Definitely the case here with the real me: 3 prohm a little late, because this phone came out in may and june. But what I've got with me is the global version. This is the official global ROM. Now, if you're unfamiliar with the specs of this phone, it has a Snapdragon, 710, 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage. The full specs are right up here: 16 megapixel camera on the rear 25 up front. That does take quite a sharp photo as you'd expect for that resolution and it's also, even when the battery capacity being kind of standard now did surprise me with just how well optimized this as in terms of just getting maximum battery life. This is what we get inside the box. We have a clear TPU case. We'Ve got the charger which yes is a bit larger than others, but it is a 20 watt, fast charger and it charges quite quickly the phone in just one hour and 31 minutes. It fully charged, and then our micro SD, cable here so sadly it's not type c, which i think is a big area, especially in 2019. Everything should be type c, so the build of this phone is very good. It feels a lot like a shell me it's. Quite well put together, I mean there's, no sharp edges or anything like that. It doesn't feel cheap, but the back plastic to me feels just that plastic. I don't think it's glass.

I mean it could be wrong here, but it feels to me like the back of it is definitely not using a hardened scratch resistant glass, rare fingerprint reader more on that later on. But it works very quick and 10 out of 10 times for me and then our cameras, so the top sensor with the gold around it is a 5 megapixel camera. This is just used for depth information with your portrait shots below that we have a 16 megapixel camera. Now this one has an aperture of f11, which is quite good. It does have dual pixel phase detection autofocus up top. We have a normal, earpiece and below that. Earpiece is our camera. Now this is 25 megapixels, which is a reasonably good resolution here, with an F 2.0 aperture, tear drop notch and the bezels left and right top and bottom and too bad power button is made out of metal. I believe it's on the right and on the left. We have the file Rocko's. Now these buttons have a good feel to them and no, they do not rattle, which is great, then down the bottom. We have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack great to see that this remains intact, with real me budget phones and then the mic micro, USB port and our single loudspeaker. So there are no Joel L speakers with this phone, then, finally up the top, a single mic which is used for noise, cancellation and and video, so the SIM tray is in the upper left and one of the great things about it.

As you can see here, it will take two nano Sims and the micro SD card, but, unlike other brands, you don't have to give up one of those SIM cards. You can run both of them and the SD card all at the same time I roll this phone has a very good bill to it for the price. I have no real complaints with it, apart from that possible plastic that they're using on the rear. So looking at the screen now it is 6.3 inches with a resolution of 23 40 by 1080p. Now this is the gamma here which is quite off. This should be 2.2 and you can see it's clearly 1.6, so that's a bit of a disappointment there, but the maximum brightness is very good. It'S 500 Lux, so is that gamma gon na be a deal breaker with the screen. Well, it isn't. I don't think it is. I mean real world images we're looking at right now they look quite good touch. Response of the screen is excellent. So if we do look at the screen around the knotch, you can see that it's not a perfect 100 unified white that we're getting there's a little bit of that shadowing that I like to call it like this shadow that bleeds into it and it's more noticeable. Actually, on the bottom, when you have a look at a continual white here, that's just right along here, you can see a little bit there, but this is definitely not the worst I've seen from an IPS panel, so even in direct sunlight with that 500 Lux, you Are able to make out what is on the screen without too much difficulty but, of course not as good as say an AMOLED panel? So the phone is running Android 9 and it has color OS 6 that as the skin on the top, which some people might not be too fond of now, if you swipe up here, you get all of your apps, so it does have an apps drawer and You can see them all listed in there alphabetically you can quickly go to them.

