Look at this price, it’s, 109.99 let’s just call it 110 bucks right – and this is a fantastic opportunity for you because it comes with a full keyboard. So you have your laptop, but it really is your tablet on the go and it’s 36.66 to get home, we have the best colors we’ve ever had. So i want to take you through all the colors, because you’re going to choose your colors but you’re going to love it because it’s, powerful and it’s very lightweight and it’s very fast because of the quad processor, but let’s go over the colors first absolutely gorgeous. This is your copper and it’s, a marble. It’S, copper, marble isn’t, it pretty you’re, also getting included these headphones and you’re, getting an extra 32 gigabyte memory card. So i wanted you to see these headphones. 250 left. If you want the copper marble now, let’s go to the next color, which is so pretty. This is your cherry blossom, and this is beautiful, isn’t, that just so gorgeous so different and the headphones look like they’re in kind of a light. Light rose gold, it matches beautifully with this cherry blossom and then the next color we have for you is purple agate, oh just think of if you love agate jewelry. This to me is just so so stunning and you have the wonderful purple headphones the headphones today. That we’re, throwing in big big deal back here. We we call this color and you can help me out.

Is this one teal green? Okay? So i didn’t want to call it blue, so it is a bluish green but we’re, calling it teal green. We have your basic black classic sophisticated stunning and then we also have it for you in this navy, but do not wait because we have had some colors to sell out and we just launched this. This is fantastic, so i want to bring in aaron berger, because this is among some of the lowest prices we’ve ever found and aaron. What i love about this normally when you buy a tablet or you can even buy a computer here for, say, 700 bucks. It has a dual processor you’re, looking at an on on the go tablet that has a quad core and like four, what is it? Four brains? Four engines, it’s, crazy, that’s right, the the quad core processor makes the tablet slash computer, because this is really both uh. More responsive so when you’re running multiple programs for your speed, whether you’re playing a game or whether you’re online, whatever it is, you’re doing it’s going to make your tablet a just a much higher quality electronic device so good morning. Everyone thank you for joining me and wd. As we uh kick off this morning, you can see here wait a minute. He broke it. No, i didn’t really break it. I want to show you guys. This is indeed your computer and tablet on the go for our discovery days, where we show you some of our very, very best brands and some of our most popular products and welcome in so many new customers who are discovering us, as well as our customers.

Who’Ve been with us for so many years. Thank you. Rca is a brand that we always love to show off. It is our number one selling android tablet brand and i think the reason it’s our number one selling the reason that i suppose it’s our number one selling is you just get so much for your money now normally, like debbie said, i sell rca tablets anywhere between About 150 and 200, this is closest to, i think the lowest price i’ve ever seen was 99. That one did not have all the ram that this has did not have all the storage. This has 64 gigs of storage we’ll. Get to that as double storage. That one did not have the headphones, the over the ear, dj style, headphones, they’re expensive, i mean i’m sure you’ve priced them anywhere from probably 30 40 50 to 100 plus dollars for dj style. Headphones, we’re, including them bluetooth, is built in. If you want to use bluetooth, earbuds um, probably the number one thing for me is the versatility, so, whether you’re using this as a tablet, you can see. I just removed the keyboard whether you’re, using this as a tablet and you’re, using it vertically or horizontally. It automatically adjusts for you, i’m, using the g hole to make holding it easier or whether, when you want to use this as a computer, maybe you’ve got some work to do or your kids have some school work to do.

You need the full computer for some typing or some navigating look there’s, even the built in uh tracking pad at the bottom. So you can use your finger, though, when you put them together. Of course, you still can use your fingers to navigate as well. It’S still touch screen. I want to sort of point out that is what’s called the magna link docking system, so it’s just a matter of taking the keyboard, taking the tablet, putting them kind of even near each other that magnet grab to hold. Even if i hold it upside down and give it a shake there you’re good to go you’re in really good shape. We have a features, video i’m, going to show you a lot of things i’m, going to talk more about the multitasking i’m, going to talk more about the screen size. Look at wow each of those, even when you’re multitasking each of the screens right is about the size of a seven inch tablet. It’S like having two tablets in one but let’s, look for a minute yeah. This is a great feature. Video thank you. Kyle 10.1 inch. Android tablet with keyboard android is the number one selling operating system in the world for mobile devices, improve storage and improve google play apps enhance multi tasking. This is the latest version that we’ve done beautiful, uh, vibrant touch, led lcd screen, uh backlit high definition, long lasting battery those hours and hours without plugging it in about a six hour battery there’s a front facing camera for uh, google chat and skype and zoom there’s.

