This is the really pad i have seen the specs and the design they are really good already saw the reviews on this thing and it looks to be a great gaming machine plus excellent content, consumption machine great for youtube great for netflix. Its got dolby atmos, hi res audio. Look at that display is that amoled? Oh look! Its works. Good plus display im, not sure what that is, or rather sounds pretty impressive. 7 100 milliamperes mega battery helio g80 processor pretty decent for gaming. I guess but yeah. This is the first tablet from real me so its not just about smartphones anymore. They already have a laptop and now a tablet. They got a lot of stuff going on this year and that is getting me excited. They are venturing off into unknown territory. So far, theyve always hit the mark, no problems with their recent gadgets. They have always been packaged really good, just like this box right here, very ipad esque, so yeah lets check it out right now. This is vince and let the unboxing begin Music. Okay. So so far, i have noticed that most of the roomy gadgets that ive been releasing this year kind of look like one of those apple products from the design, the box. The look at that this is yeah, except this. They have some extra marketing stuff, maybe because its not the ipad, its not well known yet, so they have to put some extra flair into their boxes.

To get noticed. Of course, here we go. This one is 332 by the way, but dont worry. There are three variants available up to six one. Two eight here it is: oh wow, looks like another home run from real me, wow, so cool its kind of funny theyre, calling this real gold, well, its, not real gold, its just the name, its a gold, color theres, also a gray one, the real gray. So let me just put you there for a sec. What else is in the box here? It is the manual okay. I know how to operate a tablet, sim, ejector pin and, of course, the usb type c cable and the 18 watt charger bummer thats too small 18 watts for a 7100 milliampere battery thats gon na take some time. But of course this is still the first iteration. What matters is first, we check out this design and, if its actually good for gaming and content consumption, just like what others are saying about it, okay, so at first glance you know what this looks like right. It is undeniable that the design is very similar to the ipad flat back flat sides, aluminum body, the camera. I mean look at that even the buttons and ports right here are placed very similarly from the speakers, and the port right here are fairly placed very similarly. But i guess the major major advantage of this tablet is that it has this yep. It has that apples, products nope totally gone out of the window, except for their laptops, but i guess the main difference between this and the ipad is that it has this line right here to make it look like a notebook right.

The line goes from here to here it goes across the camera and up there there is no functional reason for having a line right there, its just for aesthetics, i guess to make it look like a notebook. The camera is also gold and the logo is not in the center. It is down here. Real me, thats right here are the sides. There you go thats nice now. The build quality is pretty good, very similar to the ipad, its built pretty well theres, no flex on this thing, the back is pretty smooth and its a good thing, its aluminum theres a bit of premiumness to its feel, oh by the way, this is a 10.4 Inch tablet theres the selfie camera at the side. Everything will look big here, any content, any picture i mean look at that also the text will look huge, so this is very important, or rather it becomes very valuable for people who have a tough time reading text. So if youre a person who has a hard time reading text, this is perfect for you, everything will look very big and readable. Oh, my god of war on pc, thats, good news im, actually playing that game on ps5 right now, but on a pc with better graphics, better frame rates. That is something to behold. Oh by the way, this is a 2k display. They are calling it the wook skill plus display, which stands for widescreen ultra extended graphics array, plus not really sure what that is.

But what matters is that its a 2k display, although it does lack in brightness and the viewing angles, is not so good. Look at that its dimming, but, of course, look at that image quality that is some kind of sharpness right there. The contrast is actually pretty good things coming out of the display are just very, very lively and realistic and watching on youtube is such a joy. Oh, that sounds oh wow guys. The best thing about this tablet thats right the speakers. They are not joking about their dolby atmos speakers. This is the real deal theres, so much power being put out and the sounds are quite full theres, a punch to it its so loud and its so boomy, but at the same time its not really sounding like a tin. Can you can go up to the max level without having to hear any kind of distortion? You can say it does sound like the movies excellent job really on the speakers. I love it. This is a winner for watching netflix and youtube period. Now the bezels are quite thin for this size. This is 10.4 inches, i would say the most comfortable size for a tablet would be around 8 inches because you know, if youre playing a game, its going to be tough for reaching places at the center. Also, the weight is going to be there. It is quite light for a 10 inch tablet, but still its not as slight as lets say, the ipad mini.

