So in the room is six: we have the heli og9 TT up against the qualcomm snapdragon, the 720 g, very different chips here, we're talking about a eight nanometer process up against a twelve nanometer process. Both of these models here i'm reviewing have four gigabytes of ram and then a sixty four gigabytes of you affairs to spec storage cameras at the front 16 megapixels, the main rear camera is 64. The gw1 on the real me six versus the 48 megapixel gm2 on the rid me notes. 9S. So i wanted to jump into the build first of these, so we got a larger phone with the redmi note 9s, because it's a six point. Six seven inch screen with a larger battery as well means it weighs a little bit more. So this one is about 210 grams versus the room is 6, which is about 190 grams there, but the quality of the materials. There is a big difference. So the note 9 s feels a lot more premium to me because they've got glass on the back. This has Gorilla Glass, 5 front and back we've just got Gorilla Glass 5 on the sorry 3 on the front screen of the room is 6. The roomy 6 has plastic on the back, which is both a pro and a con, because if you were to drop both of these I'm not doing any drop tests by the way the red meat would crack on the back.

Whereas the romy will not because it's plastic on the back of it and the frame around the outside of both of these, the thickness is about the same. Almost about 9 millimeters on both cameras do protrude by about 2 millimeters, and you can see we do have the fingerprint readers right there. The frames on them are plastic, okay painted plastic. However, the Xiaomi has like a metallic finish to the paint, and this means it does actually feel a little bit better. Now the size of the phones in hand it's a little bit bigger, of course, and a little bit more uncomfortable, I would say to willed slightly larger phone here, whereas the 6.5 inch on the real me 6 it's, just a little bit more comfortable. Now fingerprint readers on both are capacitive always on one. So will when straight that now so just tap it here, the real me unlocks very quick there. Do that one more time for you very fast, unlocking speed, whereas the night 9 that's, not quite as fast, you can see but that's. I think because of the animation that Xiaomi uses is just a bit slower there on the bottom of the phones. Here, we've got three point: five minute: headphone jacks on both of them great move, they didn't ditch this the quality on the Xiaomi to my ears sounds superior to the real me six and even the loudspeaker as well, both of them in the same location.

Microphone is here on the room is six versus here on the red me and the type c ports do support quick charging on both of them, but we've got 18 watts, which takes over two hours. On the note 9s, it is a larger battery, so 5021 amp hours versus the 4300 on the room is six, but there are only six supports 30 watt fast charging and my testing can take anywhere from about fifty five minutes to 51 minutes to fully charge it. So much quicker there and then a big difference here with the top of the phones. So you can see we've got a noise cancelling microphone and an IR blaster. On the note 9s, those two components are sadly missing from the real ms6. However, the real miss six does have NFC, so if you need to use tap and pay, for example, with Android here, then well you're out of luck on the note 9s, because it does not have NFC both of them support. Two nano Sims and a micro SD card both for the sim trays on them are metal reinforced. However, their note 9s is the only one that has a gasket around its sim tray slot. Now our cameras on the red is quite a difference. Here. We'Ve got two eight megapixel ultra whites, both of these ultra wide cameras to meet a quite poor, but for the price point, and for what these phones aren't being low in phones, it's still good to have this option.

I'Ve noticed that the real me definitely seems to over sharpen the ultra wide photos, and sometimes it can actually be a little bit better than the xiaomi x', but when it comes to video there's, a huge difference, Ultra white video samples now I've done a camera comparison. That'S in the channel just posted recently that goes into a lot more depth here. This is just a very brief look at them, but you can see to me, at least in terms of video quality, that the xiaomi normally is better but it's, not actually the best and audio. I found that their audio sounds a little bit richer and better on the real ms6, with a higher bitrate of 156 kilobits versus the typical 96. We see with xiaomi phones. Now the megapixel count in our macros okay there's a difference here: 2 megapixels on the real me 6 actually takes a bitter sharper detailed macro shot than the 5 megapixels on the xiaomi. It really depends on where you prefer the knotch cut out, because on the left here, as you can see on the real me kind of, gets it out of the way, whereas it's more symmetrical. Looking with the note 9 is having its in the middle. Now both of these displays are average IPS panels, both exhibit some shadowing around the cutouts for those cameras and then down the bottom as well, the chin more on that in just a second, but I wanted to point out the maximum brightness on both of them.

