At first glance, it has a sleek design, a clutter, free interface and a large enough display, but is the reality of using it just as promising im angie for gsmarena – and this is our review of the realme pad Music, though the realme pad is a budget device. It does not have a budget design, the aluminum unibody is elegant and its lightweight has great grip and has excellent weight distribution. The brushed finish, doesnt collect smudges, and it comes in either gold or gray. The back is perfectly flat too, which we really appreciate on a tablet. Unfortunately, it doesnt support pressure, sensitive stylus input, unlike more expensive competitors on the front. The screen is covered by flat, tempered glass and has standard looking bezels for a tablet. Its a 10.4 inch ips lcd with a good pixel density of 224 ppi and a 5 by 3 aspect ratio. We measured 454 nits of max brightness on it when we were using the auto mode and we found that it has good black levels and excellent contrast. Colors were lively, though theres an obvious blue tint across white and gray shades. The screen comes with wide vine l1 support, so you can enjoy full hd content on the top of the tablet. Youll find a power key while on the bottom, youll find a headphone jack. Next to the usb c port on the sides, youll see four symmetrical speakers that support dolby atmos. The speakers got an excellent score on our loudness test.

Quality wise, the real me pad, could have better low notes and the high tones arent, quite as good as on the me pad 5s. Overall, though, we thought it sounded nice Music, the real me pad comes with 32 gigabytes or 64 gigabytes of base storage and theres. A hybrid card slot for extra storage on the side it offers optional lte connectivity, which isnt something that youll find on all tablets. The 7 100 milliamp hour battery performed. Well, though, its not the largest weve seen, we got 12 hours, 42 minutes on our web browsing test and 10 hours, 24 minutes on our video playback test. The tablet supports 18 watt fast charging and it refills 23 of the battery in half an hour and eats 2 hours and 55 minutes for a full charge, while thats painfully slow in comparison to most phones thats around average. For a tablet, the pad has android 11. With real miui for pad on top, it looks almost like stock android and youll find no themes, realme, apps or deep customizations here its clean and works well, and we think that one of the reasons its so minimalistic is because of realmes choice of chipset. There is an app drawer, an easy to use, task, switcher and a basic dark mode, though it has no different shades of grey like regular, real miui. The real me pad has the helio g80 chipset and three or four gigs of ram. It performs okay for a budget tablet, but you shouldnt expect any miracles here day to day.

The real me pad offers a mostly smooth, ui experience, but while gaming is doable its not that enjoyable, this is a tablet for those who want to watch videos on it. Take some video calls and work with the occasional office app on the back. Youll find a single 8 megapixel camera. During the day. Photos are alright, they have no noise and have good colors contrast and dynamic range. They had average detail and werent as sharp as we would have liked in low light. Theres no night mode or hdr to take advantage of photos were okay and though they were noisy, the color saturation is great theres good contrast, and there was enough detail on the front. There is another 8 megapixel camera selfies, look natural and have good colors contrast and low noise. If the light is good, photos come out sharp and detailed in other lighting conditions. Photos were much softer both the front and rear cameras capture video up to 1080p at 30fps. Videos are good and they have slightly above average, detail good, colors and low noise. The dynamic range was good too. Overall. The real me pad is a great budget tablet. It has a very good screen for movies great speakers, and it has a chipset that will handle most day to day tasks. It even has a front camera for video calls now. Dont expect any miracles here, though, because if youre looking for a powerhouse of a tablet well, this is not it and theres a lot of really good options out there.

That will better suit your needs, but if you want a good tablet for basic media consumption for those days where you just want to lounge around on the couch well, we definitely recommend this one. Thank you for watching everyone stay safe and ill see you guys.