The number one best selling name when it comes to tablets is rca and android devices right here at hsn, we’ve got the sweet spot, the goldilocks of tablets it’s the 10 inch size and it’s touch screen and it’s going to get it’s going to have the memory That you need it’s, portable it’s, practical it’s, compact it’s, fast it’s, efficient, but you’re, probably saying well valerie that doesn’t look like a tablet that looks like a like a little laptop. Oh well! Yes, it is so what rca has done is they’ve taken the 10 inch laptop and they’ve created a folio or case that has your keyboard included. So you can take this with you on the go. It’S protected you’ve got the keyboard right there and when you want to make it a tablet and not a little mini laptop and look how that just popped up, you just detach it and what i love so much is. This is not an off brand keyboard that you’re hoping has that perfect pairing right that perfect connectivity to uh, maybe a detachable keyboard, it’s, rca and it’s been designed specifically for this tablet, so here’s the cool thing. This was supposed to be nearly 130 but it’s. Our big deal this weekend, we’re doing five flex pay taking thirty dollars off it’s twenty dollars home to get home on rca brand new tablet. But we thought you know what it’s great to have a new tablet: it’s great, that it’s touch screen it’s great, that it’s 32 gigs let’s send you home some apps, because you want to do everything you want to watch movies.

You want to. You know, uh. You know play your games. You want to use the camera you just you! Do everything now right: we’re, working from home, we’re schooling from home, we’re gaming from home, we’re entertaining from home, so you’re going to get an ultimate app pack, all right! That’S going to give you some great things to be able to to try and kick it off, but look what else we’re doing you want to. You want to sit, listen to your music in silence or the podcast. You want to say: hey, kids, you can play the game. Watch the movie in silence, we’re, sending you home with dj style over the whole over the ear headphones that match the color of your choice that going to match the case. So let me run you through the colors look at these colors, you guys. We have the most incredible, like teams here, that we can put together these bundles, but then to be able to have the individuality and that expressiveness to choose your color so that you know your son and your daughter have a different one or maybe it’s you and Your husband, because today’s bryce, you can get more than one so here’s the first one all right. This one is going to be the one that we call the purple agate. So this is beaut. It looks like stone, looks like purple stone, oh looks so gorgeous all right. The next one that we have is going to be the one we call copper marble.

Oh this one’s got like beautiful, like bronze and like rose gold and the whites and the grays that’s. The copper marble next up, we’re gon na, have cherry blossoms. Oh my gosh, you guys have you ever seen the cherry blossoms in dc bloom, they’re, amazing. You know it almost makes you want to smell the blooms right. This was the most limited. So if you want the cherry, blossoms, remember you’re going to get that rose gold over the ear, dj style headphones, then we’ve got some solid colors for you. We’Ve already actually sold out a two colors. So this is what i have left this one right here in solid is going to be your teal green it’s, a beautiful, perfect, teal green. Then we have it in navy notice that the navy has a little bit of like almost this, like metallic finish, it’s, really sharp and then classic black, which you cannot go wrong with. The cool thing is the case and the keyboard and the headphones. They all coordinate and match, so even the keyboard has that accent. Color of your choice that you’re going to be able to pick even has a little mouse pad right there. I mean it’s gon na it’s gon na, be everything that you need, especially if you need that portability that compact that high performance that speed and that quality but let’s dive into why we need a tablet. Why rca is our favorite we’ve got aaron berger standing by joining us this morning good morning, erin it’s, so good to see you good morning, valerie it’s good, to see you too.

I love your sweater. You look great and um yeah. You look great that’s cool uh it’s great to be in your show this morning, it’s particularly great to be here with the number one selling tablet brand android tablet brand at hsn. You know sort of like, like you were saying there, you sell all of these incredible great brands of tablet. There’S only one that’s, the number one selling android brand at hsn and i’ll. Just tell you show you right away. Why it’s not just a tablet just calling this a tablet, or we say it’s, sort of like calling the space shuttle an airplane. This is a tablet sort of plus plus plus, because we include this keyboard and this isn’t just a bluetooth keyboard. This is a keyboard with four gold pins across the bottom that’s designed to connect specifically with your tablet and when it connects automatically. This starts working as a computer, because the keyboard works right away home buttons, mail buttons. You can control the brightness of the screen. You can control the volume, and this is called look at this. This is called the magna link docking system. I think we actually have a features, video that we can show you guys. Would you see that magnoline docking system right off the bat, though just to show you how tight and how solid the connection is, so what you’re getting today is not just a tablet but a quad core computer on the go too it’s a 10.

