3 Pro, yes, I know it was a late review, but it was my first taste at real Me's phones and I did enjoy this phone apart from the fact that it has micro USB in 2019 and a plastic rear. But I have with me now the real me 5 Pro, so this has glass on the rear and, yes, a type C port. So if you're not familiar with the speaker, this phone has just recently been released. It has a snapdragon. 712 ur has a six point. Three inch IPS panel it's got a rear, fingerprint reader 48 megapixel main camera 8 megapixel ultra wide. I love my ultra wide cameras, so really good to see that there and 2 2 megapixel camera, so one is handling just macro shots dedicated to that and the other one is dedicated just to depth information for your portrait shots. So here is what you get within the box. We'Ve got a TPU case now. I found this case extremely difficult to get on so it's. A very snug fitting case covers the buttons and it's better than nothing having this TPU case, which is in a gray color. We have a Quick Start Guide here: we've got the type c cable in white, decent length, it's, not the longest cable and of course it does have quite a thick gauge of wire and our cemetery tool. Now a quick charger right here. This is an impressive 20 watts which you don't normally see with more budget phones will fully charge the phone in about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and you get to about 50 in only 30 minutes.

So we'll take a look at the build of the phone first. I wanted to point out this pattern that I'm really quite fond of the way they have done this. So, depending on the angle of the light you can see, it reflects and it's an interesting pattern. They'Ve gone with this, of course, is the blue color and if I touch the rear, fingerprint reader it's, always on capacitive, I like this more than the in screen, one so just tapping it. You can see it unlocks very quick face. Unlocking also demonstrate that now so just look at it tap it and there we go. It works 10 out of 10 times for me, so we have curved edges around here. This feels like glass to me and when you look at the camera module here, it does stick out okay by approximately 2 millimeters. Here top sensor is the ultra wide below that is the 48 megapixel. Then the 2 2 mega census and we've got the power button. Location feels like it's made out of metal good feeling to it. It doesn't have any rattle at all, so I can easily get my hand to it, as you can see press that and the volume buttons as well, which, on the left hand, side here. We'Ve got a SIM tray, so the SIM tray will take two nano Sims and a micro SD card, which is great. You don't have to give up one of those symptoms.

Like other manufacturers do down the bottom, you can see. We'Ve got the type C put there. Finally, the realm III, of course had micro USB, which I wasn't fond of and a 3.5 minute headphone jack. Their loudspeaker will give you a sample of that in this review and then our microphone right at the top, no IR transmitter, sadly for those that need it secondary mic there and the bill to me very good, there's, no creaks when you give it a bit of A flex or anything like that and fits nicely in hand, so on up the top of the screen. Here we have an earpiece that is a normal one, just above our tear drop knotch front facing camera 16 megapixels, and there is no status LED on this phone whatsoever. Don'T know why they couldn't include it. Obviously they just couldn't fit it in now. The screen doesn't exhibit that shadowing that I often see around notches and sometimes down the bottom chin. You can't really see much of it, so it's a very decent panel in that regard, and if you have a look at the gamma, this is the out of the box configuration of the screen. You can adjust the white balance, the scaling and the font and text size as well, but we've got 1.8 on gamma and ideally it should be 2.2 but hey. This is not a flagship phone, but it is a very decent IPS panel that's in here for a mid range phone.

So how does the phone perform? So I do have the 8 gigabytes of RAM, so bear that in mind. So multitasking and performance will probably be quite a bit smoother here, so I have noticed that using full screen gestures. Occasionally, when you go into the apps drawer and you're scrolling up and down, you will see a few frame. Dips, it's, not by any means a deal. Breaker, but I just want to mention that that it doesn't feel as well optimized as it could be, so it supports full screen, gestures, they're, working well and I'll. Just show you going through to your recent apps task manager is killing things off, not as aggressive as they have seen with some other brands, but still it doesn't keep things in memory. For that long it has to reload so lock any apps that you frequently use, of course to do. That is to simply tap this hit, lock split screen mode. Is there that's been there since Android 7? This is running Android 9. So all in all, I think the performance is good it's just I feel they need to just tweak it a little bit because now and then you do see some stutter, especially when the phone's gone into a deep sleep. You haven't used it for an hour. You pick it up and lock it you swipe up and you notice it does this little chug, just chugs away just for a couple of seconds split second millisecond there.

