Shooter game ever might as well just show you this. They are type final to now grow flight edition for switch. Obviously you can get xbox or ps4, but because i have a switch which is awesome and i just want to show you some of the screenshots pretty cool now, if you’re a archetype fan, you know what to expect right. You know these these images right. You know the how the gameplay works right, so this edition includes a soundtrack disc, a some sort of a book uh like a behind the scenes, things the galleries, whatever um anyways it’s, not in english. It says uh upgrade, evolve and destroy nice title right, nice and here legendary side, scrolling shooter, return, experiment, classic game play of shoot, em up with 3d visuals and lots of other features. Yes, this is what exactly you’re looking for right on top final two. Now, obviously, you might be thinking where’s r type final one well on top final, one is actually exclusive to ps 2., and i have the the game i want to. I want to show you the game, the the first game in the moment, but first let’s open up this um. This box here see what it contains inside so let’s just stop talking and then sorry for the shake let’s get some tools giant scissors all right. A little bit fancy here right yeah, maybe i can open up with just bare hands, but whatever okay, just a small incision here, but i think i can manage to open it with with fingers and whatnot anyways.

Just do it. Oh the price here by the way it’s 49.99 there you go ‘.99 about 50. sure only on amazon, i think it’s 50, but i got this on a local store snack. If you live in europe, you probably know what fanatic is, but most people would wouldn’t know for not they would buy off uh, i don’t know gamestop or or walmart, or what whatever you live. You buy off from those stores. Anyways there’s, the box cover um kind of disappointing, but i wish it i wish it would come like uh like a slight things. You know like the ones that actually slides the the cover and then reveals the the box itself. This. This is just like a like. A book cover yeah all right, but i said let’s put it aside, sorry for the cheap uh space here, because i’m, i don’t have a table, a great argument: you got the. What is it called? I know this is the uh, the arrowhead and the force the standard force. We got the albatross, probably one of my favorites. You got the in, i believe, that’s, what it’s called anyways that’s a nice nice box. We open up the desktop and we review now. Let’S. Look look at the game, all right, here’s, the game, nothing’s special, i mean the back it’s it’s the same as this one right, yeah, nothing, special it’s, a game. All right, let’s see what’s inside the inaugural flight edition.

Oh, what the heck, maybe there’s nothing. Oh! This is just yeah yeah there’s, nothing, never mind i like and yeah like. I said there was uh. This is the soundtrack alone track list all right, pretty nice, so it has soundtrack the book, notebook uh, the steel book. I wish i wish it would come with a steel book or something that will make things interesting, but it has the nice artwork. I think there i can tell you that and yeah i don’t know if they they will actually sell just the game yet because i haven’t seen this um game on on the store shelves. Yet so because i just saw this game came out, i was like i got ta get this right away, otherwise it could be like a rare thing. You know, but anyways i got the game. That’S works, that’s important that there’s the artwork of our time. Final. Two. Okay, the cover behind the scene i’m not going to read all this, so i want to just show you the art, the artwork, pretty cool right here now. Unfortunately, this video i’m not going to show you the gameplay, because i don’t have the capture card, but i will show you the gameplay, using the gorilla style from the camera, so i’ll be playing like this that’s, a good thing about switch. You can capture directly from the from the screen from the tablet screen as i like to call it all right: classic there’s the force there’s, the arrowhead classic jet pretty much the standard uh jet throughout the game.

Throughout the game like throughout the series, this uh arrowhead is like the main main shift so to say all right, there’s, the battleships, pretty cool there’s, the problem, five articles – these are the buy. Those the bottles is basically the the main antagonist of the game. It’S, like a alien form, some kind there’s, a whole crew, awesome something’s, so um so interesting about this, like when you open stuff like this, you kind of smell like uh, i don’t know. I don’t know how to explain. It’S, like when you open like something new like this you’re sort of like smell this, like like good old plastic, i don’t know how to explain it’s like smelling pla, new plastic. When you open up things like that anyways. Well, i guess i can show you the the game, because it’s probably nothing special, this one, because there’s a cover and there’s the game there you go no codes, no, nothing, no something that switch lacks switch needs to have themes like in playstation and xbox. I don’t know if xbox has themes or not, but they should add themes on the main menu of the switch and that would have been cool anyway. So here are the stuff i got and yeah that’s it for our type 2, so i’m going to show you the gameplay. If you play the hard type, you know how how this works right, just a demo, as you can see, i can release the force.

The following i’m using is eclipse by the way, as you can see, i can use the beam all right that that’s about it. Now, let me show you our type one. This is the r type one. This is the first game, uh the first and final game. Hence hence the title: our top final, i think i believe it was meant to be a final game for the otter type series uh. This was only this. This is this wasn’t exclusively released for the ps2 um, so yeah many people didn’t play this game as much because it’s a spaceship it’s like a mediocre for many people – and i got this – oh actually, i didn’t get this actually the fun fact i didn’t like i. I didn’t get into uh shooting uh space shuttle games before back in the game like i was more into jack and baxter’s ratchet and clank back in the day and playstation 2 era, so yeah um. Okay, let me let me show you the inside. I don’t have the desk right now, because it’s it’s on my playstation uh, but yeah so there’s the manual. This is just the warranty card, whatever that’s the game, so anyways here’s, the r type final, two unboxing i’ll touch final, two and now grow flight edition. No dlcs, no, nothing just artwork soundtrack. I believe it’s, okay, it’s an okay purchase right. If the game has everything in it, if the game doesn’t have season, pass i’ll give this game a pass.

So for now look at how how the game is so small. So anyways i’m gon na end this video right now i’ll see you guys later next time on another troll video or the playthrough video of the our time. Final. Pretty awesome! I might do this one later if i have capture card but i’ll make no promises. Alright. So let’s thumbs up this video and oh and by the way, this video, ain’t, no sunshine and rainbow man, unlike my friend, who likes to jump around rainbow, oh sun shines. This is a real man’s game.