So i thought it’s as best time as ever, to look back at all the smash ultimate dlc trailers and rankanalyze, every single one, and maybe in the process we’ll be able to find out how to make the ideal smash reveal i’ll, be ranking these on how well They make people excited for a character whether that be disguising who it is or immediately giving it away. I’Ll try to make this pretty objective, but my liking of a character will ultimately play a role. I, like fire, emblem 3 houses and byleth as a character in smash, but you have to admit that their trailer was just bad timing in so many different ways. After a bunch of great third party picks joker hero, banjo terry, i think it’s fair to say we expected the last fighter in the pass to be a third party, keep in mind at this time. We thought this would be the last smash fighter ever. Another thing is fire: emblem’s representation smash with byleth now added the series is tied for second most fighters only losing to super mario. I think it’s fair to say that fire emblem is well represented in smash, maybe a bit too well next, not to downplay the work that went into them, but byleth’s moveset just looked boring compared to the others. Every other dlc character had a gimmick, joker’s arsene, hero’s command selection, banjo’s, wonderwing and terry’s. Well. Everything but byleth didn’t really have that. Besides her cool up b.

Finally, like i mentioned before, people thought bylethwas going to be the last dlc character, making them way more initially hated as much as i loved byleth. Now they were my last bought dlc character just because of how boring they looked. So not only did people expect a third party and no more fire emblem characters. They also expected an interesting gimmick and byleth just didn’t have any of that. I once again must specify that byleth is one of my most played characters now and i do like fire emblem in general. I just think that the reveal was had a bad time and could have been handled better. Min min was a weird character reveal, because months before her reveal, we were told that i was going to be an arms character, so at least the byleth problem didn’t happen where people were expecting a third party and didn’t get it. What this did lead to, however, is a lot of speculation on who it would be, and honestly, from the start, i knew it was going to be min min. Although spring man is the poster boy, come on he’s an assist trophy and i know know rules say, assist trophies can’t be fighters, but what is the chance of that actually happening? The other obvious choice is ribbon girl, but i still think min min is more recognizable than her anyways. The reveal looks nice and was kind of fun to watch, but, like i said, i knew it would be min min and even the trailer didn’t really try to hide it.

The trailer just didn’t have enough surprises to get me excited. We’Ve seen this kind of trailer a few times where all the characters fight for the envelope and every time it just kind of seems like i know who it’s going to be while the reveal was kind of fun, i think it just could have been handled better. It was just kind of basic and didn’t have any hype, especially for being the first character in the new fighters pass, and i think announcing that it would be an arms character months before might have had a negative impact. But who knows honestly? I think i would have been more disappointed if it wasn’t arm’s character and they didn’t say anything. It was just like quotoh arms is going to be in smash. Nowquot, alright, overall min min had an okay trailer, just kind of predictable and boring. I have said before that terry is one of my favorite characters to play. In fact, I think I have the second most playtime on him, but that doesn’t have to do with this reveal trailer. Well, I don’t think it’s bad. In fact, I don’t think any of the trailers are bad. I think it could have been a bit better. I like the art and animation. I think my biggest issue with these types of trailers is that it’s a bit too obvious who it will be like if there’s, an snk or king of fighters rep, why wouldn’t they put in terry.

I would have preferred something more along the lines of Kazuya’s trailer where you know who it is pretty quickly. I think that they could have done something funny with a cinematic afterwards. I don’t really have much to say with terry’s. I do like the reveal between the pixel art and the new terry model, but overall, I just think it’s pretty basic. I think hero has a really okay reveal. The initial reveal didn’t generate any hype for me because i don’t think dragon quest is as popular here as it is in japan. Not that it’s not popular here just way more in japan and another thing is dragon quest. 11 was coming to switch, so i thought this addition was a bit too obvious. The reveal is just a basic cgi trailer where the characters are being attacked by dharkon on and the luminary comes to help them. Why this isn’t lower is because you have to admit that the four characters is honestly really cool and even if you don’t play dragon quest, it’s, some really great representation of the whole series. Also, the trailer looks really nice and has some great music. The absolute biggest issue for me was the banjo kazooie reveal in the same e3. This destroyed any remaining hype i had for hero, which i guess you could say, isn’t his fault, but i still put it at this trailer’s fault. When i saw hero, it was more of a quothuh that’s cool dragon quest in smashquot, when i saw banjo was more of an quotoh myquot, but i’ll talk more about banjo later overall, hero had a very basic review.

I do like the part where they revealed the four of them, though this is where things start getting good plant has such a good reveal and what’s hilarious. Is he didn’t even get a cinematic or anything special? What made it so good is the expectation of a brand new mario character that people have been asking for, like waluigi or geno, go watch, people’s reaction to this trailer it’s, all the same thing, a cool, a new mario character, haha. It is actually geno. It really is no one’s geno, no it’s legitimate, oh no. What is it what what plant is so good, because who would think that they would actually make piranha plant a character? There is, in my opinion, a big leap between this and number 8. This is where trailers start becoming more hype, it’s just that all of these are so good that they kind of are hard to rank now. Would this trailer even better, with cgi yeah? Would a character like geno generate more hype after the fact yeah? Maybe, but i don’t think gino could have generated the same type of reaction that planted overall plant is so good because he was unexpected, but the trailer itself could have been a bit better with the cgi. Well, i was not expecting this at all. Kazuya is one of the most unexpected picks for me, even though i think he’s quite the natural pick for smash. We now have the three big fighting game: characters with ryu, terry and kazuya.

