Now in todays, video were going to be checking out. The real me pad that i have here and ive been using it for the past few weeks now, but today were just going to focus about what this realme pad is all about. The pricing who is it for and what can you actually do with this device? Right here now, by by the time you watch this video, you should already know that this is actually a very affordable budget tablet in terms of pricing here in malaysia, it starts off at rm 899 for the wi fi version, and if you want to go to The lte version – it goes all the way up to 1 200 ringgit here in malaysia, now bear in mind that realme is going to be having their first sale and the price is going to go even lower, starting at just rm 799. So again, whatever i say here bottom line is that this is a really affordable tablet that you can actually get now lets move on to the part on what is this device all about and whether or not you should get it so im going to start off. Very quickly here, by talking a little bit about the design, the build quality and all that now, just in terms of the design, you can see its actually very simplistic, its very minimalist you dont have much going on about here. The only design element that you will see is actually one line across here and the real me logo at the bottom.

Apart from that, i really love the fact that we have this kind of aluminum kind of back filling material. It actually elevates the product itself, making it feel a little bit more premium than it actually is, and the good thing here is on the sides itself. Everything is all flat edged on the sides here. As you can see, it is a very very slim device. 6.9 mm, if i am 2b, just to be precise, apart from that weight, wise weight is actually very important for devices like this. It is only 440 grams, so its actually quite portable. I wouldnt say that its very heavy the whole. I actually never had any issues after just like you know, holding it and using it with one hand, no issues whatsoever guys now the best part about this device here is actually it is also quite compact. So this is only a 10.4 inch device here, and that means you can throw it into any bag or you know like a handbag or whatnot very easily, just with this roaming pad size right there. So, overall, i must say that design wise is great portability. Wise is also pretty awesome, all right so thats, just in terms of the design very quickly lets move on to the next point here and lets talk a little bit about the display that we do get in the front now bear in mind. This is like i mentioned earlier on, a 10.

4 inch display and what you get here is actually very standard. Its only an lcd display, it doesnt have any fancy kind of refresh rate, very basic, guys, 60hz kind of thing and, honestly speaking this device. It does not get very bright outdoors, but uh. One thing like i might say here again: this is a budget device right here and it actually works very well for watching movies or watching youtube. Even netflix is supported in hd on this device right here. So all you, netflix friends out there dont forget to check out this device here because it can actually support hd on netflix. The next thing i want to talk about here is actually what can you use this device for? And i think this is the most important part of todays video, because at the end of the day, when you buy something like this, you want to know what you can do on this device so powering this device. Here is a helio g80, its not the most powerful processor. It is actually very basic processor, but i noticed that on this device here i was able to do a couple of things really well now. First up, like i mentioned earlier, on its very good at handling videos like i said you can watch hd on netflix now. The second thing that i can actually do very well on this device is actually playing mini games, so you cant, really go and play those really high graphic games on this device here.

Dont expect that from the real me pad, but you can actually play a lot of mini games like subway, surfers, which i definitely enjoyed quite a fair bit on the real me pad so thats. The second thing, the third thing that i noticed that run really well on this device is actually social media. So sometimes most of the time you might actually be browsing on your device and you find that the display is too small and you just want to sit back, relax and just have a larger screen estate to enjoy the social media. So facebook and instagram runs really well here. You have those a really big screen to enjoy all your social media needs on the real me pad so thats also. The third thing that i want to highlight for this device here now. The fourth thing that you can actually do really well here again – and this is actually more of a productivity part and that is handling zoom calls or teams calls if youre always on a call with your colleague or maybe with your friends or your family members, uh Real me actually need a really nice tight ship by having the selfie camera right in the middle on this horizontal mode, so it fits very well for my particular use case. All i need to do is just sit it on a desktop on the stand, and i can actually have my video course done very nicely. The mic is actually really good, and my friends or colleagues on the other end of the call can always hear me very clearly so thats also another thing that you can do very well on this device here now.

Obviously, like i mentioned it is a g80. So entry level kind of processor – yes, it can handle tasks like multitasking and all that, but its not the fastest uh. Occasionally, you might need to wait for a little while for the everything to actually move around. So it just takes a slight bit of time here to get into your apps and all that, but if you can actually accept all of those, you will actually end up with a very nice. You know social media browsing the internet using it, for your teams calls and all that kind of experience on this device right here with the realme pad. So this is actually what the real use case is all about for a tablet of this size and power. All right so were going to move on to the next point right here very quickly and talk a little bit about the camera that we do have in the back now. Im, not sure how many of you guys actually use your tablet to actually take photos. But we do get an 8 megapixel snapper at the back. Its able to take some decent photos again, nothing too short about here, but if you do need to take a photo urgently, you can definitely rely on this sensor here to take decent shots, maybe of documents and all that to share with your teacher colleague or your Friend, so thats what you can do with this 8 megapixel snapper at the back now.

Moving on to the next part. Here i want to talk a little bit about the quad speaker setup that we have on the top and bottom now. This is actually a very, very strong point for the real me pad, like i mentioned earlier on, this is actually can be considered like an entertainment device and thats, because the speakers do get very loud in terms of loudness. It is great, but more importantly, in terms of the audio quality youre, getting very decent kind of bass on these kind of stickers here on the device that cost this much so again, guys speakers wise its top notch. Here i really need to applaud real me for giving us a good kind of speaker setup on this real me pad right here now. Last but not least, all this is only made possible if you have a decent battery life, i mean if battery life is not good. How can you do all this kind of stuff on the tablet right? So the good news here is that this roaming pad right here it comes with a 7000 mah battery. It supports 18 watt fast charge, which honestly speaking, is not that fast, but that battery in here guys is definitely good enough for me to actually use this tablet. For about two to three days on one single charge again, depending on what you do on your tablet, the battery life will barely depend on that. But for me personally, like i mentioned two to three days, is not an issue at all, with the real me pad right here now, overall bottom line again, this is a very affordable tablet, starting coming in at just like 7.

99 for the flash sale and 899 as Its starting price, i think it is actually a very good device for you to consider buying if you just want that basic stuff here on the tablet, such as, like i mentioned earlier on, watching videos on the larger screen, you can also just sit back and relax And you know: read documents browse the internet, check out your social media, facebook and instagram. You know and also making those video calls with your friends. Everything works really well here and for those more heavy stuff, like maybe playing games, graphic intensive games. You can always display that on your smartphone, because its more comfortable to hold anyway, all right, guys thats pretty much it for my quick recap and a quick review on the real me pad that i have here uh. If you have any further questions, dont forget to leave them down in the comment section below. Obviously, if you like this video dont forget to give a like stop to the channel.