Mice from brands such as final mouse and glorious one of razer’s. Take on this trend is the viper mini. Today i am going to be sharing my personal thoughts and review on the razer viper mini. It is pretty surprising that razer decided to get into the budget market. I bought this online for around 1100 pesos, which is around 22 us dollars. Converted the price was a bit sketchy, but it was detected by synapse. So i guess it is legit. It is around the same price range of the logitech g102. So it is great that we have another budget friendly option coming from top brands. I think that trying a new shape would be nice. For me, my recently used mouse is the rakoptan which is azawi easy to clone, and my other previous mice are the logitech, g100s and g102, which has the usual egg shape of logitech mice. For the unboxing experience. I think that it is standard given the price range other than the mouse what’s inside is the manual and the hollow sticker. For the mouse itself, the weight is advertised to be 61 grams, so it is definitely lighter than my cup tan and my g102. Achieving this weight without holes is surprising, the build of the mouse is sturdy, but on my copy there is an issue where the back corner of the mouse has some movement, but it is not that noticeable. The texture of the mouse is a bit of a rough feeling, but it slides a bit for me since i have sweaty hands.

As someone who uses a claw, slash, fingertip grip with bedroom to large hands. I can say that the shape fits well for me, but not without issues compared to the g102. The viper mini is narrower on the sides, and the hump is also narrower and is more forward for me. I like to have the part under my pinky and ring finger be supported by the mouse. The viper mini startup does that, but the g102 fills that part of my hand better. I would say that the shape of the g102 will fit more hand, sizes the sensor tracks flawlessly doing mouse. Acceleration tests showed that the sensor has little to no acceleration, comparing it to the bmw 3389 sensor of the hoptan and the mercury sensor of the g102. I could not tell any discernible difference between the three even in game. I think that sensors found in top gaming mice today are capable of flawless tracking a problem. People encounter with this mouse is the high lift of distance i’ve heard that playing with the mousepad calibration settings could alleviate this problem, but it doesn’t affect me too much. Since i don’t leave my mouse. Often the mouse gates are advertised to be pure ptfe, so i think it will be good for most mouse pads, but for my mp5, then the mouse feels a bit scratchy, which is not an issue on my other mice. To be fair, the mp510 is a raw feeling mousepad, but despite this on my 4 year old qck, the viper mini glides very quickly and smoothly better than my other mice.

The clicks of the left and right mouse buttons are very crisp and easy to actuate i’d say that the weight is between the heavier one switches of the kaptan, the lighter omron switches of the g102, the complaints and button wobble, as they hardly move. I just hope that these clicks will not double click soon, which is an issue on my g102. The side buttons are tactile and they are placed well for my grip. The scroll wheel has distinct bumps and i think it is more distinct than the scroll of my other mice. The weight of the scroll wheel. Click is just right for me and its texture felt sharp at first, but i got used to it. The cable is power card like and is firm and fairly flexible, but i think that the cable of the hub tan is a bit more flexible. The mouse uses razor synapse to change settings such as rgb lighting, the dpi, which ranges from 200 to 8500 with up to 5 dpi settings and the mousepad calibration settings. The color of the lighting reverts to the default rainbow effect when the software is closed, which is a bit disappointing for me, since i would have liked to have personal lighting without the software open, which can be done on my previous mice. So how is it for me and the games i play for ozu, the first days that i have used this, the lightweight and the quick skates threw me off a bit.

My aim was overshooting some jumps and was a bit less stable on streams, but because this mouse takes less effort to move, i can say that it feels snappier than my other mice, not to say that my aim has instantly improved as soon as i use this Mouse but jump maps such as jumping around and some one two maps was more enjoyable to play while using this mouse for fps games. I honestly think that i should be the last person to talk about this in this context, but i’m, giving my two cents here. Just like in osu, the weight threw me off a bit, but the weight and the smaller shape of this mouse helped me a bit in adjusting my aim, which helped on tracking scenarios and callbacks such as kata icy, fast drapes and long strips good days. I was able to set new high scores in the scenarios with this mouse conclusion time. Personally, the razer viper mini is a great addition to my collection of mice, considering that this is my first ultra lightweight mouse and the shape is outside of the traditional logitech egg shape. I might need more time to get used to this mouse, but all in all, given its price point, this is a solid mouse and in terms of the features it has, it checks most of the boxes that most people seek for their gaming mice, so that wraps It for this video, if you liked it, consider pressing the like and subscribe button and also leave a comment about your thoughts on the video thanks and have a good one Music, so, Music, Applause, Music, me, Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music, foreign, Music, Applause, Music, Music, me, Music Applause, Music, Music, oh Applause, Music, is Music Applause.

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