, as well as a xiaomi keyboard case that actually sticks onto the me pad 5. Using these tiny pins at the bottom, its very easy to use. So this is more of an value, add kind of proposition for you. Well, if youre, the kind of person who wants to use those kind of keyboard cases use the smart pen as a stylus or something like that for drawing. Then i think, in this case, xiaomi has prepped you for it, because they actually release their own products, which actually work really well, but for the real me pad right here, there is no such thing.

There is no pins even on the sides here to actually connect any external case or keyboard case to the tablet, so thats that all right guys, i think, thats pretty much. What i want to share for you guys in terms of the real me pad versus the midpad 5. again, i want to make it very clear that these devices are not competing against one another theyre, both from different segments here, one is more affordable. One is slightly more expensive, but if you ask me, i would say that both actually provide really good value for the end customer and its great to see this kind of companies releasing great tablets or great products like this during this kind of time, where a lot Of you guys are working from home studying from home, and you might really benefit from actually purchasing one of these tablets. Alright guys, i think thats it for this video. If you have watched till the end, i want to say a big thank you and, of course, dont forget to drop a like on this video to support the channel.