1 inch. High definition touch screen. Android is the number one selling operating system in the world for mobile devices. This is the number one selling tablet brand at hsn, so that certainly feels good to get the number one screen. I think you’ll love the touchscreen capability, longer lasting battery life about a six hour battery life. So you can go all day long with this uh front, facing camera rear facing camera as well. So, whether you’re taking pictures of your friends and family or you’re, skyping or you’re, zooming or you’re, doing anything like that you’re good to go great photos great video, that’s, the rock solid magnalink connection. So when you put them together again, this becomes your portable on the go. You see that quad core processor, two gigs of ram double the ram we’ve had in the past on many of our rca tablets. Um, you can use it in all different modes in laptop mode and display mode in presentation mode in movie mode or tablet mode lots of different ways to kind of enjoy the tablet, and i think, that’s, a big thing. The versatility that comes along with this. Oh bluetooth is built in wi, fi is built in and we didn’t stop there. We did something really extraordinary. Valerie already mentioned that we’re, including the over the ear headphones, which is awesome. These dj style headphones. You guys know these are. These are expensive, if you, if you buy um headphones over the ear it’s like super cushioned, they block out all the sound with the cushioning that’s, an expensive extra for you to buy yourself right.

Do you know what else we’ve included it says over here? In our description that this is a 10 inch, 32 gigabyte tablet so you’re like okay, great 10 inches. I can pinch, i can zoom i’m multitasking i’ll talk more about the multitasking in just a minute. I’Ll show you something else that i think will blow your mind. Not only is this an expandable tablet, so that means it has an expandable memory card slot. So you can add more memory anytime. You want we’ve actually included. I have it in there already that’s a little 32 gigabyte sd card, so we’ve doubled the memory for you, which means, in fact, when you get this tablet home it’s, not more than ten thousand photos, it’s more than twenty thousand photos that it will hold it’s. Not more than four hours of high def video it’s more than eight hours of video it’s, not more than seven thousand songs, it’s more than 000 songs, because we’ve doubled the memory all you do is take the sd card put the sd card in the tablet and You’Re good to go a lot more. I have to tell you guys about, but this is the only scheduled airing for the day, so i’ll, let valerie update you guys on colors and quantities and all that kind of stuff and then we’ll take a look at some of the multitasking. I want to show you the pinch and the zoom and how conveniently the keyboard works with the tablet and the size the 10 inch size.

I think valerie is ideal for a lot of people as well. It absolutely is because it is the one that doesn’t take up a lot of space. I love that it’s touch screen. I mean come on when you think of touch screen, that’s, how you use your smartphone you’re, imagining that it’s going to be. You know hundreds of dollars and you have to buy the keyboard separate. You have to buy the headphones separate right, so here’s the cool thing so the headphones. They they go. They plug right into the into the tablet the keyboard snaps right in to make it that mini laptop, so that’s amazing. I had no idea that it has 32 gigs of internal memory, but then i missed it right here: we’re sending you home the additional 32 gig sd card. So as aaron pointed out you’re doubling your memory, you pop this down, you get to choose your case, you’re. Getting it protective, you take it with you on the go. You can pop this in your purse. Your backpack, everyone in the family can get one everyone can use. When everyone can. You know we can all use one right because we’re doing all the things from home, we’re gaming, we’re working we’re getting apps, you know we’re doing documents, we have, you know, photos and movies everything it’s just this is the way of that we’ve. All kind of gotten accustomed to so the fact that we have this phenomenal deal and it’s our last day of our big deals weekend, which means you’re getting our best interest free credit card payment plan which is 20 to get it home and try it.

