Of course, a phone that now sets the standard for budget phones in terms of the specs we're getting for the price point. So this is selling in Europe for 219 euros and it's got a 19 Hertz screen in it. That'S right ninety hurt refresh rate in a budget phone. It also has a 64 megapixel camera it's got NFC. I believe it has been 20 years, while the European model and 30 watt fast charging that's really a huge amount packed into this for such a low price point. So I bought the four gigabyte version with 64 gigabytes of ufs 2.1 storage. Why? Because it's 219 euros very similar price to the xiaomi redmi note 9 s. So in the box here we do have it and quit Start Guide a sim trade tool. I'Ll charges 30 watts. Now it will take just 54 minutes to fully charge this. They claim 55. So I'm, only a minute off. That was when the phone was completely flat too, by the way and we've got a TPU case here. So you can see this TPU case does have a raised lip around where the camera module is so it is offering a bit of protection there. All the buttons are covered and it's good to have this inside the box. So this phone has a SIM tray that will house two nano Sims 4G of course, and a micro SD cards you don't have to give up on one of those Sims.

It does have metal reinforcement around the SIM tray, which is great, so it's not going to be prone to bending or breaking, and they say it has a splash resistance, this phone. Yet there is no rubber gasket around the SIM tray, which is interesting. So this phone's got a 6.5 inch screen so it's a little smaller than others. I'Ve looked at at this similar kind of price group, for example the note 2 90s that I will be constantly comparing this one to be very similar phones. The back is made out of plastic, however, though okay, so this looks like it could be glass, but no, when you touch it and press it in it feels a lot thinner than glass. This is a good thing and a bad thing, because if you drop it, it won't crack. However, it just doesn't feel as premium the frame as well as made out of plastic. So the cameras on the back we've got a 64 megapixel Samsung gw1 and we've got an 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel camera for depth and another 2 megapixel for macro shots. Now me, I don't even know why they bother, but a 2 megapixel macro camera. At least make it 5 megapixels, or even just not bother and give us a slightly better megapixel count for that ultra wide camera, which more people would probably use than macros, and the camera on this does stick out, as you can see it protrudes by about 2 Millimeters and the total thickness is in my measurements: 9 millimeters.

On the right hand, side we've got a fingerprint reader that's, one of those always on capacitive ones. You can see when I touch it. It unlocks that quick it's very fast to do that. One more time for you, so that's under a second, so let's have a look at the face: unlocking performance so I'm going to look at it tap and it unlocks it does have raised awake as well, so our top bezel isn't super slim but it's, not actually That bad, considering the price of this phone, you can see with the screen protector that does come. Pre applied from the factory there's a little cutout right here, that is, for the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor. There is no status LED in this now. The cutout for our camera it's, a 16 megapixel front facing camera, you can see, is visible there as well, and the screen protector doesn't go over. That earpiece you can just make out here is that thin little slit, the Epis quality sounds fine, just like any other phone now spots. Something unusual here with the top of this firing. There'S no secondary microphone hole that's normally here and no. We don't have an IR transmitter either and down the bottom. We do at least have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack type C port microphone and our loudspeaker. So the main attraction of this phone is the 90 Hertz. 6.5 inch IPS panel that's in this now it's got a gamma.

You can see here, that is about 2.0 and the maximum brightness. That I've measured is very close to 415 it's, which isn't too bad. Now you can see right here. This is the phone and direct sunlight it's, not super clear, but you can still make out waters on the screen. That'S the main thing, and I had no issues going around reading. For example, a text message is possible and it does have that screen protector on there. So if you remove it, then it might actually be a fraction bitter now, if you are looking at a solid color, for example white, where it's most obvious, you can see some of that shadowing around the cutout it's hard to see. It depends on the angle, but it's not actually too bad on the unit I have here. So if I hold it at a severe angle right here, you can probably just make out a little bit of that shadowing around the knotch, but you won't really notice this. So some big changes here from real me it's no longer color OS. This is real me. Oh s, sorry real meet UI version 1 and it is running at 90 Hertz here I have 4 start with the display settings which I will quickly show you so we'll jump into that and I'm not going to cut this and edit this. So you can see just how quick and smooth all of this is the process. So I foresaw a screen refresh rate 290 by default it's.