A rear first facing camera for taking video of your friends and of your family that really strong rock solid um, magna link connection that keeps them connected. Uh quad core processor, two gigs of ram we’ve, doubled the ram so much more capable when it comes to multitasking and your speed online, whether you’re using this in laptop display mode presentation, mode or tablet mode again. Versatility is the key. I love that video we’ll probably show it to you a couple of times during this show this morning, great connection, uh opportunities, including bluetooth, including micro, usb, if you want to plug in there and another big thing, that the folks at hsn and rca have done, is We’Ve included extra memory, so there’s 32 gigs of built in memory. So when you kind of look at our description over here, rca 10.1 inch with 32 gigs, but this is really key. Oh and you see it on our on the little pillow there too. Right now that just popped up on the side, the duo memory, foam pillow, which i love it’s awesome popped up on your lap. That way, not only is there 32 gigs of memory built in this is really really key, because it’s almost misleading, i kind of, should say 64 gigs, because we’re, including a 32 gigabyte. I hold it in front of my sweater. You’Ll, see it a little bit better. That’S, a 32 gigabyte memory card thanks memory card as well so we’ve doubled the memory when you pop in this little memory card you’ll have a total of 32 gigs of memory, which is about 32 000 photos when you can store about 500 minutes of full high Definition, video debbie or 15 000 songs – you guys you’re getting so much here to be able to store 32 000 pictures and the 500 minutes of full hd video.

This is your touch screen and i want you to get the color that you want look at how beautiful and vibrant it is 36.66 to get this home and you can use your debit card or any major credit card, and these are interest free. Let me give you the item number it’s, 728, 353, and let me send this to you write a review on this because we have not had this configuration ever and we’ve never had these beautiful colors, but rca is the number one selling android tablet here. The fact that we’re, including these full size, dj headphones. These are expensive to get if you were to purchase them separately and the fact that we give you an extra 32 gigabyte of the memory card, it’s just a fantastic offer, so the most limited i’m told is the copper – and this is your copper marble, and these Are fantastic? They just have so much personality. We have the cherry blossom. Okay for this hour right now, cherry blossom is the most popular, but i believe your copper marble is the most limited. So don’t wait on those two. I love the purple agate you guys uh to me it’s, just beautiful, i mean stunning, i love purple agate jewelry, and so it just reminds me of that. This teal green is vibrant and and just looks like the caribbean ocean. We also have it in black and, of course, the matching headphones you’re going to love how comfortable these are, and then we also have it for you in navy.

So what i love about this is the convenience of a tablet with your keyboard. Now, just think about that, if you had to get the keyboard separately, but you have your your keyboard, so it’s a laptop essentially and it’s, just your on the go tablet. That does everything i mean aaron. Who do you think this is ideal for because i think if you surf the net, if you listen to music videos, anything that you want to do this tablet at this price 36 to get home, throw it in your tote bag and go? But who do you think it’s designed for because it’s so easy to use? I agree, i think, there’s a wide spectrum. You know from work and school and play i think most people probably enjoy their entertainment on this tablet. Um it’s great for watching videos for playing games from the google store. I’Ll show you some of the things you can do. If you love to do facebook or you love to watch netflix or download apps senior surfers. This is great for seniors, who want a a computer and one a tablet wanted to be touchscreen and want it to be easy, but probably don’t want to spend a thousand dollars. You know on their all in one device: fantastic option again: it’s the number one selling brand of android tablet, which is the number one selling tablet operating system in america. The number one seller here at hsn. I want to show you guys something kind of kind of cool: well, certainly very cool and uh relatively uncommon as well.

That is, you might notice that i’m multitasking right now on the tablet. So i have on this side. Hsn.Com it’s called the hsn arcade i’ve got that opened up pinching and i’m zooming and scrolling, and on this side i have open a photograph of a little max. So you might say, wait a minute. I usually don’t see that on tablet. I usually only see multitasking on a computer that’s. True a lot of tablets. Don’T have enough ram to do this, they’re not fast enough. They don’t have a big enough screen, maybe in fact to the point of that screen. This is a 10.1 inch screen and when you hear that you might think okay well that’s three inches bigger than a seven inch screen. But i want to remind you – and i want to show you screen size – is measured diagonally, so it kind of gets three inches larger all around, which means, even when i have multiple apps or multiple windows or, however, you think of them open here. Look wow it’s like two tablets in in one. It really is it’s like holding it’s like being able to, especially when you’re, using the g hole to hold it it’s like being able to hold two tablets and have the information of two tablets in one. Now, when you want that to be one screen, look it’s just as easy it’s pulling it over. You thought sort of automatically reloaded, and this is one of the best things about a screen like this.

A screen this large and a bet, and one of the best things about having a touch screen. I mean there’s, no such thing as small print anymore, so you know how you’re always grabbing you know. I need my reading glasses, even reading glasses. I can’t see that it’s like the menu situation right and it’s, always it’s always bright, and it happens to you turn forward what happens more and more every day with me. I don’t know about you me too, so you can probably see uh the little squares here but, like maybe you can’t read the text, we sure you can look pinch and you zoom. You can read that that says the daily sudoku. Now, i think, that’s a key point for so many of us being able to see more clearly and more easily, whatever it is we’re doing, as well as being able to hear it with the headphones or the built in uh speakers. I also would love to show you for a minute how quickly this loads things so and how quickly it multitasks. I think, that’s a big thing on tablets and computers. Remember this has a quad core mediatek processor in it. So if you want to go to hsn.com, you see how fast that is. When you go back to the home, oh it’s, i mean you touch it and it even i’m i’m surprised by it, because uh rca has upgraded the ram in their tablets. Recently, it’s two gigs of ram now to double the ram it was in the past, so that has made a huge difference in in the multitasking and in speed when it’s online ram is really important in using all of that information that comes in from your wi Fi, you know our wi fi are really fast.