This is still best used when youre playing like this, or, if you have a case, it should be like this with a casing, no matter what a tablet of the size needs to have a support for you to comfortably use it, and since a tablet is big, You can rotate it to landscape or portrait. Whichever way you want it now, if you plan on using this on zoom meetings, online classes its going to be like this because of the camera place at the side, and it does look like this when youre taking a selfie. Look at that isnt that unbox diaries, yeah youre, so handsome unbox diaries not only a handsome face, but also handsome pair of hands. Now i did start installing games on this. There are free configurations on this thing: theres the 332, its kind of hard to suggest the 332, because at max there was only two games. I could install on this and it was not really that comfortable, because you know call of duty is big. Mobile legends is big, but more gentian impact, so yeah i had to uninstall some games just to show you these right here. First off mobile legends, though okay, the resolution is pretty high for a tablet. Everything is a little bit stretched out a bit and, as youve noticed, the characters, the animations, the creeps. Everything just looks huge on this tablet and even the buttons are huge. So, yes, it is best played on top of a table instead of holding it like this, because its really hard to reach those center skills.

Like the recall, you lay it down like this, and you have more space with your hands, but yeah theres gon na be a little bit of adjustment on your part when youre gon na do this. So keep that in mind now the graphics are pretty much on par as most high end phones. It looks really good that helio g80 processor can really hold up on its own and its able to handle this game no problem by the way heres the score from the helio g80 175 000 points. That is not super fast in 2021 and if youre going to use this on much heavier games like games and impact its not gon na give you the best performance, its its gon na be best played at the lowest settings. But then again, gadget back is pretty playable on this, just not the best, but then i had to uninstall genji and impact, because i had to install call of duty. I was running out of storage, but then again, i still wanted to show you the game, and this is how it looks like its not super optimized for the game. It is only medium graphics and high frame rates. Unfortunately, but yeah youre still gon na be able to play this game like the usual, the gameplay is just gon na feel a little bit different from your usual because of the way youre gon na use the device, its always on top of the surface.

Instead of you just holding them on your hand but graphics, wise, its pretty okay, the game does look sharp on this 2k display and the experience is gon na be totally different because before, if youre playing this on a phone, its gon na be small and right Now its really huge its like playing on a pc lets just say its a lot more immersive compared to playing on a mobile phone, and i also took some pictures with the camera, because why not? We are really using them as camera devices and, to my surprise, the camera is quite good. The images look clean all, but not that sharp, when zoomed in they have some decent dynamic range im, pretty sure that your grandma or grandpa is going to be happy when they use this for taking pictures, especially on group photos. I can assure you that because it does give decent image quality and if you were using an old tablet. Well, the cameras this time around or this year is just so much better than the tablets from the previous generations. Oh wait! I just forgot about the specs. All this time, yeah, the back is eight megapixels and the front is eight megapixels too, but it is ultra wide angle, so heres a sample selfie and, as you can see, since it is ultra wide angle lens, i was able to take a half body picture with This tablet from very near distance. This is very useful, especially in zoom.

You could actually show more in your background without having to like move your tablet away from you here is the sample selfie video and, as you can see, im just holding it up front. Maybe just a foot away from me. Yeah that is quite good. Skin could be better, color could be better, but yeah ultrawide is pretty nice. Half body is possible with this selfie camera. Now, who is this for? Is it for gamers? Is it for photographers nope? I still believe that this is best used for content. Consumption youtube netflix. That is simply the best for that, because of the sheer size and also the wonderful, wonderful, powerful sounds coming out of this thing, but isnt that also great for gaming yeah. It is its just that the processor is not that powerful. There are only a handful of games and, if youre looking into playing some really heavy games in the play, store – oh yeah, it could really use some more ram and a better processor. But the ram might not be a problem, because you know you can actually buy the six gigs of ram 128. Gigs of internal storage. Roomy actually just sent me the free 32 because they do have a promo for the 332. If you buy it and its only priced at 10, 990 pesos srp, it is an exclusive offer on choppy. The roomy pad 32 will be available for only 8 990 pesos, that is a 2 000 peso discount via the real new official store on shoppi starting october 22.

But if youre not an online guy, they still have it in their offline stores. You can buy this thing in real me stores near you and partner dealers nationwide for only 990 pesos, but its only 1 000 discounts so offline from october 21 to 31. looks like theyre, encouraging their customers to go, buy online, better discount, better promo online. Just go check it out links in the descriptions below if you want to buy really bad and thats pretty much it for this video. Did you like the roomie pad? Did you like the first tablet from the number one brand for me, im gon na use it for youtube or netflix 332 is actually pretty okay, if youre just gon na stream on youtube and netflix, its not gon na, take up a lot of space. But if you do decide to play games on this thing, its not gon na be enough. I highly suggest you get the 6128 or the 464. If you had the money, but yeah uh go get this if youre just gon na use it for netflix and youtube, and i promise you are gon na be happy with this period so yeah. If you want to see more videos, just like this one unboxing reviews, please do subscribe, hit the bell icon so that you dont miss any of my great content.