Here is the memory card which is 32 gb. This is the car reader guarded with which will be used for connect. This memory card with computer here is the sensor sensor, which is will be used, for, i think call your processor here is the fan which also used for pull your processor. This is the body in which we assemble all these parts. It is the seclu. This is the body in which we will fix my raspberry pi 4.. I think this is a charger which will be used, for this will be used for provide the power of the raspberry pi 4.. Here is the charger for this cable. Finally, finally, this is the raspberry pi 4 motherboard. This is a raspberry pi, 4 computer model b. 4 gb ram. What is the specification? 60 gb quad core 4gb ram, two more hdmi port and there is a two usb port uh, two usb port of 3.0 and the two usb port, two point: o port ethernet wireless bluetooth and something more here. As you can see in this box, you will get a manual and finally, this is the device of the raspberry pi 4.. In this device you cannotice, there is the one port which will be used for the internet and there is a two port for usb and these are the other two ports for usb. There is a port for power, and this is a port for the microphone or speaker. Here is the processor.

Now we will assemble this device in my case, which will be helpful to save this device to rotate and it will be work properly in this device. I open this case yeah this is fixed and now now you can see that now you can easily use it for hdmi, cable for power for microphone, and you can connect here in ethernet, cable and the usb port mouse keyboard and something else you can attach. This mini computer, and now you can attach this fan here to cool this device, because when you started this, you feel hitting in it, and this will be helpful to cross the ventilation. This is the fan you will attach this fan here, and the power for this fan will be provide from this this port. This is the pot, for example. We can attach this now, you can see – and this will be attach here with this s, with this screw and after that, you can, after fixing this one, you can fix this, and now this is the ready for use. You can use for it with your monitor and with your lcd, and this will be helpful to work as a mini computer. One thing else which i don’t describe memory card is attached here and you can use these sensor on the. I will show you you can use this sensor at your processor, which will be helpful to cool this processor and the other sensor, which is uh.

We cannot say sensor, we can say, is the heat absorber, not a sensor, and the second you can attach here as it is. There is a gum behind this. You can remove this this paper and after that you can use it here, simple uh. If you want to buy this device, the link is given description. You can buy this device from amazon and in my next video i will show to how this will work and we will connect this device with my pc with my monitor and show you the result and how you will can use it. Thank you for this video.