So if you're, not a fan of mediatek it's, probably the model to go for it also has a 8 2 megapixel front facing ultra wide camera. In addition to that 16 and megapixel one so, yes, the cutout here is wider. On the screen. There is a 2 times optical rear camera. It has the same 4300 when you have our battery and the same fast duty. What charging so in this in depth, review I'll be covering everything from the Builder design. Ui performance benchmarks cameras, you name, it is gon na be in this small disclaimer, though, that this reviewnit was sent out free of charge to me from real me, but they are not approving this video before it is published and, like all of my videos, the opinions Expressed are 100, my own, and so the Vox you'll find our charger. So this is a 30 watt charger and in my testing it will take anywhere from about 51 minutes up to 58 minutes to charge their four thousand three hundred million power battery. So that is quick. We get a USB type c, cable, SIM tray tool, a quick guide and a TPU case. This TPU case does have perfect cutouts, coming from the manufacturer, of course, it's a smoky gray color, and it does have a raised lip for our camera lens so that shouldn't get scratched with the case on it. So the unit I have is a Hong Kong Edition. One because it has Google Play Store on here, the two prong, a 30 watt charger that I showed you and I don't have NFC with this one, but I believe the European model may have at least certain regions, just like the real miss X.

Now I do have a detailed comparison of these two models side by side, including the camera, so make sure you do check this out. This is basically a more premium version, a slightly upgraded version. You could say as well to the six, because it also comes with a 12 megapixel two times: optical camera, the same 8 megapixel and the same 64 megapixels samsung GW one as our main, a sensor now there's a difference with the back here. Apparently. According to some, it is glass on the back here now I have a feeling that it could actually be plastic because it does have a little bit of flex to it, but the hardness of this plastic makes it feel like it is glass. Now we do have Gorilla Glass 5 on the front of this screen, something that the roomy 6 is lacking. So there are only six: only has Gorilla Glass 3, so it'll be a little bit more drop resistant, but it still has a plastic frame on it and ok, then the cameras at the front here aren't different, so not just the 16 megapixel front facing selfie camera, But also an 8 megapixel ultra wide. This means. Ok, we have that trade off here of the wider cut out, so the cutouts, not as nice. Looking as the single cutout on the room is 6 here, it is the pill shape which you either love it or hate it. So we have a display next to the room is 6.

I just wanted to point out that both of the displays – and these are average IPS panels Full HD plus resolution the brightness – will top out at about 450 Nats of brightness in direct sunlight. Yes, you can make it out. You can send text messages that's. The important thing here, but it is not going to be the most legible display under direct sunlight. So if you plan to use it out on the Sun, a lot maybe want to consider an IPS panel that is a bit brighter or even AMOLED screen there, which does feel a lot better in sunlight, but overall it's not too bad for me now you do Have settings for the color temperature that's pretty standard now in most phones, the font and screen scaling now the color temperature mode? This is something that there are only 6 doesn't have. It comes by default on vivid, which I find a little bit too punchy and over the top of the colors. Gentle is much more accurate, that's an sRGB mode and, of course, you can tweak that color temperature to your own personal preference. Their eye cares on this. This is removing the blue light from it dark mode as there is well. You kind of expect this now in a 2020 flagship, and our gamma is about two point: zero to two point one here, so we have really UI 1 Cal OES is mentioned with my other real me. Videos is gone.

Ok. This is a good thing. Now the performance of it with this particular model, isn't up to par there's, something going on with the software optimization it just doesn't seem to be that good to me, because I pointed out in my detailed comparison that the UI, the scrolling is not 90 frames per. Second, and when you go to use the full screen gestures recent apps, I have noticed that sometimes the animations will be a little bit laggy at times. Fear which doesn't make any sense to me. Considering this has more RAM, and why can it not run at 90? Hertz 90 frames per second, that is the UI, was so that's, something that needs to be corrected by real meso. Look for a future firmware update for that now with OUA we've got lots of settings here, so you can change the home screen layout options for that. As you can see, you can, over 4 by 6 or 5 by 6, double temp to lock there as well. Apps prediction and the home screen draw mode by default. But if you prefer to have your widgets and icons your apps all together, then just go with a standard mode bin. So I don't even know what happened to Stan something flashed across the screen, so there's a few little glitchy things here with the the firmware, but that is really the only problem is just the the speed of the UI doesn't seem to be as quick as it Could be for me, we've got a few toggles and they can customize this and all my notifications they're all showing at no problems with that now the task manager is it aggressive, the RAM management.

