This just touches on a couple things starting with one I couldn’t seem to find an answer for which is how exactly it charged just by simply attaching it to the powered bracket via the magnets. I thought maybe like the newer phones it wirelessly charged using QI technology but that is not the case. It actually uses 16 little contacts to get the power from the bracket to the tablet and may possibly be my favorite feature it’s so easy to remove and replace and no stupid wire and plug to deal with. The other thing is the dash cam which I’m using Autoguard an app that I paid a small about for the “pro” version to be able to run it in the background while using the GPS or anything really.

Sorry for the stumbling I am not a professional reviewer but I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else was wondering about the charging and how it worked.

Hope this helped with a question or two you might have had.