So I'm measuring approximately 450 nets on the real me 6, which in sunlight looks a little bit better. But this is such a minimal difference that you can hardly distinguish it really and both of them aren't the greatest in sunlight, but you can still make out waters on there and if I move over now to the note 9s, you can see and Sun like this – Has 413 it's a brightness so not quite as bright, and I just find it a little bit not because of the brightness more. I just think it's the screen a little bit harder to make out in direct sunlight but they're both ok, you can still do it at least with these brightnesses. So, as mentioned, they are average panel, so both for them out of the box did have quite a blue tint to them. So quite look to them in not sort of a neutral white, or it really depends on your. Of course, your preference. What you prefer now let's have a look at the shadowing you get with these ok, so there's a little bit of it I'm using this green color here to try and demonstrate you get some of it around the cutout there, with the real mean 6 and overall Mean it's not too bad, I've noticed it's, actually worse on the top portion and around the edges of you can see down the bottom at here of the note nine ears, so that has does a little bit more, but really it comes down to the refresh rates Here with the screen, big difference, of course, with the ninety Hertz versus the 60 Hertz, and because of this, the UI, when you look at it it's just so much smoother on the real me six, it almost fools you into believing at times that it's, a flagship Phone, it really is that good now you can of course set it to 60.

I will show you later on some battery life tests as well with the difference. There were the 60 Hertz on this one to make it the same as the the redmi note. 2. 9S and color OS is gone. Okay now, on the real ms6 they've, now got real me, UI and it's, getting even closer, I think, to oxygen. Os we've got an app straw here. So if an app straws something you must have, because there are settings in this, so you can go through here and you can change that if you don't want, for example, the draw mode which is our apps drawer, then you can make it like me you, I Know me you I to me, is it's still pretty good. Okay, you've got a lot of customization and settings and things in there, but what I've noticed is it the performance of it just doesn't seem to be knowing air is smooth and I'm. Not just talking about the 90 Hertz difference in that refresh rate it's, just the animations in me you I seem to be a little bit more laggy a little bit slower and it's. Just the Xiaomi thing that's been around for a while. You often see more status to when sitting and forcing this to sixty Hertz on the row me six. I haven't seen those real kind of problems on there. So when you have a look at the storage speeds, there is a difference here: I've just zoomed into this benchmark and you can see the random reads and writes – are a lot better on the real means.

Six, and that is probably gon na a tower performance. The sequential reads and writes they're not too much of a difference, although the write again is a little bit faster on the real me six camera2 api support on both of them as level three, but bear in mind that we've got immediate tick. On the real me. Six, that probably won't have the same level of support, as the G can ports that we'll be getting, of course, with the note 9s and that in the long run thing is gon na, be so much better. In fact, I don't even think there's a working port, that's gon na actually play nicely unless it's the note eight Provo, maybe we'll work with the real me six GPS I've noticed is so much better on the real me six, and this is really quite strange actually Because normally mediatek had terrible GPS but I'm getting a crazy accuracy. I'Ve. Just one meter, you get the standard three meters on the snapdragon powered 9s Widevine level. One support is only on the real me six. The xiaomi doesn't have it yet that's, still a level three cert. So if you will need the level one so it here for Netflix and Amazon, Prime video and things like that, then you're probably better off getting around me six. But this could come across in a software update. It has happened with other show me phones that lacked it and then later received it in OTAs.

Now, while a speeds, there is a big difference. This is on the same network. It'S wireless AC trying to push the maximum transfer speeds through this, so you get 642 megabits per second on the xiaomi and with the note 9s, so that's a lot faster than the four hundred and twenty six point. Eight max that i got and also on the other side of the house, he gets better low signal, strength, speeds as well. So if that is really important to the wireless speeds, then this would be the model i think to go for for those faster and slightly a bit of range on it as well. Now 4g is working on both of them just fine and no complaints. There were then i'm getting the same kind of speeds, that's all going to be carrier dependent of course, and if you can trust the scores on the media tech device here, so we've got the heli OG 9tt up against the snapdragon 720 G. The G stands for gaming and yes, a bit of GPU score, as you can see right here, 76000 versus the 50000 again, if you can trust these scores, but in my testing the gaming does actually feel a little bit bitter if running a little hotter on the Halle og9 TT, so let's have a look at the battery lives between them as you'd expect a more hotter running chip, which is 12 nanometers versus a cooler running eight nanometer chip there's a big difference in battery life.