So I have my typical benchmarks that I want to run through here. Just a few things to point out, so I start out with thee. This is the wireless speeds right here that's. My 4g speeds here good. So while us I'm getting a maximum about 300 megabits per second, which is very good, I've noticed over some of my testing that it can dip off a little bit, but it still meets my past mark of 100 megabits per second on the other side of the Studio here, where the signal strength is lower, it's showing about three bars, other mobile phones will be two so that's fine, it just could be, I feel maybe a little bit better, but all in all, it is really good for a mid range phone. Gps is working. Fine Qualcomm chips: they normally have pretty good GPS, so the accuracy will be about 4 meters it's, not the best I've seen the best I've seen is 2, but overall it isn't bad, and here is our antutu scores. So this is fine for the chips. A I mean it's, a good score: 180000 it's, not as fast as the mediatek helio 9tt that's in the redmi note 8 Pro that one gets 220 approximately their internal storage, MMC 5.1 spec we're, getting good, sequential reads and writes for the spec of storage. Random reads here: that's also very good: this is not going to hold the system up, the bottleneck will be the chipset itself.

Camera API 2 is full support. Level 3 would be ideal, but full is still very good. There should be some dkm ports out there as well for us, so this is one of the cons of the device. Ok, I see this a lot in Chinese mobile phones. We'Ve got a wide vine level, 3 security, sir. It should be level one that will give us Netflix and Full HD, and we don't have that it's odd, though, because on a real me3 pro, we do have a level one cert, so i believe that they will update this. The phone, of course, is running their custom skin, which is color OS six you're, either gon na love it or hate it, and we do have. You can see on first boot, 115 gigabytes, free arm. The hundred in 28 gigabyte model that i have right now. So the security patch level you can see right here is july. Okay, so that's dated we really want to see september. Something recent or even august would be ideal, so that's, why i say they need to bring us a few over the air updates with this phone bloatware. Yes, you do get quite a bit: okay, there's a few things on there junk, but you can uninstall it so. Facebook, there and other things, and even a lot of pre installed. Google apps, which you can of course remove audio both wired and wireless, sounds good to me now notice at the 3.

5 millimeter wired connection is good. The volumes now, but i think, show me doesn't slightly better, so maybe they can tweak and boost that up. But overall the quality to my ears is still excellent and you do have FM radio now the loudspeaker right down the bottom here there, no jus loud speakers on this phone, but i'll, give you a sample of the speaker that it's got good volume to it and Very little bass get down Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so gaming performance, just how does it perform it's surprisingly? Well, this is Call of Duty here, a very demanding game, with very good graphics and it's super smooth, as you can see, and you're able to get kills like. I just hopefully did just the end and we'll move over and have a look at, of course, everyone's favorite pump G. So I used two effects tool which is in the Google Play Store to set 60 frames per second, and you can see it is very smooth. It'S running in HD now, depending on where you are the location and how fast you move around, you will notice some frame dips now that's to be expected. This is not a high end: snapdragon 855 plus okay, so you're gon na get a little bit of lag here and there when you look down the sights move around, as you can see, that's all perfect that's for the most part very, very smooth here. So what about androids most demanding game? I believe it is there's, a Shadowgun legends.