So I have noticed that it does tend to reload certain apps, so PC Mac. I haven't opened that ok that's good. It skipped that one in memory that's been about 20 minutes now 15, and it seems that, of course, with the high gigabyte ram versions. The more lenient that ram task manager is going to be there on just helping and boost the performance, killing things off there's game space in here as well, which is their gaming mode, but I'll get onto that. One later on, let's take a look at my performance tests battery life. So if you wanted to save battery life, set it to 60 Hertz, which I did right here – you get 10 hours, 11 hours, almost PC mark fixed calibrated screen at 200 minutes of brightness and there you go 60 Hertz, and you can see right here at the Ninety hurt rate does take a bit of a toll on our battery life, so almost nine hours is actually still a good school there for a 90 Hertz screen again. 20. Sorry, 200 nets of brightness is the 90 Hertz so wide vine level. One support this is good good to see this a lot of Chinese manufacture. Others I reviewed don't have that Nonie have liberal three and camera to API levels, three support again and other thumbs up their three meters of accuracy with GPS, and it does have a very good average signal strength here. For some reason, with the room is six: we get one meter of accuracy with the real tip chips, but Qualcomm seems to have some sort of agreement that they will not give us anything better than three meters, maybe it's down to laws.

I don't know what is the reason really behind that so wireless with only two bars of signal downstairs well away from my router, I managed to get a hundred in eighty two megabits per second, that is actually pretty good. That'S faster than the room is sixes wireless and ok speeds for this particular spec. Now, internal storage, we do have ufs 2.1 on this particular model and the speeds I found to be a little bit lower than my real me, six it's, probably just down to the different ufs chips that have been used. It does vary. Maybe they've used a different brand in this particular one, each bench, five score respectable score for the snapdragon 720 g, not bad at all, aided by the fact that yes, we do have. The eight gigabytes of ram also shows us a very good score here again for the chipset in and two to eight point three point two here: this comes out to be almost the same as the real me six, with its halle OG 9tt. Now we do get quite a bit of bloat, where I hardly got any bloatware. The room with the room is six. The European version only about three apps – and this has well it's – got about five or six different bloatware apps on there and some shortcuts to go from there to the App Store to download more. But you can remove and clean up most of that stuff there.

So you get a hundred and twelve gigabytes free on first boot of this particular 128 gigabyte model. And yes, of course, like all my reviews, I'm on the latest, firmware at the time of me, recording this video so good to see that we have a 3.5 word made headphone jack on this one. Just like the room is six. The quality to my ears sounds marginally better than the room is six and the loudspeaker sounds exactly the same to my ears. Core quality is fine, no complaints there, but here's a sample of that loudspeaker at 100 C Music. So if gaming is your thing, I'm seeing Wailea stutters and that caching delay that you sometimes get with this particular game on this model here over the room is six, so their room is six pro also runs much better, not only that that the thermal stir most Are definitely way bit on this one, so we see a maximum of about 38 degrees on the back of it, where you get it up to about 43 on the heli au powered. The g90 t on the realm is six, so if gaming is really important to you, you want the best gaming and the best gaming battery runtime get yourself the real me 6 pro over the real me 6. So having a look at our camera now this is the normal mode which is using the 64 megapixel sensor, 1 times 2 times optical, so you can get in a little bit closer and clearer without having any digital zoom 5 times hybrid.

