So how has it been well right now? I'Ve actually got the UI force to sixty Hertz, because I wanted to point out that even at 60 Hertz a lot of people have been asking me: how does it feel? Is it just the 90 hits that makes this you, I feel like it's, almost a flagship or a much more expensive phone, but no even now at sixty. This is very smooth. This is down to real Me's UI. Their optimization of this is, I believed it does. Barring some of their tweaks from oxygen OS being the same company, this is a sister company to oneplus and it really does show so excellent performance here, launching apps going through things. Fine, I mean this is one of the key reasons to get this phone. Of course is because it does have support for ninety Hertz, so there's a sitting right in here. Okay, you can force it to. I pointed this out in the full review by the way as well, that you force it to either ninety Hertz or auto. Select is by default, so it will know when it wants to run, for example, our game at ninety Hertz or decide that okay, Twitter we're only gon na run in sixty. It selects that by itself. So you cannot actually set it per app like you could, with color OS and their flagship, like the real me x2 pro, you are able to do that. So ninety really really super smooth and very very nice in terms of performance here, even when you go into, for example, the gallery and just get back out of this I've got full screen gestures and I haven't noticed any stuffers or lag with it.

It is really good, so you jump even into your photos and you're, not gon na see everything chugging along and loading in those photos, although I've only got a hundred or so there at the moment. So I wanted to get into our battery life here. So I ran a couple of tests, including some charge time, so this is on the non performance mode. At ninety Hertz I managed to get nine hours and six minutes, and that is this: is the PC mark fixed benchmarks, so I calibrate the displays to 200 nets. So all phones equal when I do this test, so we can get a result and compare it to other phones, so that was on ninety Hertz. That result – and this is what I'm talking about with the non performance improvement mode. So these modes actually have a huge impact on battery life, as you will see, I'll show you, but first this was the charging time, so you can see down the bottom here: 51 minutes that was from five percent to 100, using their 30 watt charger. So excellent charging time for a full thousand and three hundred million power battery, and this was the result at sixty Hertz, but I didn't put it on the non performance improvement mode. It was the standard mode that's, an okay result, it's not actually wonderful, alright, because this is a twelve nanometer chip. It does get a little bit warm when this benchmark has been looping over and over and over to get this result and then okay, the charge time was 58 minutes this time around, but it's always gon na be.

In my experience, under a Y now I got 54 minutes the first time. I did it, and I told you that in my review, the full review that is – and if you said it to the performance modes, this is to boost an absolute maximum performance. Out of that halle, oh the 90, the T – sorry, the G 90 T – then this is the result – you're going to get here six hours, so not very good that battery life there, so that setting has a absolutely huge impact. As I mentioned on our overall battery life, so performance is great. It'S got NFC onboard, but I do realize from comments on the full review. A lot of people pointed out that certain regions like Asia, I think, it's Malaysia. They said that they don't have any of C so that's, something there. That is it's a really actually disappointment that they remove the NFC and certain regions. But I know here in Europe: we've got this one. I bought this one from gouramis, Spain. It cost me 219 euros that, yes, you do have any of C. So when I jump very quickly into gaming performance because there's a couple of games, I wanted to show you that do support the 90 hurt refresh rate, so they will run at 90 or close to 90 frames per second one of the most critical ops, now critical Odds does support 120 frames per second on other different Mobile's.

I think it's, the reduce public of gamers to that it did and other phones that have 90, but for some reason here, it's really down to the developers that this chipset is detecting and is telling me. We know we've got a target framerate here of only 60 frames per second, even though I have this game, of course, while the whole system sorry running at a forced, 90 Hertz, it just will not allow it. So this game does run as you'd. Imagine at 90 it's super smooth and it seems to be keeping that framerate. I mean this isn't a super demanding game visually. It looks great as you can see. I want to move around the map here. You can see that is very, very smooth, really fluid. To look around and if you haven't tested out this game before it seems to be actually quite good, something similar to saying League of Legends but on your mobile phone here and we have a look at another game and that is Real Racing. 3 it's an oldie. But a goodie that one does support high refresh rates as well. We'Ll see how it runs. So this one to me looks like it is running at 90. It is very smooth. Apparently Real Racing 3 does not have a frame rate limit. They don't limit it to 90. It goes and matches with the refresh rate here it does seem to be very smooth. I'Ve noticed and some poor driving here from me.

I'Ve got to angle my phone at a funny angle, a little bit here, just to try and stop some of the reflections coming off that screen protector that's. Why now I also tested out asphalt 9 and it doesn't seem to me to be running at 90 frames per second or 90 Hertz. This game doesn't seem to be supported so, as I mentioned, it's all down to developers where the games will run at 90 or not so it was a firmware update that just recently came out as well. When I posted this video and what it has done is improved, apparently the selfie shots, you can see the normal selfie right now and then the portrait mode. It looks a little bit better to me, but what hasn't improved is that video quality, especially with our ultra wide, so this is the ultra wide you're looking at 1080p max that it can do I mean don't, get me wrong. It is great that we can shoot video with the ultra wide camera it's. Just the quality looks super washed out to me. Even for 1080p, video it's really lacking detail and not good at all. So hopefully they can improve this with some further updates and maybe improve their stability as well with the rear, main camera and even add electronic image. Stabilization to our front, camera too, for video would be great. So, for me this is a phone that is worth the price tag you're getting the 98 screen a really good performance of that UI, even at 60 Hertz.

It is right now the cameras a little bit mixed bag. The set of cameras on here make sure you check my camera comparison. I did against the room unit 9s from our on that and the full review, of course, but really the key selling feature is there. Ninety hurt screen UI performance fast charging NFC. All of that, for just two hundred and nineteen euros here in Europe, I think, is great value for money.