You get a few stutters now I've set it to 60 frames per second on the high setting and when I set it to ultra high settings that's just too much for this chipset. For the GPU okay, it got a lot of lag then, but right now you see there's a few little loading glitches, but overall it's still very playable. So all of the games out there that's the main thing I'm going to be playable on the real me 5. Pro so will show you some photos, samples, but first let's have a look at the stock camera app very quick to launch right now. This is the expert mode they call it, which is their promos. You'Ve only got the exposure white balance. You can tweak and auto focus, so not a lot now. You can see here x, one tapping that you've got x 2 and x 5. That is all digital. Ok, so I wouldn't be really using that and if you point out something quite close up, it will automatically detect and swap over to the macro lens that right now, it's not actually doing that, because I am in video, so that's obvious. You can see right now. It will say: macro macro comes up here at the top. Now, if you want to use the ultra wide, you simply tap right here. Ultra wide high dynamic range there, two modes – it's all self explanatory, so let's move on now and take a look at some samples of video and photo shot on the real me five Pro here.

So this is 4k 30 frames per second, the Sun is just sitting as you can see, so this is difficult conditions really for a mobile first thing you notice is: there is no electronic image stabilization. Unfortunately, all your quality is good and I really like this kind of time of day because look the reflection off the sea looks absolutely stunning to me and you do have the two times: digital zoom, you can see that does reduce the quality and the audio quality. Overall, for me, is actually really good. Look at that bitrate 320 kilobytes per second, you don't normally see that and now a very quick low light sample here. So take a look at this super yacht that is moored here in Dania. So this is on the Mediterranean cars. We don't normally see boats this become in, I can't even fit it all in the viewfinder in this shot, so the same difficult conditions, but I still have enough light for this to come out good, which is the main thing. So you can see with the front facing camera. At least we do have electronic image stabilization and the crop is not excessive, because my hand is not fully extended out. It is now. If I do this stretch my hand right out and the audio quality again is really quite good, so for 1080p footage, I think this does a really good job at the moment. I hope that they can actually add 4k ultra wide footage as well.

I mean that we can record because currently we cannot record video with the ultra wide camera, not even 1080p and here's a sample in 1080p, and you can see we do at least have electronic image stabilization here. So this makes the footage much more usable. I wouldn't really use 4k unless I had a gimbal or I was shooting with a tripod because it just shakes around Music Music. Okay. So let me recap here with my time now with the real me five Pro, then I think this is a great phone, because it's got a decent bill to it. We'Ve got a good screen, it's bright enough fingerprint and face unlocking is very fast, even though this is not a super, powerful, GPU and well the chipset in general. It still gives you decent performance in gaming. However, that comes to the point that it does need a bit of optimization this ROM, as I showed you I've, noticed that in chrome scrolling and when you're using full screen gestures. There is a little bit of stutter that I'm, seeing just framed it so it's, not a real, completely 100 smooth experience. I found that the real me 3 pro was actually a lot smoother in that regard. There now will charge very quick with the 20 watts of charging better life in my testing, if you're gaming you're looking at losing about 21 percent per hour, if you're streaming YouTube and Netflix Amazon. Prime video things like that chrome surfing, lighter kind of use, then you're.

Looking at about nine hours or around about 12 percent battery loss there, so it might vary with your use and your brightness lower brightness, then you're going to get more better life here. That was my screen configured to 200 lux by the way, and it brings me on to the streaming. Okay, there is a problem because we've got DRM certain level 3. That means Netflix Amazon. Prime video is not in Full HD, but it is with the realm III. Pro so it looks like they are working on getting on the global roms. This cert out live a one cert, but if we just don't have it yet so obviously firmware updates unneeded optimization. The same goes for the camera. So, as you think for my samples, it can take a decent photo. I mean this sensor now is very common. I think we do also have google cam reports as well for it the night mode, isn't. So great, ok to me, it looks a little bit artificial and very similar to show meas night modes that it's not wonderful compared to other manufacturers, but it's, not a flagship, again check out Google camera, because this does have some support there with camera API too. So it should work just out of the box you don't have to root or anything like that. I would this phone so overall it's, looking good it's, just those software tweaks, you can see that are listed now with the pros and cons like think that need to be addressed there.

So thank you so much for watching this review. I will be getting. I have ordered and bought from China also the real me 2x. Sorry, the real me x2 okay, that's gon na, be on the way – and I hope to also have some hands on time and review later on the x2 pro with this snapdragon, 855 plus and the 64 megabyte sensor megapixel sensor.