Just in time for those heading Back To School in 2018!
Today we are unboxing and reviewing first impressions with a new RCA Voyager III 7 inch Android Tablet. The display is a 7″ IPS screen with a resolution 1024×600. This tablet hits all the marks that I usually recommend and is currently selling for $49.87 at WalMart. An SD slot allows for easy photo and video uploads or for extra storage. 4 Core processor; 16GB storage, dual cameras (front and rear); Bluetooth; full Google Pay store support; headphone jack. The battery is reported to last 6 hours. Overall this is a great inexpensive tablet to have for kids, students, teachers, or travelers. Its light weight and long battery life makes traveling with it a breeze. Highly recommend picking this tablet up if you need a device that you don’t want to worry about losing. Cheaper than a Kindle yet full Google play store apps are available. If you would like TechByPaco.com to setup one of the for you please contact us today. Now offering in person and remote tech support in Northern Arizona for personal and small businesses. Let me know if you have any questions about this or any other laptop.
model RCT6973W43MD RCT6973W43 MD