I also wanted to point out as well that we've got this little quick launch feature. So if you swipe here from the side, you'll probably see that little mark there, you can bring this up, so you can quickly add there anything you want to launch quickly like screenshots or file manager, a camera that can all be done right there, which is handy That they've got this now the performance of the ROM I'm end. The fullscreen gestures at the moment and I've noticed that I haven't really seen any stutter or lag it's, quite quick to swap between different apps, but the task manager is a little aggressive. So this is Google Chrome here the scrolling performance of that, and I also perfectly fine no problems with that. Now, with our toggles notifications, you can see the notification icons are showing they're not been hidden away, which is great and that's their Notification Center. A couple of interesting things there with the toggles that we've got this burst mode. So if you click that that will clear the RAM and just help, things run a little bit smoother and then our Knight shield there as well. The phone does come with some pre installed bloatware. Unfortunately, you can see we've got opera, aqua, male Facebook there's about, I would say, eight or so bloatware kind of apps that this does have free storage. You get 64 gigabytes more or less, and you can see right there that, yes, it is running Android 9, but one thing to point out too, is that the security patch level, if you can just sit right down here, is July.

The 5th, which is a little dated now considering the fact that we're at the end of September now this is good news here, DRM info. So if you're on Netflix Amazon, Prime video, you want to see things in full HD it's possible, because we do have the security level cert 1, not level 3, which a lot of other devices have now I've got a big surprise here with the wireless. Sorry 4G speeds here. This is actually for G that I managed to get on here. Very good download speeds here, especially with this particular carry that I have GPS works. Well, nothing amazing. It doesn't, lock on to a huge amount of satellites accuracy, seems to always sit at 4 meters. The best I have seen is 2 meters and here's the internal storage speed so it's an e MMC 5.1 spec flash chip that it has on there for our storage. Sequential reads of 304: writes almost 200 it's fine it's not going to bottleneck it. So here is the an to discourse, almost 160000, this wasn't in the performance mode by the way, camera API a2, so full support. I don't know I haven't actually checked. If there are any Google cam reports, they probably are out this. If you want to improve photo photos, photography go for those. So, while it's here using wireless sweet spots just to check the speeds we can get between the phone and my router good, find nothing out of the ordinary it's, not amazing results here, but it did go over to the other side with hardly any signal strength there.

Just the this, the one bar and hundred 20 megabits per second is fine. As long as I get over 100 that's good in my books from that kind of distance, now here's the where things get really good battery life. I don't know what they've done to optimize. This but wow I can figure the display to 200 Lux, like I do with all my other devices testing this and it just went and went and went. It was really hard for me to actually kill this batteries. You can see screen on time a huge, almost 13 hours, and I took the screen shot at 10, so it just went and went and went. It was crazy and I did quite a bit of gaming a lot of YouTube just trying to drain it now. This is just a course, an estimate. This is not concrete and exact method, it's just to give you an estimated battery life, so this translates into at least two days, medium use. So for most people this is a two day phone which is excellent onto audio. So there is just a single down with firing speak here and we also have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Now I have made some voice calls. You might have seen that with the battery stats only about 10 minutes, but I have had no complaints here whatsoever. The audio quality for voice calls seems good. The earpiece as well seems perfectly fine. Now the output from the 3.

5 minute a headphone jack. I find to be reasonably doubt the quality, not quite as good as what I'm getting out of. For example, my xiaomi phones say the redmi note 7 or the roomie note 8. Pro, i believe, is just slightly better quality here now the speaker, the loudspeaker it's loud, very loud for your ringtones, but it doesn't really have much bass to it. But here is a sample of it now with just a short bit of voice and later music, we have a 15 meter tether, so that will be our maximum depth. The tether connects up directly Music Applause, so I thought it would demonstrate here outdoors the face, unlocking so looking at it and swipe up it unlocks that fast and it's working literally every time for me now, the fingerprint reader I would tap it now and that is Under a second so it's on the back there always on fingerprint reader and works really great better than the in screen, fingerprint readers, so Snapdragon 710 that's within this it games just fine versus Shadowgun Legends 60 frames per second sitting that I've got it on with the Highest possible visuals, and you will occasionally see a few little frame. Dips same goes for pub G that everyone keeps asking for it's gon na play it just to find this chipset, and I believe that this game is actually a little bit more demanding so that's. Why? I like to test it out and no problems with gaming and yes, it does get a little bit warm just right here, but it's only going to be about 37 degrees max, which is not an issue.

