This is a very slim profile, wireless keyboard that works with lots of different devices. It was very kindly sent in to me free of charge for this video. No monies exchange hands and the manufacturer hasn’t asked me to say anything in particular just to share with you my opinion and experience of this keyboard, so let’s pop it under the other camera and take a closer look. So here we go. This is the rapoo e 9100m, a really nice looking keyboard, and what surprised me when i first got this out of the box is not only is this a compact keyboard, so it’s really compact takes up very little desk space, but repo also managed to fit in A numeric keypad now it’s, not a full size, numeric keypad, some of the buttons have been moved around where you would normally see an additional long, enter key, perhaps or something down this side. We’Ve got the little enter key at the top here and then the plus button and the minus and divide and times have been moved up into this area here. But it means that it’s still managed to keep it very compact, so really good job on reconfiguring this area of the keyboard. Now we’ll give you a typing uh demonstration very shortly, but before i do so, let’s just cover off the rest of the keyboard. We’Ve got some function, multimedia keys here and then we’ve also got obviously the f1 to f12, as we normally expect to see slightly smaller space bar we’ve also got some additional keys here, which you’ll see marked up in blue the first three of these are the bluetooth Connectivity keys and then we’ve got a 2.

4 g key as well, so this one uses a usb dongle which is stored in the bottom of the keyboard. These ones allow you to connect via bluetooth, so really nice that this is a multi mode keyboard. You can connect up to three devices on bluetooth. You can have a 2.4 g connection. Windows, mac, compatible, really great layout to the keys as well. Let’S take a look around on the bottom, so we’ve got the on off button just here and then we’ve got the battery compartment. Just here you do get battery supplied inside the box. We’Ve got two aaa batteries to power. This we’ve got the little usb dongle. Just here for that 2.4 g connection, we’ve also got some rubberized feet on the bottom here to stop this from slipping around on the desk when in use and then when it’s, actually on the desk. It’S got a nice angle to it very, very nice, typing angle. Very thin keyboard as well. Look how thin this keyboard is the bump on the back to accommodate the batteries, of course, but the actual keyboard itself is super super thin. Really, nice typing experience as well: we’ve got chiclet style keys, let’s, give it a go. Nice quiet keyboard very nice. The spacing is a little bit different to a regular keyboard, it’s, not off kilter at all, it’s, just a little tiny bit different on the spacing so the transition period onto this because it’s a slightly more compact keyboard.

Maybe take you a few hours to get used to it, but after that the typing errors i was getting were pretty much non existent and the sound it produces very, very quiet, the speed you can rack up on this very, very good. Indeed. I love how compact it is. It looks smart on the desk it’s, a very functional, really well designed keyboard, so that’s it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please do hit that like button. If you want to pick up one of these for yourself, there is a link down in the video description area, there’s also a link to the manufacturer’s website. Thanks very much for watching. I really do appreciate it.