I just picked up a new razer laptop um and i thought i needed something to go with it. That was a bit more rgb um. I have a couple of razer products already i’ve got the speakers and one of the mouse mats, so this should go with those. Hopefully, should look all right on the desk i’m interested to see whether the rgb lights are exactly the same, whether they’re as powerful, and they show up as good on the black desk, but we’ll see what happens um. So i think let’s just get it open normal standard box, it’s, not massive, not massively heavy, either. To be honest, so all right, so box is open. First thing you can see. Welcome to the cult of razer. I like that um right here, okay papers, i don’t, know how important these are going to be stickers i’m, going to use them some stuff about the stand. It’S not really important. Is it um so stand itself all right? Well, this is already coming off. So we’ll do the most satisfying bit. First feels good um all right stand: it’s got three usb ports at the top. There um honestly i’ll, probably plug a mouse into it, and nothing else really. I’M. Not bothered i’m gon na use the keyboard on it. On the actual laptop anyway, um normal cable it’s got that sort of nice braided feel to it. So it feels like it’ll last, quite a while um yeah it’s quite feels quite solid, quite robust it is it doesn’t feel like it’s going to bend and break or anything i think, it’s, not massively heavy either it’s got a soft top bit here with the logo.

On it, um it’s sort of rubbery, so whatever laptop, sits on it, isn’t going to slip and that’s the same with this part down at the bottom Music um. I think what i’ll do is i’ll set up the laptop put it on top and then i’ll take some videos with the lights off. So you can see what the lights are like and with the rest of my setup and everything um, but yeah seems all right. Good investment – i mean 100 quid is steep for well just some lights, but uh, you know rgb. How can you say no, okay, so i’ve set it all up with my laptop now, i’ve had a chance to have a bit of a play around and i’ve looked at some of the different light settings. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to show you each different light. Setting and i’ll show you in both a lightroom and i’ll close the curtains and show you in the dark as well, so that you can see what it looks like both ways. So we’ll go through each one, one by one: i’ll leave them on for a couple of seconds, so you get the idea with each different type: Music.