It were going to take a look around at all the new features on this years model and then were going to plug it in to our Razer Blade and actually test. This device so lets get started and open the box, so the packaging is really quite minimal. I think rays are really making the effort to try not to over package devices like they used to so weve got a plain brown cobbled box opening it up and were instantly greeted with our new chroma V2 laptop stands other than that weve got an instruction manual And that is it very, very Bare Base right, so they put some cellophane over the actual stand itself were going to open up and then take a look around it. So there we go. So this is the plain black model and it fits all the razor blades up to the 17 inch. Now the V2 does have a decent Port selection. So were going to look at that in a minute and then we are going to test them out so straight to where you can see. Weve got the Razer logo on the top, and this wholes top section is a lovely, smooth, satin feeling rubber Plus at the bottom lip here its rubber again, and this is obviously when you put your laptop on here, its going to grip nicely into place now. Obviously this is a Razer laptop stand, but you dont need to just use it for a raised laptop other laptops will fit perfectly on it as well.

Now weve also got a USBC cable on this years model. So if I just unwind it, we braided a little protection cap on the ends. Now this is a USB type c, so you plug it into your laptop, which can then provide Power to your laptop. If you set it up that way and then provides all the ports and RGB Lighting on this stand directly to this dock, first things first Im just going to sit the razor blade 15 on there, so you can see it sitting in place so grips in there Nicely feet fit perfectly on the back, so theyve still got plenty of airflow underneath and the advantage to using one of these stands. Not only do you get a better angle on the screen, especially for running in a dual or triple monitor setup, but also youre, allowing it better airflow underneath the actual laptop itself, because the problems with laptops they do keep them very low to the desk and without Lifting the back up, they run a lot hotter foreign quickly, take a look around the ports and then were going to plug it in look at the RGB and the configurations Im going to go left to right. Weve got a USBC 3.2 gem1. Now this will provide your display out, if you so wish, or you can provide it for hard drives or other bits and pieces. So this will either do 4K, 60 or 1440p at 120 hertz, and we will be testing that shortly.

Weve then got two USB a ports for your peripherals Ill, probably plug my keyword, my mouse into these two ports here and then. Lastly, youve got your HDMI 2 Port. This will also do 4K, 60 or 4040p or 120 hertz and again I will be tested that shortly and then. Lastly, this is just your power delivery Port. So you cannot use this for anything other than providing power to this actual laptop stand, which will then provide Power to your laptop. Now. If you use a 100 watt USBC charger into this point here, it will provide 80 watts to your laptop and the other, 20 watts will be provided to the peripherals and actual Docker RGB itself. And if you use a 65 watt, USBC adapter youll get 46 watts to the actual laptop and investigable to be to the peripherals and the RGB of this device. So Im going to quickly set this up were going to look at the RGB and were going to test the actual connections. Okay, so were up and running, and everything is now plugged into the dock. I currently have my 2022 17 inch razor blade Sitting on the Dock and, as you can see, the USBC cable is plugged in and we now have the chroma lights, which looks absolutely incredible at the bottom of the stock and all of these peripherals are currently plugged. In to the actual dock itself, so I only have the power cable and the USBC on the laptop, and this is all up and running so first things first were going to look at Razer synapse.

So, as you can see, the peripherals are all plugged in at the moment, are all showing in Razer, synapse and thats. One of the things I absolutely love about Razer is the fact that it all does mesh well together. Now, Im going to click on my Razer laptop stand, chroma V2, and you can see straight away that we have some lighting effects. We can change for our light bar at the bottom. Now Ive currently got that set to the wave its one of my favorites, but you could easily change it to just breathing fire Spectrum cycling. So it just goes through all the random colors and if you dont like any of the presets, you can go into the advanced effects and chrome Studios and set it up exactly how you like it on all of your razer devices. But at the moment Im going to go straight back to my wave. I really like this effect. On the left hand side we do also have the brightness of it. So if you do find it too bright, you can turn it right down. But if youre going to have this with the RGB lets, whack it up and lastly, weve got a little checkbox at the bottom here that will switch your lighting off when your monitor turns off. So if you check this box here, if you walk away from your computer and you have your computer set to turn the monitor off, all the Razer lighting will go off with it.

Personally, I, like it sparkling away so Im going to leave that off now, if were going to Nvidia control panel, you can currently see we are set up to our 2560 by 1440 at 120 hertz on my Razer Raptor monitor. Now this monitor can go up to 165 Hertz, but you wont get that through this dock it is limited to the 120 hertz and if you try and change the refresh rate above that, you will get some artifacting on the screen. So if you want higher than 120 hertz on your monitor, you will need to plug the monitor directly to the laptop, not the dock. So there we go this little dock. Not only does it look great provides extra airflow for our laptops fits any laptop between, say, 13 inches right up to these giant 17 inch laptops best thing about it is you can plug all your devices into the actual dock itself? So when you come to set up your laptop, you plug your power, you plug your actual USBC and youre all up and running, as you can see here and thats something I absolutely love about these docs now, if using a lower power laptop like an Ultrabook or Something you can power the ultimate directly from the stock itself, so it will literally be one cable setup, but obviously with a gaming laptop youre going to want to keep the power plugged in to give it maximum performance. So there we go if youve got any questions as usual pop it in the comment sections down below, and I will get back to you – we will be doing more videos on this entire Razer setup coming soon so make sure you subscribed if youre not already.