You see, i’m doing a review, one usb c hub for macbook pro macbook air, okay, the last video was unboxing. So in this we’re not gon na do unboxing. I will do a detailed review of this product. This is a beautiful product. You can see, has the same body as your macbook silver. That means aluminium. This is one hub or dongle for macbook pro macbook er, obviously macbook pro version from 2016 to till today and macbook year version from 2018 till today you have two port of usb here, usb c port, one of them only charging another. You have thunderbolt 3.0. I think you can connect with external monitor you can data transfer other thing? You have sd card slot, one and one big sd card slot, two usb 3.0 ports, so that is fast data transfer here you don’t have anything here. You have one light here is right in hdmi at the top, you have hdmi port and now i’m gon na connect this one with my macbook, and i will show you how it’s functioning okay here this is my macbook pro you can see beautiful machine. This is 2018 model, so any model from that time, or at that time you can connect the same. Only the old model before 2016, not gon na work. I put here. Let me show you how you can connect. You see these two and these two usb c port or thunderbolt port connect here beautiful the connection here.

You see one light now testing time. The first test is the charging here we go connect this one here with my charging port this one, and you hear some noise. That means charging is connected here i can see 42 percent charge is going on, so you can see. Is charging fine now the real test? I will go to my office i’ll, disconnect my gamer notebook and all the device i use together for everyday work that i work as a professor giving classes. So i use a long time computer for 10 hours, normally so we’ll see this macbook with this jungle can work how much hour and how is functioning. Let’S go my dear viewer, you can see. This is my real working station it’s. My office i’ve already showed you the power connector, but i’ll connect again the power and all the connector. Here i have that i’m gon na use in future the power source of macbook i plugged in one by one here. So the power source is plugged in number one, the next spot – i’m gon na use. That is my gun. That is c port. I have here, you can see my webcam so c port. Take this out from here, make some space at the middle hold it here. Let’S connect my seaport of gun it’s, not doing anything so far. Okay, i will check the seaport of cam is working or not Music. I don’t see an app called camera.

You could try searching the app store, it’s, not appear here the camera, so i have to have a skype on this case. To use my thumb, i open my skype to show you guys zoom a bit. This is harry here. This is facetime, come from them and you see logic, tech steam come now. My cam from logitech is working, so this dongle is working so double camera. You can see lovely so my charging boat and sky cam both are working. Awesome isn’t. It now close. This chapter, close all let’s, go to another boat. Shall we here? I have 32 gigabytes of flash drive i’m gon na inject this one let’s see here we go one more boat, no reaction from macbook. So far here we go. I fold up my flash drive. I hit to open so far is working. Fine, so usb is working is connected. The next test will go to hdmi port. Our monitor connected here with this machine are two monitor you can see so take one of them out. This monitor makes some room at the metal here we go this esdmr, you know in this case the hdmi is behind. So i put from behind the hdmi thing is this is fine? Hdmi is connected. You see, my mac is up here behind the monitor see. This is awesome guys now one more thing i would like to add my mouse here we go. This is mouse. I will connect to another port because i have two usb 3 port.

So let me take my mouse from here. The mouse, not only mouse, is the mouse with keyboard, so i will use as a set. Let me connect this one here, all the pressure of a mac, because this is pro version of mac. If his macbook air could be different here, we go. The mouse is connected and mouse is working. Fine guys you can see. This is a miracle. Everything is connected and working so far let me use the mouse. I will do something here we go, we have here, you see how he’s working double monitor. So i have one power source is connected. One camera is connected with microphone. Obviously, after that i have one usb flash drive is connected. My keyboard and mouse is also connected and also a monitor, so this dongle working great so far only causes me 27 euro. So this is awesome guys i like this. How is working is good, so he’s recommended this jungle so far, okay, guys, if you like this video, please do subscribe to my channel. If you like this segment, please give me a thumbs up, as always for more information. Go to the ask communication: have a lovely evening take care till Music.