We have an unboxing Im actually excited to give you a context. This will not be lets, say my first device, everyone watching the channel knows that I am a huge Mac fan and I wanted something closer to a Mac as possible. So this is the M1 MacBook Air right here and actually here on the side, you can see it just by the snippet right here. This is actually the 16 inch MacBook Pro M1 Max with 64 gigabyte of ram. This has 16 gigabyte of almost one terabyte of storage. This has eight terabyte. What I am trying to do is Im trying to change to Windows, or at least try windows and see how that goes, because I am struggling a little bit with the 3D work and I will get more about that into the future. But for now lets go ahead and do the unboxing here we go. Nice awesome lets go so inside the box. There is a box, so I hope I wont throw it okay, so this is gone now. This is the second box right here. This is the 15 inch, which is the OLED version, so this is Razer Blade. 15, the OLED version with the 16 gigabyte of ram 3070 and a video graphic card TI with eight gigabyte of virtual memory. So this is the first thing that we are getting with. Probably this is the oh, so this is the power thingy, oh yeah! This is the power adapter.

I guess its huge, its big, its um. Its definitely have to. I would give it that thats not important right now. Oh another box, okay, this comes here. The box is empty, and now we have this, I would assume this is the laptop. This is very nice packaging. The reason I went with Razer, even though they are bit on the pricey side, as my people say, but granted this thing right here costs around seven thousand dollars. The reason I went with that I was hesitant between Razer and Microsoft Surface lineup. I was really considering the surface Studio laptop. I liked how it looks like, but I did not like the performance. I was really afraid of the four gigabyte that comes included with it Im in the graphic card, which is a 3050 TI. I have tried its a really nice graphic card, but I really wanted something more powerful plus. This has an OLED display, so lets go ahead and see it wow nice, so certified fluids reduce Logistics during production, breaks down quicker, oh okay, thats, nice and eco friendly nature. I, like um Razer, is going green wow. The machine is really cold. I guess because of the shipping, but I like stuff that are related to sustainability, because one of the main reasons that I Im always using, for example, Apple products, is just because Apple really cares about sustainability. So I will definitely put this against that and against them. On Max as well – but this mostly would probably be a 3D machine, so lets go ahead and check it out.

Wow thats, really nice. This is very apple. Like presentation, I really like the logo here. It looks really nice its definitely a fingerprint magnet. I can see that right up front, but hey cannot complain and lets go ahead and open it for the first time, usually, when you open an app wow, wow thats beautiful, usually when you open an Apple device, it would turn on. I dont know if this would turn on or not. We will definitely see whats in the box. I have a feeling would actually turn on now. One thing I really hate about Windows laptops and I really hope that Razer will not do which was actually a big deal for me. Is the stickers like the stickers here and the stickers like why? If you need to charge me an extra 200 and just not have this here, please do so. I would like my machine to be clean because were paying a premium anyway. We might as well get the premium experience, but at least thats mine. So here its saying, GeForce 370 laptop with 8 gigabyte of gdr6 vram and 12th generation Intel Core I9, which is the 120019h processor, which is the mobile version, with 14 cores and 20 threads up to 5 gigahertz and then 16 gigabyte of Ram with one terabyte SSD. I will definitely upgrade the SSD and I will do a video about it. I want to get it to the maximum, which is 4 terabyte and then for the ram.

I will definitely go above 16, which will be 64.. I wish this would have came with at least 32 gigabyte of front, but oh well, Im gon na. Take this – and probably I would take these later as well, because I hate them with that being said, lets go ahead and check what else comes into the box, because there were some things here. So I guess these are pain, flips, anything under um. No, I guess nothing its empty inside. I couldnt care less time to turn it on and lets see the OLED display for the very first time granted. I will definitely double a very fresh install of Windows later on about our adapter thingy. I guess it comes with a proprietary, a plug right here, which is very resemblance of a USBC, but I guess its for razor Olive. One thing I wonder about actually is with this work with my Apple uh um. Well, not Apple display, but LG ultra fine, which is certified by Apple and sold on the Apple Store. Would this work with it right out of the bed um? That would be something to definitely test and see and in terms of build, the quality, its very similar to Apple theres. Just little turn off like apple, definitely is more solid than this. This, when I press it like my finger, can go down a little bit. However, the Apple device is 100 soft, so I would say, just by looking at it, Apple definitely have the better Builder quality overall, but that is something I would definitely get more into in the review.

However, the Builder quality for a Windows machine – probably this is the best that I have ever seen and I have on multiple laptops, whether they wear Apple or Windows, um for the longest time and the people probably doesnt know. But I was actually a Windows um person before changing to Mac and mainly using Mac back in 2017., its turning on right now so Im gon na just squeeze it a bit. So you can see whats going on. I have seen many reviews about the RGB and such which, by the way, I couldnt care less about, but they are saying, oh, that the RGB is really good on the Razer and I can see what they mean. They are really nice. However, I will just change this probably to why or maybe Orange as orange is my favorite color and just leave it with that color and use it as a backlit keyboard and be done with it and nothing else and while were at it. Let me remove these. So I hate stickers, please razor! You are going to get a fan. Please just you know, remove the stickers, so just remove them. If you want to charge me an extra 100 dollars for you to remove them just do it just dont put them there. Let me tell you about something that I did, which really made me consider getting this. So my brother has a Lenovo Legion Pro 5, and then we did a comparison between my M1 Max and his machine.

We fired up a project that I was working on with Cinema 4D, which is my software out of choice when it comes to 3D. The main thing that we wanted to do is just to do a render and then see how much my render would take without spoiling the numbers, because I will definitely do that in a separate video. But lets say that the legion Pro was faster. At least 100 percent than the M1 Max GPU, even the One Max GPU, is fully specked out. You can actually allocate up to 48 gigabyte of memory into the graphical memory and even though the legion Pro 5 only had five gigabytes because of the 3050 TI. Still, the 3050 TI was actually faster faster in terms of their render. Now for the viewport, the M1 Max was definitely better, but for the render it was actually faster. So there is that, however, usually even if I am working either here or there – my renders actually would be rendered using this graphic card right here, which is the GeForce RTX 3090 ti. So I do have this in my main Windows right then, if I want to do a render overnight or something I will just send it to this graphic card which has 24 gigabyte of vram, and then it would be rendering – and I would be done with it. However, if I want to do work, I really like to to work on laptops more than wow the OLED beautiful, really nice, yes, United States best country fight me is this: the region or country Iran.

Yes, United States, please yeah that this place beautiful holy cow. Yes, please see us uh English, so these are my first impressions about the Razer Blade 15 with the OLED display. I would definitely be doing a full review coming soon as well.