I made sure i had to get it and review one hey guys, its richard mary and welcome back to our channel for todays video. As i said earlier, we will be talking about yumbagong labas realme pad when it comes to smartphones and aiot products, usually no guys very popular and apples ipad offerings but of course, ecosystem and price ampagusapan. It just doesnt work to everyone, so meaning caitanya, very popular in apple. It still is not everyones cup of tea. So yes, reviewing an android tablet. Number ending, very friendly price point is actually refreshing. Now, speaking of price point makano unreal me pad which retails for 10 990 pesos. It is also available in 4 grams 64 gig of internal storage, which retails for 14, 990 pesos and, of course, um, which is the six gigahertz 128 gig of internal storage rates for 16. Ninety pesos, aside from those prices, guys available, shot in two colors, which is young, real gold and real gray and yummy attire right now, is international, real great anyway exclusive, so sharpie guys all the links will be down below so without further ado. Let us now proceed with our unboxing tying a blower or hair dryer with care. How would care parameter adhesive and then, aside from that me, power breakdown, usb type c, no charging guys lets start with the design. Right from the start, we papa sinha gadiyang, gangnam aluminum back finish, which actually leads toward premiumness karen menu experience currently to surreal.

Me is actually also very premium. Meron and shang rounded corners miranda brushed finish that keeps the fingerprints and smudges away from what happens. Now. What really caught you will be working like this, and that is because some canyon, pina colada camera guys are hindi, machado, protruding by the way, guys camera. I eight megapixels admirable 10.4 inch, ips lcd screen, numbering 8 megapixels camera for taking selfies speakers. There are four symmetrical speakers and it also supports dolby, atmos, microphones and even the hybrid card slot are on the right and good news, soon card slot and sakanan. It accepts two nano sims or padding some sim card, that is a micro sd card period, wi fi. Only model guys um, i actually for micro, sd card long, just like what we have right now by the way. Now, speaking of the weight nasi nasa kung akanina its not too heavy, since it only weighs at 440 grams to be exact comparison from the xiaomi pad mas magang tong nang 71 grams compared on okay. So, most of the time tablets guys is being used for content consumption and, if that is the use, dappa kai, papano, okay, at reliable young display and performance in display number me pad guys. I 10.4 inches of ips screen number one 15×9 aspect: ratio and wux g8 plus resolution with a standard 60 hertz of refresh rate disclaimer hdr content, but on the brighter side it does support them and whitevine l1 certification, which means guys you can enjoy streaming content in 1080P resolution, despite not having an amoled display so for your experience, konomanga sahanyang screen.

I keep a bolshow with nice and deep blacks, but not again amoled level, guys balancing balance 9.. Now i pretend down performance. So what powers? The real me pad is the mediatek helio. G80 processor, so yes, you chipset number. The real me pad is more on the budget side. Thus, the reason why major budget, then young, adding entry level price, point details a real me pad by the way no young unit balance right now has three gigahertz 32 gig of internal storage, only which is actually the lowest of them all. So yes, young and will also be based on what i have right now ill, be very honest and straight to the point when it comes to performance s7 level. But i do think it still offers a respectable performance. So as long as guys knight the dial new young graphics down when it comes to gaming like a tool at non call of duty and asphalt 9, it is still possible guys heavy games. I mean it could have been better kung jin 19 when it comes to gaming, but yeah jt does the job. Multitasking was actually not that good. Since again its only three gig of ram, it did offer me guys a smooth ui experience me loading times and i did saw them. Axa starter daniel tablet on most games, but most social media, apps, naman, guys and, of course, office and streaming applications are running. Well me 1440p resolution youtube. When it comes to gaming, it is doable, but not too enjoyable.

Its a great tablet, guys for multi tasking it does the job right, naman la na ko pang kayo in scrolling and next skip between applications and actually thats enough and thats. What you should be expecting on a budget tablet, okay, sound quality, and if it is something that you are looking for, you might want to consider getting the realm pad. How about battery life and charging speed im battering america realme pad guys, im 7 100 milliamp hour off capacity? Well, its not the largest battery capacity in akita, bets price point, but when it comes to real world use, tumaganda mancha, which is actually what we really need on a tablet for numbers guys. It lasted me for 12 hours and 42 minutes when it comes to social media use and a bit of gaming, and then, when it comes to charging its capable of 18 watt fast charging and based on our experience, we were able to give the real me pad Guys then, 25 percent of battery charge in 30 minutes again garment 18 watt charger nakasamasa box for taking photos youll find that the 8 megapixel sensor guys takes acceptable images and with enough details a good lighting conditions and then young 8 megapixels front facing camera and ammonia Is ok for video calls rear, basically any form of video calls and, as youd expect young camera application. You guys is features for our basic photography, hi everyone sweetening acting sample video footage taken from the front camera of the real me pad actually again its eight megapixels.

So considering mega pixels quality, the answer is: footage is taken from its rear camera and again eight megapixels, so as youve noticed massage according to them of course, and so far, im liking the quality. To be honest, moral and young real me pad. So we shouldnt really expect that much peripheral and it really is doable and putting paddington gamete for video calls again young front camera and even the rear camera. Sometimes me smartphone or any android device. It looks like a vanilla version, guys mine is icons and young ebang settings. Walashang themes, customizations ui, but i think fingerprint scanners are yummy pad guys and the only way to unlock it is through face on love or password. Remember someone on facebook are responsive. You, along in case that you will be using it outdoors mask. It may be a bit of a struggle, isnt available and clutter free, which is good and like smartphones interface, and it works well through our applications, which is actually a good news, actually very basic man. For my realme pad unboxing and review video, if i were to be asked for my verdict, its actually great to see guys some brands catholic realme to enter the android tablet segment, its a good first step, indeed premium aluminum body with a great display and an excellent Audio experience for streaming content and browsing the internet on purpose its graphics and in general usage priced at ten thousand nine hundred ninety pesos tapas me two thousand pesos discount, pacha, paris or early bird price, nasa actually thats a pretty good price already for again, a tablet Is a good tablet.

Indeed, it is something i can recommend for students, especially on a budget. All you need to do is to be subscribed on our youtube channel. Follow me on my social media accounts.