Actually, the auto select mode so we'll just decide. So if you're in game or go okay, the game supports 90. So let's run it at 90, but I like to have everything just forced here just to make it real fast, so the color balance I noticed there was a little bit off with the screen out of the box, and this is just my own personal preference. Of course here, but I tweaked it up a little bit warmer to me. That looks a bit better, but you have got all those settings in the you typical settings in our IQ mode. Removing the blue light. Dark mode is also there and there are really a lot of things within this and it's quite similar to stock Android just with extra settings – and I can see because of the performance of this very, very smooth, it's, amazingly smooth for the price of this phone you're. Getting now flagship level, smoothness 90 Hertz – and it does seem really well optimised to me now worth the UI. You can see it with the skin. You don't have to have the draw mode here: okay, that's, the smart assistant. So if I pinch like this we'll go into settings, I just wanted to point out home screen layout options. You do have the draw mode which I'm currently using so that's apps apps draw and you can set it to the standard mode which is like me, you. I then so you've got your widgets and your apps here all in one.

It depends on what you prefer double tap to unlock that sorted there, that a to lock to as well and lots of tweaking and settings, but it's really the optimization of this I'm, not singing stutters or lag, or anything like that and it's just going to show You that the optimization experience from oxygen OS and one plus, of course, which is assist a company to this one real me it's – definitely coming through and I'm, seeing it and the wrong there just how smooth and fluid this is really kinda. Just blows me away for a 219 euro phone for it to be that smooth and have that features. So we'll jump in here to a little bit of the performance, but wanted to point out here that when you first get it 51 gigabytes will be available to you on the inboard storage. You can expand upon that of course, so Android 10 real me UI 1, and it does have Widevine level 1 cert, which is great, and we do have camera2 api level 3 support. So it look for google ports later on or they've probably are some new ones out there now that'll work with the new camera sensor. You FS to storage in this okay, good, random, reads and writes. This was not going to be slowing down that chip here, which is the G 90 T, while it's okay, there's bits of fine. This is wireless 5g, so wireless, AC and you're getting 426 down stairs a way where I'm testing here at home.

It still gets reasonable speeds of 224, so the wireless is fast, but not as fast as the redmi note 9s. That I've recently reviewed, but I have a comparison between those two models. Soon, GPS is excellent. This is almost unseen. You don't normally see this 1 meter of accuracy very good and look at the signal strength here, really special there, because you don't normally see that normally it's not going to be in the greens and the 40s 42 and I can't test because of the lockdown driving In my car with it, but where I was walking around, it seemed to be very accurate, maintain a lock and no problems. There doesn't support dual frequency. This is not a flagship phone, so as expected there – and here is our antutu score. This is version. Eight two point: three are very good: this does better the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 G, it a GPU performance II that one gets about fifty thousand this one's seventy six. It is a hot chip. However, this one does run quite a bit hotter, but really good performance and overall I'm very pleased at the way the UI is running for a budget floette phone. It is really amazing how smooth it is on to the audio quality. So I've noticed that the reception seems to be fine signal, strength and the cool quality as well is good. 3.5 millimeter headphone output, no complaints, it sounds good to me. I don't think it sounds quite as good.

However, as the redmi note 9 s, i think that one's just slightly superior in terms of 3.5 millimeter output here, but the loudspeaker, okay, good loudness. It is loud, it's, not real, high quality. I would rate it as average, but here's a sample of it Music. So I hope you could hear from that that the alt speaker quality. It sounds a little bit tinny to me, it's lacking a little bit in mids and bass now into gaming performance. So this chip can yes play all the latest titles out there now will they support the 90 Hertz refresh rate, so we can get 90 frames per second it's, all down to developers so far the games that I've been testing. They all look to be just running at 60 with this particular chip and this model of screen and the course the room is six. So when they update that we could see some games with the 19 support and I'm, not too sure whether they'll actually be able to run it at 90 frames per second solid, maybe on low settings it would be possible so wait for updates there from developers. Now, in terms of heat generation, there is a little bit of heat being generated from this chip, more than others and okay it's, just a hot chip. It is it affecting the performance so far it doesn't seem to be now I've game for a couple hours. It doesn't seem to slow down or anything that I can actually see.

Now you get the noticeable lag here and there, and even with demanding games like shadow game legends, their performance, I think, is absolutely solid for two hundred and nineteen euro phone, so I've gamed. Now for 45 minutes, so this is N two 2's temperature monitor here and you can see that battery and that's at forty three point two degrees. So yes, it does feel quite warm to the touch on the back of the phone and the screen as well, and then our CPU is sixty nine point, nine degrees. I have seen it get up to 73 degrees, so this was in colorist and it's in real me, UI as well and as their game space it's, just a gaming hub here, but we've got a couple of settings that are kind of interesting. So right here tapping this you can set to a competition mode. Balance mode is what I just leave it in for everything and low power mode, so this is going to help boost our frame rate and we've got other options too here for, for example, rejecting calls it's just things that help you when you're gaming, so you don't Have any distractions – and if you swipe here, we've got this anywhere this actually isn't just for the game space mode, but you've got a screen recording mode there as well. So when I did that this actual caption now of the cameras it's you that so quick look at the stock camera app here.

