Here we have a very interesting device. This is the brand new just launched real me book that i have here on my desk so before we take a look at the device itself and what this is all about. Let me show you a quick unboxing of this real me book, so you guys can know what actually came in the box. Bear in mind that this is actually the global version. So if youre in any other country in asia, you will be receiving this particular version right here. All right lets go on with the unboxing right away: Music, Music, all right guys! So now that weve done with the unboxing right here you can see. This is the real me book, and my version here is in the blue version. If they call it the real blue, there is also a real gray. That means it comes in gray, but yeah. It looks pretty cool here. As you can see, it is a very simplistic design over here we do have the real me branding on the corner as well and overall, its supposed to be a very thin device. Approximately 15 millimeters is im not mistaken in terms of the weight. It is approximately 1.38 kilograms, i would say about 1.4 kg is not the lightest, but it is quite um light as well, not as heavy as you might expect it to be another thing that you might want to see here on this device here.

Is you cannote that this is actually aluminum, so its a very firm and steady chassis right here now, if you flip the device to the back here, you can see that we have this pretty nice cooling area here. So there are two fans at the back here that actually blows out air, so it keeps the laptop cool. Apart from that, you also have stereo speakers here, which i will let you guys know a bit more later on apparently theyre tuned by harman, so yeah. It should be pretty good all right, so thats it for how it looks. Oh before we go on to the next point in terms of ports, we have a type a port over here. We also have a headphone jack and you flip it to the other side. Here one of these is a thunderbolt port right here, as well as a usbc port, so thats all the kind of parts that you can get. I would say that it is pretty comprehensive that you have almost a single port for everything that you might need all right. So back to the laptop here again lets see if we can open this lid with just one hand, apparently not so once you turn on the laptop right here straight away, you notice that we have this pretty square kind of display, so this is actually a 2k Display, but whats really important here is that this is a three by two aspect ratio so, in other words, youll be able to see more content from just one screen like this.

You dont have to scroll that often but yeah. It really depends on what you like. If you like to watch a lot of movies, obviously theres going to be like black bars at the top and bottom, but otherwise this is a very good productivity tool right here because for microsoft word office stuff. It just works really well here, so im just going to unlock the device very quickly. As you can see, we have a fingerprint scanner at the top right corner now. This keyboard layout here is actually pretty comfortable for my typing uh. One thing you might need to know here is that the the keyboard here it has a travel of 1.3 millimeters, so it is quite nice. Let me just go into the keyboard very quickly. So, as you can see, this is just going to be a quick test. This is gon na, be a quick typing test. Yes, i think i can type fairly quickly. So this is the kind of keyboard that you can expect here. It is quite soft, very nice to type on and its quite quiet as well. So if youre working in a quiet room, you dont want it to be too noisy. This is the kind of experience that you can get with the keyboards on the real me book. Apart from that, i did notice one detail here. The fonts on this keyboard is actually what i like. It looks really nice, they have very nice fonts and i think it looks good on the keyboard here as well.

Very very nice spawns. Apart from that, you also have two levels in terms of the brightness for the keyboard itself. All you need to do is hit this button. You can turn the lights off level, one level two and thats it so pretty nice that as well apart from that, yes, it does comes with that huge trackpad, as you can see here, so very easy to use as well. You can just navigate around here. Um, of course you can just do your browsing and all that to switch to another app. You can always just use this and if you just take a look at this wallpaper right here, it is actually very nice on this 2k display a quick one on that display. This one goes up to 400 nits in terms of maximum brightness, so i think it would be fine if youre working mostly indoors, but i heard that it should be fine outdoors as well. We are under lockdown, so we cant really go out, but yeah im expecting it to get pretty bright here, so yep thats the display thats the overall feel in terms of specifications uh. What do we get here? So there are two variants to this laptop right here. One comes with the i3 11 gen and another one comes with the i5 also 11 gen. Now in terms of ram and rom, we have the same configurations for the real me book here in malaysia. That is you get 8 gigabytes of ram, as well as a 256 gigabytes of internal memory, so thats the kind of ram and processor they can expect in terms of the graphics it has this intel iris, graphics, so apparently its much better than the typical mx kind Of series, kind of graphics, so thats for the processing power and all that again im – not really a computer expert right here, so this is just one.

I know about this laptop right here now were going to talk very quickly about the battery in this guy. We have a 54 watt hour battery in this guy right here, thats supposed to last you about eight to twelve hours, depending on what kind of work you are doing. Obviously, if youre doing some kind of light gaming or maybe even like editing your photos, heavy stuff on this laptop, you will definitely get about seven to eight hours. But, according to real me, if youre only doing a lot of office work, you can go all the way up to 12 hours. So if you like to work out a lot, you can do 12 hours on this real me book right here now in terms of the charging, it does come with a pretty huge, pretty huge charger in the box. This is a 65 watt fast charge charger uh. According to real me again, you can go from zero to 50 in just 30 minutes with this charger in the box, so thats pretty cool all right last thing i want to talk about here, and that is a very important one, and that is the speakers on This realme book now, usually we always see speakers on laptops being tuned by jbl harman kardon, whatever all sorts of brands, but on this particular unit right here the speaker is actually very, very good its loud it has this surround feeling and its very rich in the Sound itself so definitely very impressed with the speakers here im going to show you a quick clip of the audio test here, uh very quickly, so you know what it feels like, maybe on how it sounds like on this real me book, Applause, Music, all right guys! Last but not least, lets talk about the final and most important thing, and that is the price of this real me book right here.

So in malaysia, this is retailing for 2, 999 ringgit for the i3 version and 34999 for the i5 version. So in terms of uh us dollars yeah, i was just looking at my conversion right there, its 700 us dollars for the i3 as well as 825, us dollars for the i5 version, so yep thats the surprising, obviously, if youre in malaysia – and you want to grab A hold of this real me book right here, all you need to do is check out the links in description below there are more information there. You can see the full specs as well all over there in the website, yeah hit the links below. If you want to find out more about that, and that would pretty much conclude our first hands on unboxing and look at the real me book. Thank you for watching this video.