It makes the make the mistake, the the mistake, sometimes the thinking and the speed the mistake. Sometimes the thinking the speed is slow at certain times a day, whatever it’s really not it’s, how quickly your machine can process. The information that’s coming in so often so i’ve opened facebook. I opened hsn.com, i could go over here, open my photos or even i know, a favorite of a lot of people, of course, is netflix being able to watch netflix or hulu or prime, or any of your various uh video carriers or hsn.com, certainly or youtube. I want to show you the google play store. This is another real key. As i said, the number one app store in the world is the google play store, so this comes what’s called native and pre installed. It means the google play store is already on your tablet and ready to go when you get it home, you just have to open it. The google play store is the it it makes such a difference. You know it it’s so easy to use right out of the gate. It’S. The number one app store in the world has over a million apps and games uh it’s, the world’s largest selection of ebooks, where you have songs and movies and tv shows and more many many many of the apps are free and you can see here how fast Going from the movie to tv section right now, do you want to watch wonder woman 1984, or do you want to watch uh monster hunter, or do you want to watch barbin star, go to this to del mar i’ve heard that’s really funny um, or do you Want to go down here and read a book: do you want to be a little more academic, a little more erudite this morning, tons of books, tons of movies, tons of tv and again it’s, just all very simply at your fingertips, and you guys, if you want This marble, this copper marble.

We only have like 200 left, so you need to be in the ordering process. I would go to hsn.com. It is the quickest way to order, so you get to the front of the line or you can use your mobile app. Remember only 36 to get this home. Look at how beautiful this is. I mean this is gorgeous you just don’t see this type of color and we have we’ve never had fun. Colors like this and beautiful colors like this so 200 left in your copper, marble you’re going to get the dj style headphones huge, huge bonus for you to be able to get that, and then i want to remind you too, of this cherry blossom, because we’re getting Limited on that as well – and this is the most popular – this is the only airing we have today so go to hsn.com and place your order now. You do have 30 days to love. It test drive this. If you surf the net, if you want you play games, if you do banking, you can do all of this. We have the purple agate as well. We have that green teal and we have the black and then we also have the navy so fun, colors we’ve. Never had and remember this is the largest screen 10 inches it’s, like being able to get two tablets in here. It’S also super super lightweight it’s, one pound, one pound, you guys. So if you have a heavy old, clunky computer, ditch it get the latest here, get our number one selling tablet that we have here at hsn, because when you do that we give you that quad core processor – and maybe that sounds technical to you.

But it just means that everything is super fast. I mean we have 700 computers here that only have a dual processor, only two brains. This one has four. So we also have a longer battery life, six hours and it’s touch screen. So the fact that you can touch this errand, i think, and be able to do anything that you want. I have this around. Backwards is a huge deal because, like you said, you’ve seen these for like two hundred dollars and the fact that they’re 110 today uh that’s a great discovery deal for you. So i do hope that you order it uh because it doesn’t get any better than this android rca tablet here at being our number one seller, i agree, and you see right now, as you kind of watch the screen some of the key features. This is the android 10.1 inch, so it has a nice large screen, even when you’re multitasking on it, you can see everything a long, lasting battery about a six hour battery, so you go longer without plugging it in two cameras, a front facing camera great for zoom And skype and google chat and google classroom and a rear facing camera as well, so you can take pictures of other people and take videos of other people on a big screen. You can really see what you’re doing rock solid magnetic magnelink connection uh with the mediatek quad core processor, which makes it faster and 2 gigs of ram which helps your multitasking.

This is really key: 32 gigs of storage and we’re, including a 32 gigabyte card. So this is a 64 gigabyte offer, which means you can store more. You can do more watch more movies, store, more music, bluetooth, connection, earbud or earphone connection, wi fi connection you can put in a micro sd card you can put in a usb port or usb micro, as you saw there, one of the keys with this micro uh Sd card slot is that we’ve included a 32 gigabyte card, but if you ever want to expand it up to a 256 gigabyte card, you’ve got the ability to do that. You know with a lot of the six seven eight hundred dollar tablets um, you can’t do that they don’t have the ability to expand so kind of the. If you know, if you’re getting a 64 gig tablet, the the tablet you buy today is the tablet. You’Ll always have. This is expandable now on key areas that aren’t expandable, like the processor, we’ve maxed it out already we’ve got a quad core processor in here that’s. The foundation of your tablet, that’s always going to be super fast and super strong, and you guys it’s. Just so beautiful, i want to show you again this copper marble. How many do we have left? I want to remind you one more time in case you want this one, a little over 200 left so 728 353. Is your item number 36 to get this home and when you detach it from the keyboard, it is your on the go tablet.

Um! Thank you! So much aaron’s, the only airing of today i can’t believe we’re, throwing in these dj style, headphones, uh, excellent, excellent presentation. Thank you for waking up with me for discovery.