There is a larger battery, but not by that much large at well a 720 milliamp hour battery capacity more in the note 9s does give us a much better score here. So this was at 90 Hertz, but what I had it said on to was basically their non performance mode here, that's how I got the nine hours and six minutes at ninety Hertz, which is an excellent result, considering it's 90 Hertz. But this is very good. So for better life, you get the note 9s, but I wanted to point this out, so that was when I was running in at 90 Hertz and then I did actually put it on this. The no performance improvement mode. Later I did some tests on the smart performance mode. This was at 60 Hertz now, okay, so you could say now they equal, both at 60 Hertz that's, the kind of difference you can expect huge, huge difference between both of them onto audio now so 3.5. Millimeter output to me sound superior on Shelby's, note 9s. It also has a better sounding loudspeaker. Also has better call quality as well with the active noise cancellation, with that secondary mic on the top that's missing on the room is six, so there are only six loudspeaker. While it is loud it's just a bit muddy, the mids it doesn't really have any bass. You hear from the sample right now: Music, Music Applause, so obviously there's a difference in gaming performance for games that do support the high refresh rates like 90 Hertz, like vain glory, for example, is one that does Real Racing 3.

Then you're gon na gain the benefit of being able to get over 60 frames per second and not be capped but here's a game. This is shadow gun legends on ultra high setting cap 260 that I've been playing now for 30 minutes on each of these devices. At the same time, so what I've been doing is just 5 minutes. 5 minutes 5 minutes just doing it like that. Ok, and if we have a look here in the same exact level looking around this is the note 9. By the way, it seems basically the same as there are only 6 here at the top in terms of fluidity but there's, a massive, huge difference in the temperatures. The note 9 air still feels cool to the touch. Ok and if I have a look at the Tim seer, so let's just pull this down. I'Ve got antutu running here in the background it's a little hard to make out this text here, but we'll do this we'll take a look so 32 degrees on the battery and 31 on the CPU. Only ok that's it it's. Why is it not coming up for me? There we go ok, so that is not that hot at all and let's now have a look at B feels quite warm to the touch now real me, 6, so we'll swipe down we'll do the same here. Bring this up so 43 degrees on the battery after half an hour of gaming, ok that's warm to the touch that's, basically, our physical temperature on the back of it and then the screen as well and then 73 degrees on the CPU.

So that is well over double, so if you intend to game in a hot climate for hours on end, I would say: go for the note 9s there, or it goes so quick recap here. If you must have gaming at 90 Hertz, you must have a 90 hit refresh rate and a super smooth UI with less bloatware, no advertising out of the box in the system apps and even at 60 Hertz it's a lot faster, real me UI, then me why It'S also got the apps drawer and if you need that NFC that's, when you go for the real me 6, also because of its superfast under one hour, charging versus to over 2 hours charging on the notes nine years. But the note 9s definitely wins in battery life. It has the superior build. Quality, has superior audio quality from the loudspeaker. Also, the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack to my ears sounds better and then it does have FM radio the tuners in there it's. Not. I can't see the app with the real me 6. It seems to be missing there and then okay, what are other things then the camera? Okay, the main sensor on the rear, the 48 megapixels on the ribbon, not 90s. I think takes bit of daylight stills I'll low, like they were kind of trading blows, but make sure you check my camera comparison. I did prefer the portrait shots, though, on the real me 6, I think the colors were a little bit more accurate and sometimes, as stitching was just a little bit better there, but that's subjective, of course, with the photo quality and then charging time so 30 watts.

As mentioned super fast, but you gain that battery better way, better battery life and gaming performance. If you intend the game for long extended periods, the real musics gets so much hotter that 12 nanometer chip versus the eight nanometer Snapdragon 720 G.