So this would be a little bit different to my other camera comparisons, where I was free to move around town honestly, I can't do that at the moment, under lockdown it's, just around my backyard here, my garden and in the side as well so it's gon na Be a little different, but still we can compare the cameras here. So I was swapping between the audio sources. Let me know which one you think is better. I think they're both actually average for the sample here is 4k 3 frames per second, which both of them can shoot. We don't have any 4k 60 frames per second option. So, looking at my messy garden here with quite a few weeds, you can see when I walk ahead, that we don't have any electronic image stabilization with either of these, which is a shame vra now focus on both. It does seem to be quite good, no problems. There, as you see now, this charm is a lot smoother, but the electronic image stabilization even in 1080p. Well it in fact it doesn't actually look to be working at all on the real me 6 here, which is really disappointing. So I'll go down these steps, so this is the ultra wide and I think the show me is doing a much better job here when you take a look at the pillars just up here, the white we're actually getting a bit more in terms of detail. They'Re, better dynamic range just overall, better 1080p footage with the ultra wide camera and smoother, of course, with electronic image.

Stabilization with the note 9 s, so I think the redmi note 9s definitely aces it here. Well wins in video quality, and here we have a low light 4k video, so it's just over midnight here and the moon is up. Take a look at that. You can see a lot of noise on both of these but differently here. The real me 6 has a lot of noise and that focus is pulsing in and out. So what about these front facing cameras as well in low light? You can see that they are both struggling here with these conditions I'm, a step away from this light here, because we've got that source there that's helping these cameras now that have front facing flashes either, and you can see that it doesn't look good on either. But let me know in the comments which one do you think is better here. I think they're both pretty bad. I think more noise, perhaps on the room, is six Music, Music, Music, okay, so that's the camera comparison a rather short one, this one. But what did you think there are the results? I think portrait photos. I like the colors better on the real me six, not that the redmi note 9 does a bad job. I just think it's a little too bright at times, especially the skin, seems to be a little bit more white, and that includes daylight selfies. They like photos very close, sometimes between both of them.

I'Ve noticed that the real Mystics, often over sharpens and a little bit more saturated, especially with the bright colors that's, where the note 9 does an excellent job there. Okay, the 64 megapixels versus the 48 using those modes you're not really gaining too much okay. I would just use the normal mode, so it's the pixel binning, and that is fine in terms of video quality quite disappointing, especially that ultra wide on the real ms6. I mean it's, terrible quality from that one. I would never use it not that great either. On the note 9, but the note 9 differently wins in terms of video quality. I think it's better there, but the audio on the room is 6 did to my ears at least sound a little bit richer, a little better there. Now the night modes with low light, both of them have a lot of noise and both of them come on. Let'S be honest here: both of them have terrible night modes. Ok, but I think at times, it's actually slightly better on the redmi, whereas other times it could be a little bit better on the real me, both terrible there in terms of low light performance, not good results. Now the macro was a big surprise. The 2 megapixel ultra macro mode on the real me if it's, using that 2 megapixel sensor, at least it looks 2 with a resolution. It definitely is, I think, actually came out to be better on the red meat when you cropped in and zoomed in there's.

A lot of noise there, so it is kind of close between them, so it really depends on daylight photos when the best daylight photos get the note 2 9s, and if you want somewhere kind of in between, especially ultra wide again go for the well. The note 9s isn't really that much better, but the real me tends to over saturate there, so they definitely a sort of trading blows, but in terms of video, the clear winner, if you shoot a lot of video, get yourself the note 9s out of these two. Thank you so much for watching this comparison now.