So that is a combination of both optical and digital. I believe there and then our ultra wide as well. Now in the video mode, you can shoot ultra wide video but 1080p max. It does have electronic image stabilization. All resolutions do up to 1080p, but not 4k, which is only available on the main sensor two times as well looking in, but this is actually using the main sensor just cropping that image got the night mode there. That does work in ultra wide and let's. Have a look or trait so portrait does not use the two times sensor. It is only using the main sensor for that one and on 64 megapixel mode and the more you will find a few other settings in the Ultra met. Crow I'll give you sample of that one as well expert mode here, so we've got ISO right up to 3200 shutter 8 to 32 seconds white balance, and then our focus, you can shoot in RAW with the main sensor tap this right here. We also have pro mode with the ultra wide, so let's have a look at some samples now facing camera. It can shoot 1080p max and all 1080p and 720p video does have electronic image stabilization. So this quality to me looks a lot better than the real me. 6, as a result, it doesn't shake around because the real me 6 doesn't have any electronic image stabilization with the front facing camera, but this one does here in 1080p, which is good I'll swap over now to the ultra wide.

So this is the ultra wide sensor. Now, it's blowing out the background completely, as you can see, look how overexposed the background is. I mean I am the subject so my face is exposed well, which is good. So what happens when I now step into the sunlight? Will it change over nicely or my face be overexposed? You can see it's not so great here with the ultra wide camera, but the good thing is you fit a lot more in and yes, it does have that electronic image stabilization and just like the real me six that I reviewed recently in the channel, the 4k Video does not have any electronic image stabilization, so you really need a gimbal. This is now the ultra wide. So, with the ultra wide camera, you can only shoot in 1080p, 30 frames per second or 60, but we do have that nice smooth electronic image stabilization. So I've got an update that came through and I wanted to show you the improved video quality now with 4k that it does have electronic image stabilization, so there's, another storm, more rain on the way here, which is kind of hindering and holding up my reviews. Now the audio quality unfortunately still sounds terrible, sounds flat, like they're, using active noise cancellation with this, so that I do hope and cross. My fingers will be corrected in a firmware update, so they can improve upon that audio. Make it sound like the cheaper roomy six model? Music, alright guys, so he do have an update right here now that came through I'd finished, my video that uploaded it to YouTube and I was about to hit click and go live, but I thought, hang on let's.

Just check one more time have real me sent out a patch to improve and update things now the changed log, as you can see, it does have a lot of things mentioned in here, but I did notice that the UI performance, even though it's not mentioned system Performance, I don't think they mentioned the UI. No, it is actually a lot smoother, so that's one thing to tick off what was on my cons list, especially when I did the comparison to there were only six versus there. Were me six Pro this one in the apps drawer and just around the UI in ceilings doesn't seem quite as smooth. Now I have noticed that when it gets quite warm and hot, when you're gaming, I mean it's, not that hot compared to the room is 6. That halle, OG 9 TT actually runs quite a bit warmer than the Snapdragon 720 G, and when you get out the UI o doesn't quite see 90 frames per second. So I think a little bit more software optimization as needed. Now the camera the front facing facing exposure in video, I showed you lowing out the background of massively the main front facing camera, so the 16 megapixel one has improved it doesn't blow it out as bad anymore that it's great. But what about the audio quality? I pointed out it sounds flat like we've got active noise cancellation, sadly really hasn't corrected or fixed that yet, with a software update, I hope that will be coming.

It still sounds very flattened. Well, to be honest, terrible to me, there are only six audio sounds so much better there in that regard, and the night mode has not really improved that much. So the camera still needs a lot of tweaking, but it is getting a lot better. So so far, I think we've got a good, build quality, great, better life versus the real me sex. I would get in this one. Definitely over the room is sex. Make sure you do check that comparison, but the very life is so much better at 90. Hertz now that it is smooth – and of course the fast charging is still there, the two times optical camera is great to have, and then the ultra wide camera is handy to get more people in the shot. However, it's not very good at video quality, oh and speaking, of video quality, the rear camera. It now has 4k electronic image stabilization, which is another thing they added with that patch there. So that is a very good to see and yes, the pill cut out for the screen. It is a bit ugly, so make sure you check out that comparisons mentioned and also in my review of the Romi ex 55 G, the pro 5 G, which is their new flagship phone from them.