When you look at the spec sheet, both of them have 6.5 inch, 90 hertz ips screens. They both are powered by the dimension 700. Both of them have 5000 milliamp hour batteries, 18 watt, charging 48 megapixel cameras. So really, what is the difference between them? I will find out in this in depth comparison with some side by side tests, camera comparison and just to let you know a little spoiler here that one of them clearly is better than the other, so build quality of both of these is very similar. Now there is a difference in the weight, but not too much of a difference. We are looking at 186 grams versus 191 with the real me, so both of them have these plastic backs on them. I prefer the finish of the redmi. I think the note 5g just a little better, but it does tend to pick up a lot more and show the fingerprints, as you can see right now now with the roomie 8 5g. It also does show the fingerprints, but not quite as bad and great to see. There’S no big deal to leap slogan on the back of this one too, so they both have the fingerprint readers on their sides here. So that is on the right side, fingerprint readers there now thickness of them. We are looking here at about 8.6. I think it is 8.6 millimeters. This is about almost nine millimeters with the real me eight, so slightly thinner, but really side by side.

You can almost barely tell that difference there when looking at them, so the frames are on the outside plastic. When we take a look down here at the bottom of both of them, i’ve got the type c ports loudspeakers microphones and the 3.5 millimeter is down the bottom here of the real me and you’ll find it up the top of the xiaomi, as well as the Microphone here and an ir transmitter, so the ir transmitter completely missing the secondary mic on the top of the real m8 is not here either they’ve just done it with the single mic on the bottom. So if you want the best call quality, that is the note. 10, 5g uh. You don’t notice too much of a difference of it really and then the 3.5 millimeter quality is actually better out of this one too, but i’ll get into more of the audio later. Let’S have a look at the fingerprint unlocking, so both of them are reasonably quick, so always on capacitive just tap that there and it unlocks that was quick and you’ll see it’s slightly slower. I have noticed on the xiaomi quite a bit slower, so i’ll touch it now and you can see that difference. So it is a little slower and then the animation does make it look slower. So with this one touch, it now yet definitely faster. On the real me, so the cameras on the back of them both here do have the 48 megapixel sensors and then we have the two really kind of useless 2 megapixel cameras on both of them.

So one is macro the others for depth information. There are no ultra wide cameras with these models here, and i wish they would stop with this trend of just adding silly 2 megapixel cameras, which offer very poor quality low resolution photos would be better just giving us a better main camera or just combine those two Into one ultra wide camera it’s far more useful and a big difference with the sim tray setup. So with the real me, 8 5g we’ve got the two nano sims and a micro sd card, but with the xiaomi here. So the note 10 5g. We just have the two nano sims and if you want to use a micro sd card, you unfortunately have to give up on one of those nano sims and then our screens here so both of them ips panels. They both have rather large bezels and a bit of a chin at the bottom and the cutouts in different locations. It depends where you like it. Do you like to have it centered right in the middle here? This is an eight megapixel camera. On the note. 10. 5G and a 16 megapixel one on the real me eight 5g and i’ll get on to the cameras later on. I will do a mini mini camera, comparison so side by side and i’ll. Let you know which one, i think has the best quality out of these two ips panels on both of these and they’re, both average.

But there is a clear winner here with the brightness, so i’ll just open up display test it’s, an application that i like to use for both of my reviews and comparisons because well it just means we can look at the same images and do a few little Tests here so i’ve measured both of them of course, they’re both 90 hertz, but the brightness there’s a huge difference. I have ‘8 nits of brightness on the realme 8 5g and a very disappointing 272 nits. Only on the redmi note, 10, 5g. So it’s a much duller display it’s a lot harder to make out in direct sunlight, and this, for me, is a huge factor and later on the performance of why i would go for the real me 85g and then touch response on both of these screens. Here is pretty good for the type of phone. They are not really having too much of an issue, but i do find, i think, touch response does feel better and come through a little faster, their response and just opening things up with the real me again. A little quicker overall, just always seems to be a little bit faster to me so under display here. We’Ll find we’ve got options for, of course, that refresh rate – and you can force both of them onto the 90 hertz, which i’m currently running right now, just to keep everything a little bit faster. I believe most people will be doing that you’d run the 90 hertz that’s, what you’ve paid for really so refresh rate set on 90 and under more here, you will find it set to 90 hertz as well on the real me so both of these phones.

They do run android 11. we’ve got realme uo2 and miui 12.. Both of them are on. At the time of this video, the latest firmware, updates and patches. There is a clear difference in the performance to me. The real me 8 is always a little smoother and quicker, no matter what i do. Recent apps and everything gestures it just seems to work a little better. I have noticed this that with the xiaomi, especially when i use the note 10 5g – i go back to the realme 85g. It just feels clearly to me far superior in the rom, optimization and performance. I see more animation, judders and stutter coming through microstatus on the xiaomi again and it’s, just again all optimization there. So if you want the faster feeling and in use mobile, definitely the real me and it does excel in our battery life. So you can see here now i calibrated both of these screens to 200 nits of brightness, and the battery test ran from 100 down to 20. To give us the result, you’re looking at here so it’s a fixed battery life test and there’s a huge difference in the battery life performance. So both of these phones for most people will still be well with the xiaomi, should be about two days and definitely two days with the real me eight for me now. I have noticed that with the standby on both of these that, with 5g, the standby drain, doesn’t seem to be great, but it is worse on the xiaomi again seems to learn, lose a little bit more charge time on both of them.

