com and if you think about tablets, theres only one name that universally comes into mind. The ipad i mean yes, there are samsung galaxy tablets out there, but no matter what anyone tells you, the ipads are. What bring the best tablet experience, but if you want to get an ipad, youll have to spend at least 27 to 30k, which is not affordable for everyone and thats. Where budget tablets come in, i mean, if you ask me, ive been waiting for xiaomis me pads to arrive in india for a long long time now, but that hasnt happened instead. Realme has launched its first tablet in india. Yes, this is it. This is the real me pad, and this is priced rupees 16k, if you consider the wi, fi, plus lte variant and thats a pretty good price, so yeah lets check out the real me pad. So this is the new readme pad heres, how it looks – and i know theres the obvious ipad wide here with the same space, gray, sort of color aluminium back and frame. Honestly, i like this design – and i want to thank realme for not using the dare to leave text on this tablet, because you know its very simple i just dont like it i mean who likes it hit like if you agree well, this is clean and minimal, And much better, looking anyway, when it comes to tablets, the weight is very important, and this is very lightweight.

The readme pad weighs 440 grams, which is pretty good for a 10.4 inch tablet and comparatively the galaxy tab, a7 weighs 476 grams, so yeah. This is lighter. As for the thickness, this is also pretty slim at 6.9 millimeters thickness and apart from that theres a headphone jack here, as you can see, and you get the power button on the top and the volume rockers on the right when the tablet is imported. More now, all that is cool. But if you ask me there are three most important factors when you consider a tablet for the display, the performance and the experience so starting off with the display of the readme pad. You can see the display specs here, but in my usage ill, be clear, its not the best lcd ive ever seen. But if you ask me, i think its pretty decent for a tablet at this price. The colors look good, its pretty vibrant, its fairly sharp and the brightness is a little low, but i did not feel it was a problem, but yeah. One thing to note is that the viewing angles are fairly average. The moment you look at this display from an angle, you can see the display sort of dimming fading out so yeah thats, something we know now right apart, ive been using the real pad to watch a lot of netflix youtube, disney plus, and the bigger screen is Just great to watch movies and shows, if youre wondering yes, the tablet has wi fi level license so theres, no hd issues anywhere apart from that, the dmd pad screen does get dirty quite easily, with fingerprint smudges, as you can see, and one key thing here is That theres no gorilla glass, i mean realme – has said that its using some sort of display protection and our realme pad does not have any major scratches so far, but theres no good in the glass so ill suggest you to be a little more careful with it.

So overall id say, the display is good for the price, and the good thing is. It is also responsive and ive used a lot of budget tablets in the past and a lot of them have unresponsive displays, which is not a problem here now. Another thing you should note is that theres no stylus support here officially and to tell you straight away: theres, also no keyboard cover keyboard case as well. Apart from the display, i really want to talk about the speakers here because i think really has not cut any corners here. So there are four speakers here: two plus two on the opposite sides and theres dolby, atmos and adaptive sound support. Now the speakers are something i like see ill give an idea. These quad speakers are decently loud, not crazy loud. But what really impressed me is the quality, its pretty crisp and clear, and i did get to hear a little bit of bass in these speakers, which is always a nice thing here. Listen to this Applause Applause now the next big factor in a tablet is performance. So here are the specs and personally i would have liked a more powerful mediatek, chipset or a snapdragon chipset, because that would have made the really bad an ultimate deal anyway. You guys pretty much know all about the g80 chipset on this tablet. So, im not going to go into the details of the g80 chipset, but if you ask me about its performance on this tablet, id say so far its been fairly smooth and good see the g80 chipset is not a high performance or gaming chipset.

As a lot of companies claim it to be, but for day to day usage, regular usage, its fairly good, i mean heres, the readme pad in action and if you notice me just doing random things in the ui, theres no lag or anything. In fact, in my usual day to day usage involving youtube, chrome, netflix, etc, the real me pad has been fairly smooth and responsive, which is good because im generally very skeptical of the helio g80. Now the tablet does start to struggle a bit. If you really push it, but its not like the performance is bad here. As for gaming, the g80 handles casual games pretty well, but i know you guys want to know about bgmi now i did play some bgmi on the tablet and the max graphics settings here are hd and high, but at hd and high there are a few fame Drops so i switched to smooth and ultra and the performance was much better. I mean. Let me tell you this way. I did not enjoy playing bgm on the standard because im not used to the big size of this thing, but yeah its playable. If you really want, i mean ill still recommend this tablet only for casual games, and i think you should keep your bgmi expectations in check but, like i said you can still play it. Okay, so the third big factor in tablets is the experience, and the experience on the readme pad is fairly plain and simple, which is a good thing or bad thing, depending on what you want.

