What this is entailing is to enable customers to have remote inventory management of tanks and silos, whilst in remote locations or off site, feeding into a web browser that can be accessed at any time from any device. Smart tablet, smartphone or even on your pc and the way in which we do this is a simple level measurement device. In this instance, we’ve got the new siemens lr100 series of non contact radar, which can operate anything over from half a meter up to 15 meters. In hazardous locations as well, on liquid solids, pastes granules, easily fitted with threaded connections top and bottom, and also programmable again by smart device through a downloadable piece of software that’s on our website, which is the sam iq, sam iq, and it has bluetooth capability and means. You can set the instrument up very very simply. We also do a version with the display and push buttons for people who don’t have access to a smart device. We can also offer an ultra psych compact ultrasonic, which is the lu240. The scene is lu240 and we can also offer a submersible pressure, transducer typically lh100 or lh 300, which will do anything again from say a meter to 100 meters, if necessary or more again, in safe and hazardous applications, that’s, obviously just for uh liquid applications. In that instance, so uh, the output of that which is 40 20 milliamps, would then be connected into the metron 4. The metronome 4 is this device here, which is manufactured by a company called power electrics uk manufacturer.

We have a long relationship with them. It’S an excellent device. Very compact can take up to four analog inputs and, via this device can be connected to um the the cloud, and that means that you can access that information from anywhere in the world. At any point. In day or night you can have alarms uh trends rate of change review this information any time which means from an inventory management point of view. You can see when deliveries are required, with um you’re getting low on your inventory or that you’ve got plenty of inventory. Um again, obviously it doesn’t matter if it’s liquid solids uh, whatever it may be, it could be anything from uh chicken feed to fuel for vans. It could be glue, it could be plastic granules it doesn’t matter what it is. This device can communicate with the level measurement device and then provide that remotely uh to be accessed to any any point from the smart tablet or pc. So four channels easily set up. We do it as a powered version, which means you can connect it directly to any adjacent power supply or as we’re showing here it can be solar powered. So if you’ve got a remote location, where you have power powers, very difficult to come by, this can has got sufficient power from a solar cell like this uh and that can then connect via this uh set of electronics to wake the metron up a convenient time.

It could be twice a day could be once an hour whatever you want wake the instrument up, provide an update of their information, transmit their information and keep a regular um check on uh level change that could be very useful for if you’ve got animal feed bins Out in remote locations, you’ve got grain storage um. You could have something that’s at the other end of the site, um, where you haven’t got easy access to it. Um you can’t get cables to it. So all of these things, um are very useful to not only to the manufacturer but also the supplier to that manufacturer. So it means that, just in time, deliveries can be done, cut down on a number of journeys that are taken to site unnecessary amounts of wastage by the fact that you would have less journeys to make sure that you actually filled silos and tanks to the correct Level, so all in all it’s got green credentials. It’S got ideal time. Management it’s cost effective. We are also offering this as a package, so all of the equipment which we can also come to site and install and commission for you – and we can also offer you an ongoing maintenance contract to learn more about this, this innovation and product, the rapid response from Process instruments for the rapid product. Please look at our website or the links that you will find attached to this video.