The trailer shows the character, basically right off the bat which i think works as it allows time to show off the character’s moves. In the funny little cinematic kazuya had a different type of reveal than basically any other character unless i’m, forgetting one they all had. Some kind of hint on who the character was before they were actually revealed. Kazuya didn’t really have that unless you interpreted him throwing ganon to a pit of lava as that more recently, i’ve noticed nintendo, adding more jokes into the trailers, and i think it works really. Well and keeps the reveals more interesting, maybe this is just because i’m excited for kazuya, but i think this trailer showcases moves really well. This looks exactly like tekken and i’m really excited to see sakurai’s presentation on him overall kazuya had a really good trailer. The cinematics are great and the move showcases are really good too pyro and mythra have a really good reveal. I think that my favorite type of trailer is when you don’t know, is a smash reveal until the character gets revealed, and this trailer is great because it focuses on rex trying to find pyro and it kind of looks like it could be a sequel to xenoblade. 2 or some kind of spin off or dlc, but he eventually finds her on battlefield. When she takes out the envelope, i think everyone thought rex was going to be added, so it was a pretty good reveal to see pyromithra it’s kind of the same as planet, where everyone thinks it’d be one character, but it ends up being one of the most.

In it expect as well as that, i really like the scene of pirate, transforming it to mithra and the scene of mythra fighting shulk. This is a great trailer all around and it was released at a pretty good time, although we were right off the heels of steve from minecraft and sephiroth, and that may seem like a first party was more disappointed, i’m kind of glad they didn’t come right after Minimum having three first parties in a row, probably wouldn’t, have been the best idea. Overall, i think that pyra and mythra have a really good and well timed reveal nice to have more xenoblade reps. I think what i like so much about sephiroth’s trailer is that he’s, the first true villain in the fighter’s past. The reveal is initially someone killing galeem and then one winged angel starts playing as it pans over to sephiroth. After this, it becomes a fight between cloud and sephiroth when they show off cloud’s new final smash, the reveal of sephiroth and the absolute havoc he wreaks on all the smash characters is fantastic. I also think they did a pretty good job showing off his moves in this trailer. It was a perfect amount of not too revealing, but revealing enough to keep people speculating. I think that why i like this so much is because i didn’t think we were going to get another final fantasy character. I mean cloud came with two songs. I think it’s quite surprising that sakurai got square to give them more songs.

Another stage and a whole new character also mario dies overall sephiroth is an interesting and well animated. Reveal that left me excited for a long time after say what you want about the characters, but you can’t deny that banjo’s reveal was great. This is coming from someone who didn’t play banjo kazooie when they were younger. I think this reveal is partially so good because of the character that’s being revealed, which you could say shouldn’t be true, but i see it as fair game i’m. Writing these based off how well they generate hype and buzz for the character, and i think that, even if you don’t like banjo, you can’t deny this trailer generates hype and buzz from the reprise of the king k, rool trailer to the puzzle piece everything about this Trailer just screams banjo kazooie once that piece flew across the screen. The thought crossed your mind. Is this banjo and then the reveal to outside and it being duck hunt is just great. I really like the little comedy parts in these trailers. Like i said before, the showcasing of the moves in spiral. Mountain is pretty cool and i, like the ending. I think this trailer did a perfect job of getting people excited for banjo coming to smash. I think why steve’s reveal is so great is just because of how well it actually shows off the character, while it could have still had hype if they showed him off like kazuya as in right.

At the start, i feel like it. Wouldn’T have had the same impact like this. They seem to know how much steve was wanted in smash and i think it’s honestly perfectly timed. It was right off the heels of min min who most considered to be a pretty underwhelming character. I think it’s fair to say that most weren’t expecting a character. This big right after a first party and one minute before the reveal i even tweeted out saying guys, it’s gon na be steve the whole joke would be. I would retweet that saying never mind every time a new character got revealed, but it actually ended up being steve, so you have me to thank steve’s reveal also, has the perfect amount of hints in it? You can hear the minecraft noises and see the eyes in this cave. You can see the blocks and mario got hit in all that little stuff. Overall, the showcasing of steve’s moves was also very good, and i think that there’s only one reveal that’s better than steve’s. Look, i get it the persona fan, putting joker in first but come on you can’t top. This reveal, like i said earlier, my favorite type of reveal is, when you don’t know, it’s a smash character and that’s exactly what joker’s reveal was no previous announcements from nintendo, and it was not the game awards wasn’t, even at e3. When i saw this, i thought it was either a sequel to persona 5 or persona 5 on switch, and i guess one of those was half right.

My favorite moment in gaming in the past five years has been. This reveal the way nobody expected it and joker holds up the envelope. Just a logo can make such waves in the gaming community. The voice work is good, the animation is beautiful and i think joker from persona 5 wasn’t an obvious pick for smash, especially as the first character in the fighter’s past. Joker is one of the best characters to kick off this ride, showing that truly anybody could be a smash character. It felt like when they revealed snake for brawl, just something where it raises your mind on who could be a new character overall, i think joker are the best dlc trailer, mostly due to the surprising nature of it. So that was my list. I’M kind of curious is this an objective thing or do people have other opinions on because i tried to stay pretty objective like i know i put joker in first and i love persona 5., but i honestly think joker has. The best reveal trick i’m curious to see what other people think so tell me. If you want anyways, i got ta go play.