So this comes with real me ui for pad on top of android 11, but this ui is basically stock android with a few changes here and there. First of all, theres no bloatware whatsoever, which is awesome. I mean its really good, as you can see, theres. Absolutely nothing not even facebook. These are the apps that the tablet comes with. You do get a few kids apps like youtube. Kids and theres. Support for google keep space, which is basically a whole separate launcher for a kids account, and it looks like this. So the kids space is actually fun and colorful and thats great, but when it comes to a tablet, experience on this real me pad its nothing special see the whole ui here is basically the phone ui expanded for the tablet. I mean the split screen: multitasking works better because its a bigger screen, but i would have liked the gesture to quickly snap a full screen app to the site. Instead, you have to do it from the app switcher, which is not very seamless. Apart from that, you get the same navigation gestures for home reasons and back but weirdly you cannot switch between apps quickly by swiping, left or right. You have to open up the multitasking screen and switch apps from here now. Everything else is pretty simple too. This is the home screen and the launcher here is stock, android, aosp launcher not even real me us launches, so not a lot of options present the notification shade is the same and that works, but even the settings app where i expected a dual pane.

Ui looks the same as it does on a phone, so overall, its a pretty simple ui and some apps do change the ui based on the bigger screen. For example, chrome looks like the desktop version of chrome and its better to use on the bigger screen, but most apps look like their phone versions expat. Now, apart from all of this, a lot of people are looking at tablets for video calls, but the readme pad has an 8 megapixel, 108 degree wide camera on the front and although its not the best camera quality wise, but for video calls, it does the job It looks fairly crisp and nice and when it comes to microphones, theyre, dual mics here and heres, how this up hey guys. This right here is a video from the readme pads front camera and im just testing out the mic. But i think the video point is fine, although the exposure changing is a bit weird. As for the my quality, i think the sound is pretty crisp and clear, although there is a bit of noise coming in. So let me know what you think of the dual mag mics in the readme pad in the comments down below theres, also a single lonely camera on the back, an 8 megapixel camera, which again is just a pretty average camera. That wont be good enough for you. When it comes to photos but its fine, because not many people take photos from the tablets now cameras apart, this is a wi fi, plus 4g lte tablet, and that means there is a dual sim slot, which is actually a dual sim plus micro, sd hybrid slot, Which supports up to 1 tb of storage? Now ive used this tablet with a sim card and it works perfectly fine.

The tablet comes with the phone app, so you can make and receive calls, although you look weird doing it and it only makes calls in speaker mode so its not very bright, but that apart, the network coverage has been fine in my use. So far, but one thing to note here is that theres no carrier aggregation support, so you probably wont get the best speeds or coverage other key specs of the reading pad include a 7100 mah battery with support for reverse charging and theres an 18 watt quick charger In the box i mean real mes phones come with 65 watt or at least 30 watt charges in this price range. So maybe they could have gone with a faster charge, anyways for the battery performance im. Yet to you know, really test things out. Note things down. So im gon na comment on that later, but its a decently sized battery so im positive. Look. The point is ive used the readme pad briefly and i feel its a pretty simple, yet solid tablet at rupees 16k. I mean. Let me get this straight. This is not a perfect device, so i would have liked a faster chipset, a more tablet, friendly ui and a lot of the things on the tablet are plain decentish. But overall this gets a lot of things right. It has a good premium built in design. The display is good enough for the price the speakers are actually fantastic.

The cameras seem to work well for video calls and youll be okay with the performance. If you dont expect high end performance or gaming, look there arent a lot of tablet options in this price range and thats. What makes the real me pad a good option? Well, those are my thoughts on the brand new realme pad, but id love to know your comments on this so make sure to comment below also make sure to share this video with people who are looking to buy a budget new android tablet in the sub 20k Price segment so share this video also give this video a like.