So a very quick look at the stock camera app here. So it is straightforward: you got your modes to swap bento video mode portrait. Portrait of course uses the 5 megapixel camera. I believe that's the only time that it's actually gon na be using it right here. You'Ve got nightscape, so this is the night mode, here's a sample and you can see there. It takes quite a bad photo with the night mode. Ok, yes, it is brighter, but it's super artificial, looking it's over sharpened and I will definitely not be using that one. There at all video mode, you've got up to 4k resolution and, as you see from my sample that there is no electronic image stabilization with it. Unfortunately, and when you go into the camera settings here, it's pretty straightforward here, there is no mode there to enable electronic image stabilization. It just simply does not have it now. You can get it to encode in h.265 if you wanted to, but that is the efficient encoding there, but I'm just gon na keep it on best compatibility, which I believe most people would do. So here are some samples from the cameras: Music, Music, Music. There is a sample from the rear camera. This is 4k 30 frames per second, and you notice straight away that this does not have any electronic image stabilization. Unfortunately, hopefully they can add that with some future firmware updates the audio quality as well could be bitter.

It does have a low bit rate of just 96 kilobytes per second, and they must have borrowed that from Xiaomi to use a lower bit right there and no image stabilization whatsoever, and this is the front facing camera same problem again. No electronic image stabilization, at least it doesn't – have a huge crop, so my hand is not fully stretched out. If I fully stretch my hand out then it's about there, but the same issue too, with the audio quality that it could be better. So hopefully there are some improvements that come through in some future firmware updates from real me, okay. So let me briefly recap here: well, first, start off with the camera, because that's what we just finished looking at it can take a very good photo because of the 16 megapixels. It looks a bit sharper than your 12 megapixel photos. You get from other manufacturers like show me, which will use maybe 48 megapixel sensors, and then pics will burn them down to 12 we're gaining a little bit more there. Now, of course, with those ones, you can use a 64 megabyte mode. So are we missing out? Not having that sensor, I don't believe we are. The focus on the camera as well seems to be very good now the battery life there well, I didn't expect that result now, normally with a 4000 million our battery snapdragons, 675 or 710, I get typically about 1021 hours, with my own personal, better life test, whether The screen configured to 200 Lux, but this one just kept going and going going.

It was so hard for me to kill this battery and it surprised me really did getting almost 13 hours, so fantastic, better life out of us so for light uses. I think you can probably get maybe even three days out of this. Definitely with medium use two days so absolutely fantastic battery life here call quality is perfectly fine: 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack quality, as well as good. I don't think it's quite as good as what Xiaomi is offering from their 3.5 millimeter phone jacks, but overall the phone as a package I think, is really good for the price of something for about 200 us at the moment, the global version. So you got all your European languages, all your Android languages, they're all within this, so we're other weaknesses. I think the real weakness is probably color OS, I mean it's fine, it does have a lot of options and it definitely has a lot of optimization for battery life and just trying to keep your power consumption right down, but a little bit heavy at times. I think, with the task manager killing off things in the background, a lot of apps will have to reload quite quickly. I notice, when you do a bit of multitasking there, so the wireless isn't, the fastest I've seen, but the 4G speeds as well came out to be very, very good there's, a lot of positives here, but it's. Just the main thing like this is what I commonly cover and complain about with Xiaomi is the video audio could be improved, the bitrate is quite low and I don't know they just need to optimize that a little bit better there as well, and certainly no electronic Image stabilization with 4k video or 1080p on the front facing camera as well.

I think that's really essential that they do enable that, because we do need some stabilization in the video quality, otherwise isn't really that great now the night shot mode their night scene mode is pretty bad turbo, as you saw it's really creating such an artificial looking photo That I would never use it because it's okay, it's, using and taking various different exposures grouping all those photos together and it's, just overly sharpened and there's too bright in some places it just looks so fake, but all in all this is a very good phone. It has actually surprised me definitely with that battery life and various other areas that I covered here. So if you're gon na be getting one of those these, I think a great phone. Shame about the lack of type C on the bottom. I mean come on. We'Re 2019. Everything should be Type C now differently. So thank you so much for watching. Please do check the channel for more phone reviews.