So in this box is a razer proglide, mouse mat and it’s designed for productivity, and here are its features and taking a look around the base or back of the box. There are some specifications for this mouse mat and now let’s go ahead and open it up by cutting apart the clear, sticky seal, that’s, keeping the box securely sealed and just scoring that sticky seal and let’s. Do it a little bit more to make sure that we’ve properly cut through that seal and popping the box lid open and giving you a look directly inside the box? Let’S slide the razer proglide soft mouse mat for productivity out and setting it on the table top and taking a look to make sure that there’s nothing else left in the box packaging. We can now set that to the side so just setting it on the right hand, side of the table and unrolling the mouse mat and setting it on the table top. So you have a nice clear and full view of this mouse mat this right. There is the razer pro glide mouse mat and to give you some idea of the size of this mouse. Mat i’m, just resting my hand in the middle of the mouse mat, so it measures 360, millimeters long, 275, millimeters deep and three millimeters thick. So it is a dense mouse mat and you can see it is floppy at the same time, so let’s take some close up.

Looks at the details of this mouse mat, so you can see that it does have a finely textured surface and, of course, giving you a look as to the density or thickness of this mouse mat right here. So it is three millimeters thick and i’m just pinching or pressing down on the edge just to show you just how thick and dense this material is and, of course, just giving you a look as i try and manipulate this mouse mat. So we can see that it does have a kind of seamless or borderless edge to this entire design right round. The entire edge of this mouse mat just giving you a look right there and, of course, on the reverse side or underside of this mouse mat let’s get the camcorder to focus, so you can see right there. So this is the back side or on the side of the mouse mat and it does have a rubber texture to it, giving it an anti slip property. So it doesn’t slide around so just setting it down, and you can see just trying to shift that mouse mat by pushing against its surface. It does stay very, very firmly in place right there. You can see, as i try and drag and shift the mouse mat with my fingers. So once again, so let’s take a kind of middle shot right there. So you can see just how fine that texture is uh, try and rotate as well.

So at least you have a different perspective as to this very finely woven cloth. Mouth mouse mat so once again giving you another look at this mouse map from a different perspective, so that underside right there with the grippy rubber texture and the upper work surface. Having a very, very fine woven texture, so microweave right there as you can see, of course, the edge and just letting you know that it is a razor product with that razor tag, stitched around the edge top right edge of the mouse mat. So the razer pro glide mouse mat and once again just giving you an idea as to the size resting my fingers around the mouse mat so 360 by 275 by three millimeters thick. So now let’s go ahead and do a glide test, a mouse glide test. So i do have a logitech g703 lightspeed wireless gaming mouse here which i’ve unboxed on the channel before and let’s set it in the middle, so at least giving you some sense of the size of this mouse matte and again full perspective right there and just sliding The mouse along the surface, it does have a very smooth surface and just to give you some idea with some mock clicking and being three millimeters thick with that dense foam layer. It does provide a good level of cushioning as well.