You are looking at just under 2 hours about 150 minutes to charge the 5 000 milliamp hour. Batteries both have the 18 watt charging gps on the both of both of them. Here is good. They get good accuracy, but i’ve noticed that the real me 8 has always a better average signal strength and always seems to lock on to normally about two or three satellites. More so i would rate it as marginally better gps, and this was both down side by side, and you can see the slight difference there it’s not really much, and i wouldn’t focus too much on that now. If you must have the fastest wireless again, there is a big difference here: it’s, probably down to design of the antennas or just software. But you can see at the spot one here closest to my router meters per second versus 143 and even at the lowest point here, where i test downstairs, i was getting better speeds out of the real me so superior speed and just pretty much everything coming through Now, with the real me, it also has the camera to api level, three support, which is what we want: that’s, the maximum level for third party camera applications. We get full support only on the xiaomi, which is still okay, but ideally level. Three would be better: both of them do have a security level, one which is good to see and expected. So you can run amazon, prime video netflix and things like that, and then there is a difference here in the antutu score.

So this is n22 version 8 and 35 000 point difference here, and i do actually see this difference when using the phones. The real me 8 just seems to feel most of the time, a lot quicker when i’m using it – and here we have the internal storage speeds. So the xiaomi gets a win here because it does have ufs 2.2 versus ufs 2.1. So you can see the sequential and the random reason writes there. They are just slightly higher, but i wouldn’t focus too much on this because again, in general, use real world use the phone that feels the fastest is clear to me. That is the real me. Eight and let’s take a look at bloatware, so both of them have a lot of bloatware on them, and i noticed that there was a lot more in the shower me. So the xiaomi has about 25. What i would consider garbage bloatware applications that you can quickly uninstall. I know, but i still like to point this out. The roomy has about 15 bloatware apps, so both of them not good in this department. They cram a lot of junk on there that you probably just need to spend 30 minutes going through or 20 minutes, uninstalling everything there. However, with the real me, it doesn’t have system apps with advertising in them, which, sadly the xiaomi does so when i installed antutu it gave me this advert, and i know that there’s a way to disable this but i’m reviewing these phones out of the box.

No tweaks no changes how they are when you just power them on, and you will have the advertisements with the xiaomi and in the realme phone at least with this european rom version, i haven’t seen any in app ads audio quality, so testing out the 3.5 millimeter Output on both of these phones – it’s close, but i do have to give the win there to the analog audio out to the xiaomi. So the note 105g sounds a little bit better to me to my ears now the loudspeaker, so both of them have the single downwards loudspeakers at the bottom here. So there is no loudspeaker at the top, so we don’t get the dual loudspeakers. Not at this price range it’s a shame that they don’t have it both for the speakers. Uh average kind of quality they both sound, very, very similar, so i’ll play them now at a hundred percent, and let me know if you can pick up on any differences to me. They really sound the same Applause, Music, Music. So i have to pick a winner right, so i think the real me 8 is just fraction louder slightly louder than the note 10 5gs loudspeaker. Both of these models also do have nfc. So if you need to use something like your google pay or your pay services, banking things with nfc it’s, there both pass our safety net check gaming performance between them – both is very, very similar here with pubg.

So what i did is, i used the smooth graphics setting and that gave me the ultra setting for the frames per second, and both of them seem to be really the same. So one time it would be ‘ frames per second on the real me and then 41 on the xiaomi, and then it would swap around so really i’d have to call it about equal with the gaming performance. Moving over to the cameras. Now these two phones, you can see a big difference with front facing quality here with video footage. We have electronic image stabilization with the xiaomi, but with the real me we don’t so it’s shaking around all over the place and says i walk up these steps here. That it does shake around a bit and more usable footage, definitely to me on the redmi note, 10 5g, because it’s smoother, even though it does crop in quite a bit closer. So, as i jog up these stairs, that real me is shaking all over the place here with video. We just have 1080p on both of these phones here, so there’s no 4k option and the quality for the price of these phones for 1080p is okay. It’S not too bad and we do have electronic image stabilization. He says i pan around. It seems that the xiaomi has a little bit. The note 105g has a little bit more of a panning jutter, but let me know in the comments which one do you think for video performance performs the best here Music.

So so the difference here with the camera is that the stills for me look better on the real me 8 5g. But the video was slightly better on this one here. So the note 10 5g has the better video quality. It has the slightly marginally better 3.5 millimeter output to my ears, and it has slightly faster storage, but really this one dominated the roomy 8 5g, just better really at everything else, and the most important aspects like the ui speed and the screen. The screen is so much brighter photos, look a little better performance in general, just it’s, day and night, and even gaming. The frame rate difference there with pubg was surprising quite a bit different, so it’s down to optimization and well with firmware updates. Things could improve on both of these, so let’s hope that the manufacturers do push out some updates to improve in some of those areas like the wi, fi performance and other things with the note 10. But yes, clearly this to me is the winner, the roomy 8. 5G is the phone i would get out of these two. So thank you so much for watching this in depth comparison.