So if you tap this, you go then to our ultra wide, pretty straightforward. We'Ve got a 2 x, digital and then 5 x, digital, which really degrades the quality. Digital zooms, always like that on portrait mode 64, megapixel mode I'll give you some samples of that shortly. More we've got other options, as you can see so let's just go into pro, so we've got shadow rate, white balance, auto focus and that's it. There were that, and there are various other options that I will not go through here. There is night mode there as well, but let's have a look now at some samples from the real me: 6 Music Music. So we have a 16 megapixel sensor here on the front. It can shoot 1080p, video and you'll notice that it does shake around a little bit because yet again, another brand with no electronic image stabilization on the front facing camera. Now the crop of this you can see isn't too bad I'm, holding it at normal arm's length. Not right out, if I hold it right out that's about here and you can see it's doing a reasonable job of exposing my fake to face here directly in sunlight – maybe a little bit overexposed to it's a bit hard to see with the screen right here. So we can shoot the video with the ultra wide camera, but you can't swap over to them once recording. This is like other manufacturers it's, quite common and poor quality.

As you can see here, doesn't do very well that's 8 megapixel sensor with video and, of course, the ultra wide lens it just seems so washed out and places. It will take a look now at the rear camera with 4k, at least, and you can see that it looks a lot sharp a lot better than that ultra wide camera. However, no electronic image stabilization here with 4k, so you really need a gimbal to get the best smoothest quality out of the 4k here from that 64 megapixel sensor. So what did you think of the camera quality? Clearly, a lot of work is required ly, with the low light photography, it's very poor there's, hardly any difference between using the night mode in normal photos, but the normal photos had a lot more noise to them huge amount of noise. So you want to find a G cam port to improve low light photography. Their video, no electronic image stabilization with the front facing camera or rear 4k is disappointing. Audio quality well in the video the bit rates a little bit lower. Hopefully they can increase that again. A bit of a disappointment there, so firmware updates, will be coming out and hopefully address that right there. Now the performance of this ROM is where it really stands out, even setting it to 60 Hertz it's very smooth and fluid well optimised, and it reminds me of oxygen OS bit on 90 Hertz. It at times really Falls you it's, like you're, using a flagship.

It is so fast the UI going through it's leaking icons, browsing multitasking, swapping between apps isn't too bad. Now, sometimes it will get a little bit slow if you're filling up that memory with a lot of heavy games. Task manager is quite aggressive, I've noticed so there's a quite a bit of reloading going on here, probably because this is the four gigabyte version now fast storage, the wireless speeds are fast, but not as fast as other models I have seen and then, when you take A look at GPS, one meter of accuracy is something you don't normally see. It seems to work really well, but once this lockdown is over, I need to test it out driving around on my car as well there. So the screen, the brightness, is OK, sunlight. Legibility seems to be decent it's, not the best I've seen, but certainly not the worst. We'Ve got the dark modes in there. Blue screen filter the last brightness setting is about three Nets: brightness, so it's good to use late at night without burning your eyes. Out with that, okay main camera sense again, sorry, not the main camera sensor, but the macro kind of pointless, the ultra wide seems very average in quality, but we've got 30. What fast charging on this, which is another positive and it gets them to the build quality that's? Probably they cut a bit of the corners here because of the screen, I think, that's why they went with the plastic on the back, so it doesn't have the premium feel as other phones it's a little bit lighter because of it and the frame around the outside.

At first it might fool you to think hey. This could actually be metal because it's, a very dense plastic, but it's not it's, just the way they've painted it, and but overall I think the build is good it's, not bad for the price. You have to always factor then look at the price of this phone and what you're getting fantastic value there it's just minor little things like that that you notice and ok, we don't have an IR transmitter, there's, no FM radio, but we do have NFC something that The repeat not 9 is is missing there too, so I will be doing a comparison. Camera comparison against that model, as well as a general comparison, so make sure you do subscribe for those up and coming videos. I hope you enjoyed this long in depth review and I hope that answered most your questions you had an hour battery life. I know that is missing I'm losing about 13 percent per hour. Okay, at the moment, at 90, Hertz I'll have some updated videos with the full battery stats, so 90 in also 60, so again subscribe for those and do give this video a thumbs up.