Im martin today were talking about raspberry 3 2021 has been a great year for raspberry pi for owners, starting with crowbiter, which turned out favorite boards of yours into a stem oriented laptop. You can watch the review in here, or maybe a desk by pro, which basically takes the same raspberry pi form and turns it into a small, enclosed, raspberry, pi based computer. And now we have a raspat 3.0 which takes that favorite board raspberry pi 4 and turns it into a very peculiar tablet. I had a pleasure actually to open up on the live stream. If you want to see my first impression, theres a video in the corner for you, but today were going to talk about the raspberry 3 in detail and ill. Tell you my long time, thoughts on the device itself, adding a screen or touch display to a raspberry pi, its, not a new idea, however, turning it into a fully fledged tablet. It hasnt been achieved by many companies now. Raspberry 3 is an iteration of the device, and this one supports raspberry pi 4.. So it did well. Any reasonable person would grab the strongest raspberry pi, the 8 gig version and plugged it inside packed with the best hardware possible im ready to pass my judgement and lets start with the form factor. As you can see, the device is much bigger than your typical tablet, but there are some advantages to that. Unlike tablet devices, this can be straight up placed into a vertical position, allowing to be used as a smart display, something that you cant really do with a tablet.

Without a stand, and even if you use the stunt theyre, often quite wobbly, and with this one, you can poke it all you want and it stays in place. Additional advantage to having a wedge shape is the fact that the screen is constantly tinted tilted towards you, which means the actual use of it when its laying flat on the desk its quite pleasant. This is obviously to accommodate the fully featured raspberry pi 4 board inside. So you dont use a cm4 board or anything stripped down. You can just plunk it a raspberry pi, 4 inside and start using it. There are some disadvantages, though you only get three usb a ports. Those, however, are usb 3.0 ports, so youll be able to use them at this full speed. However, they are connected to a single usb port inside through the hub. Another thing that kind of got me confused is the dc power. Now the raspberry or raspberry is using 15 volts power supply with a dc jack. Now it converts all of that inside into usb type c, which makes me think why dont, you simply use the usb type c, since it actually has 15 volts delivery power in a usb type c power delivery standard, something that probably everyone would appreciate, because you could Use another charger its nice to see, however, a hdmi port, so you can connect additional display and obviously the headphone jack. If you dont want to use the internal speakers and on the other side, you have dedicated by power button, brightness volume, buttons and sd card slot, while this has a wedge form factor and meant to be used as a tablet, it still has an access to gpio At the back, you will have to use a ribbon cable to drive them out.

My suggestion here is that you, if you do that, you wont be able to use it in this position, horizontal position, because the actual slot is at the bottom. I wish there was additional one and lastly, there is also a slot for the camera, so if you want to connect the camera, youll be able to do it. Although considering the size of the bezels, i was surprised not to see a camera featured on this by standard, so lets talk about the main feature, which is a touchscreen display. Now this isnt 1080p display – which i initially thought it was, but this is a good evidence how good the display actually is. It is isp panel, 1280 by 800 and for the device this size. This is 10.1 inch display its perfectly adequate. The screen is quite bright and thanks to it being isp panel, it beats a lot of budget tablets in terms of the screen performance. The touch interface is on pair with the display quality and its quite responsive and easy to use. But not everything is perfect. A raspberry pi is never meant to be tablets, and some level of hacking is required to get it off the ground. First youll have to solder in accelerometer units a really weird choice. Considering there is a fully featured um ill call it motherboard inside that is responsible for hosting usb, delivering power and etc. However, the accelerometer is out as an additional model attached to the gpio, its a bit bizarre choice.

Now, for the most part, it works great. However, it is crucial if you want to use it for screen orientation and for on board keyboard. Now, one of the biggest gripes i have with this setup is that raspa doesnt provide you a dedicated, raspbian oso modified raspbian os to actually have all those fixes. Youll be asked to install the screen rotation yourself, youll be asked to install the on screen keyboard as well, and also, lastly, youll be asked to install a pretty much a hack to enable right click display. While it is annoying to do you only have to do it once and it is all available on the raspat page. So what is it like in use? Well, it is a raspberry pi for essentially so, for the most part youll be using it as a raspberry pi 4., with the same speed and the same performance im not going to be really talking about that. It has an active fan for cooling inside, but the fan is quite quiet and actually the user experience is pretty decent. There are a couple of quirks that i did not like. First of all, the on board keyboard. I realize this is not really a raspat itself problem more like an on board keyboard problem, but that software keyboard is well spotty at best. Now it wont work without the accelerometer. It wont simply pop out for no reason. However, whats worse is that it only pops out in some in input interfaces.

I was able to get the keyboard out while im typing a web address. However, im not able to get the keyboard out when im trying to change the directory by typing it. Another problem is the battery considering the size of the device. I would expect a little bit greater battery now the battery is gon na last you about three hours, depending on your workload which lets face. It is slightly disappointing and while on the subject of power, i already mentioned the lack of usb type c, but what i should also mention that, once the screen is powered off, the associated hub gets powered off, which means no devices will function with a screen powered Off something that i really struggled to troubleshoot when i was connecting my 3d printers to this device, because ive actually used it as a terminal running octoprint to support multiple printers. And i think this is where the device shines, because i was able to set it up. As a controller for multiple printers running multiple instances of octoprint and that way with web interfaces displayed in a full screen, i could really imagine a device like that being used as a till or a smart display for your home automation. Raspat 3.0 has advantages. It brings really nice display and touch interface to raspberry pi 4, and they ask for around 220 on the shop now whether you can justify the price its down to you. But you cant deny that the screen on this device is quite nice and if youre looking for solu similar solutions, youll find yourself struggling for choice.

Now, if youre interested in the device itself, you will find the link in the description of this video. So if youre tempted and youre willing to overcome the problems ive listed in this video, go ahead, knock yourself out and get one for yourself, especially that ill be probably using this to direct my printers, because its actually quite awesome for that you know whats next! Well, you dont. I know i do not have a posting schedule, so if you want to find out what next, you know, how youtube works not going to explain you that, but i have a couple of social media that you probably want to follow, especially that youtube tends to filter Out a lot of comments uh, especially those with links, so do let me know, because i cant retrieve them and if you have anything to send it to me, use the social media, get the conversation going and keep in touch as for now guys thanks.