Let me show you the colors. We have three colors left in the solids everybody’s gon na get that over the style dj headphones that perfectly match back. This is black it’s, all black black inside black, outside it’s, all black it’s, beautiful, it’s, sleek it’s, sophisticated it’s great, especially if you’re getting this as a gift, you’re, not sure what color somebody would like that’s kind of a shoe and a no brainer. This one’s going to be the navy. I do love sort of this sapphire finish it’s really pretty. Then we have the one that is the teal teal green and it kind of has this bluish green, like an aqua tone to it and i’m just going to spin. This around, i want you guys to see, and i don’t want to mess up the display that the keyboard matches too, like i just love that you know that that’s your keyboard, designed for your tablet with that magna link, then down here, we have the prints. We’Ve got cherry blossom, which comes with the rose gold that has definitely been most popular and most limited. I have 450 left, i don’t know if you saw we’ve already sold 1500 of these, then we’ve got this beautiful one, which is called copper. Marble and omg i’ve been looking for new countertops. I want this in my house. Erin i’m, like how beautiful is this with the rose, gold and the copper finish and the iridescence and that swirl beautiful? Then, if you love purple, if you love amethyst, this is called the purple agate and it does.

It looks like a real stone, so i love those finishes. I love that you’re getting the accent of the purple on the keyboard. I love that it’s touch screen. I love that it has a little track pad. You know, because we’re used to sort of doing that with the mouse. I love that it’s touch screen. I love the memory let’s dive into the insides. What what kind of performance and speed? Because you know it can look good and it can be a great price, but if it doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles and the features they’re going to get me through my day, whether it’s the work day or the school day, then it’s really not Worth it to me, aaron right right, so let’s show you a couple of things just to kind of keep in your head: quad, core processor, that’s, four brains, four engines, most of the computers that we sell now at four five hundred six hundred dollars have dual core. This is quad core, and that means it can process more information at once so it’s faster. You can multitask better two gigabytes of ram i’ve sold a ton of rca tablets with one gigabyte of ram. The extra ram means better multitasking as well. It means faster speed, online, faster performance, i think those are keys and, of course, the high definition touch screen. So let me show you a couple of those things, one of the things that you’ll notice.

I have two apps two programs, two windows, whatever you want to call them running at the same time. Can your tablet do that or if you ask it to do more than one at a time, does it kind of freak out and kind of get really slow, because this is android 10? It has the capability to do that and because it’s, a 10 inch screen check this out. This is a 7 inch cut out, even when i’m multitasking each of the sides is about the size of a seven inch screen, it’s almost like having two tablets in one. So i think that’s a really big deal just for not having to put on your reading glasses, being able to see your game more clearly for being able to. You know when you’re shopping online and enjoying that and really wanting to have a good look at what you’re buying you need to see the jewelry or the um furniture or the fashion a little bit better. Well, that’s easy! You just go like that. You just pinch! You just zoom, you probably can’t, tell let’s find another one. You probably can’t tell what that little square says. Well, yeah. You really can it says landing party. You can see just fine so long as you pinch and zoom and have a tablet that’s fast enough to do that. What else do i have going on so that’s i’m on the hsn arcade the play store.

You see, i want you guys just to see that again just to see how quickly i went from one to the other, so right now, i’m in uh, the hsn arcade right, pinching zooming, scrolling i’m gon na go over here and check out the google play store. It is essentially instant. The google play store is the number one app store in the world: more games, more movies, more books – it is, it has the most books of any online app store and it’s what’s called native and pre installed on your tablet. So from the minute you get your tablet home, you’re, ready to download. I can go into games or to apps check again how quick that is, or into apps or into movies and tv, or into books it’s, very, very simple, to navigate and very, very responsive um. What else do i have open because val said you know, show me the money like let’s see how and i i think, that’s a fair thing. I can say: oh got a little blue processor and blue blue, but if you don’t see it, you don’t see it work. Who cares right uh? So you can see right there here’s. This is the money. This is streaming uh uh, our favorite shows checking out instagram twitter, your favorite social networking sites. I think that’s. What the kind of thing most of us will do right on this tablet is, for example, go to netflix.

You want to watch your favorite shows or you want to stream there’s netflix. You want to play your favorite game. You need to get a little work done or maybe do a zoom call or do a skype call front facing camera and rear facing camera. Um. Very quickly, i’ll just mention, if you’re wondering, because i think it’s one of the coolest things about it. The fact that you can hold this one vertically or you can hold it horizontally. It will automatically adjust the screen for you as it’s. You see it’s doing right. There this is additionally available. It’S called the g hold with a tablet.