Last year we took a look at the quieter two and it was powered by an intel celeron, n4105 and overall, it really wasnt a bad setup for the form factor and power consumption, because when it comes down to it, these are very low power consumption. Pcs, theyre not meant for aaa gaming, but we can get some old retro stuff out of the way pretty well on these machines, but with the new, quieter 3 weve got an upgraded jasper lake cpu and its actually one of my favorite low end intel cpus for 2022., its the n5105 weve still got four cores, but weve got a boost up to 2.9 gigahertz and a much better eye gpu when you compare it to the older gemini lake chips. So inside of the box, youre gon na get a mounting bracket with all the hardware. You need to mount this on the back of your monitor under your desk or basically anywhere you want to mount this thing. We also get our usb type c power supply. This runs on 12 volts and we get a 24 watt adapter and obviously the mini pc itself and one of the most impressive things about this pc is its size, heres, a quick comparison between an xbox controller and the pc itself. As you can see, the xbox controller is actually bigger than this whole pc. Another thing a lot of people might like about this unit is its totally silent. Hence the name quieter three up front here, not much going on, but our power button.

It does have an led backlight over on the right hand, side weve got three full size. Usb 3.0 ports over, on the left hand, side weve, got a kinston lock and around back weve got another full size: usb 3.0 port, a 3.5 millimeter audio jack micro sd card slot, two full size, hdmi ports. We also have that usb type c power in and, unfortunately its only for power. This does not transfer data whatsoever and theyve also included a gigabit ethernet port. When it comes to upgradeability theres, not much, we can do here, except for add an nvme ssd. It does support an 80 millimeter drive here up to four terabytes and they sell a couple different variants. You can get one with 128 gigabytes of emmc storage up to 256, but every one that ive seen so far only comes with eight gigabytes of lpddr4 ram. I just quickly added a one: terabyte drive to get a little more storage out of it, but when it comes to that, cpu weve got that intel. Celeron n5105: four cores four threads base: clock of two gigahertz with a turbo up to 2.9 on a single core or turbo on all four cores. Up to 2.8 weve got built in intel, uhd, graphics, with 24 execution units instead of the old 12 to 14 and the gemini lake. This does make a big difference. It has eight gigabytes of lp ddr4 ram. This is non user upgradable, its soldered to the board its running at 2933 megahertz and, unfortunately, like a lot of these mini pcs hitting the market.

Recently, its running in single channel, which is going to hurt that gpu performance weve got 128 gigabytes of emmc storage on board, a micro sd card slot and like we saw we can add an nvme ssd up to four terabytes built in wi fi, six, bluetooth, 5.0 And its running windows – 11 pro right out of the box, so in this video were definitely going to be checking out the overall performance of this mini pc. I also want to test out some older pc games and emulation just to see how this little thing performs. So lets go ahead and jump right over to windows 11. Now, all right so ive had it up and running for a little while gets a little warm, but i mean this thing is incredibly small. My mouse almost covers the whole pc really snappy. With this, n5105 ive actually had really good luck with it, its not a super powerful chip, but it definitely gets you by with web browsing email, checking, document, editing and even some emulation and gaming got that eight gigs of ram, unfortunately single channel, but it is 2933 Megahertz, which is a boost over the older chips and, of course, weve got the intel, uhd graphics, with 24 execution units checking out some web browsing on this thing. Everything loads up really quickly and i kind of expected it would with that wi fi 6 built in ive connected my own wi, fi, 6 router here and yeah i mean itll, definitely load up everything you need and when it comes to video playback, this little chip Also does pretty good.

I did notice a few more drop frames with this unit here than another one that ive recently tested that did have dual channel ram and i really think it comes down to that. Adding dual channel to these little eye, gpus really does make a difference, and unfortunately, a lot of these manufacturers are keeping the eight gigabyte models in single and 16 running them in dual okay, so ive got a 4k 60 video demo here from youtube. Ive turned scaling completely off. I really like to turn scaling off in windows when i test this out, so we have a full true 4k viewpoint here. Stats for nerds is up in the top left hand, corner ill get a bit closer in a second, so we can check that out. But by the end of this i did have 24 drop frames, which is a lot more than im used to with this chip. Here, when its running with dual channel ram, but overall, its super smooth and 24 out of 7000 frames, really isnt that bad, especially given the power consumption here, you can see that were at a true 4k viewpoint here and weve had 24 drop frames kind of stayed Here id say we got about eight drop frames on the initial load in and the rest happened throughout the video. I also ran a few benchmarks here. We have geekbench 5 single core 644 multi, 1953 3dmark wildlife. This is a vulcan benchmark for that gpu.

We got a total score of 2300 and finally night raid with at 3 496. – nothing too impressive here, but i still want to see what kind of games we can run on this unit and first up weve got half life 2. Definitely wanted to go with some older stuff, given the performance of this chip here were at 1080p, medium settings and its doing a really good job. I mean the older stuff is going to work out just fine on this chip, even with single channel ram. Next in the list left 4 dead, 2 were at 1080p low settings and i also tried 900p medium settings, which gives me about the same frame rate here, but we averaged 73fps with this at 1080p heres, a newer, lower end game always like to test. This is the art of rally were at low settings im at 900p and unfortunately, i cant get a steady 60 out of it now on another mini pc. We recently tested on the channel with the same chip, but dual channel ram. We got an average of 68 fps, so only having single channel ram in this machine is definitely hurting out that gpu performance and i can basically see the same thing here with the original skyrim, where its 720p low settings and it does dip below 60. with dual Channel ram on this same chip, this will run at a constant 60., so youre not going to be able to natively play newer, aaa games on this machine, but we can certainly stream them whether you want to use ethernet or wi fi 6.

heres, some cloud gaming Ive got forza horizon 5 running and if you got a good connection in your house, this does work out pretty well, but i got ta say one area where this little chip does shine is emulation. Here we have dreamcast were upscaled to 1080p, using the redream emulator crazy taxi 2.. Looking really good every once in a while. I do see a dip down, and this is kind of the case with this game in the newer versions or the development versions of redream. But dreamcast does work really well on this chip Music. Moving over to psp using the standalone version of ppsspp vulcan back in midnight club dub edition a harder one to emulate were at 2x here running at full speed. I also tried the opengl back in. I could only take this game here up to 1x, but directx, 11 or vulcan is definitely the way to go, and finally, weve got some gamecube emulation using the dolphin emulator now the harder to emulate gamecube and wii games. You will have to keep to the native resolution, but there are games. We can take up the 720p even with single channel ram when it comes to emulation on this chip im a huge fan of it. Now really it goes up to ps2. There are some ps2 games. We can run on this chip at the native resolution, but thats about as far as we can go with it, but given the power, consumption and form factor, you can pick these up with.

I think it does a really good job, like i mentioned at the beginning of the video, its a very low power consumption mini pc. While im doing my testing, i have this plugged into a kilowatt meter at the wall and at idle we average only 4 watts, while gaming, this pulls a total of around 12 watts and the maximum that i could get it to pull from the wall, while maxing Out the cpu and the gpu was 16 watts. One thing i was initially concerned about going into this mini pc were cpu temps. We dont have any kind of active cooling. This is totally silent. Weve got a passive cooler on here and its totally possible to get this hot enough to thermal throttle, but the only time that ever happened for me was while i was running benchmarks at idle. The cpu averages around 47 degrees celsius. While gaming, it was much better than i thought it was going to be only 86 degrees celsius, this actually thermal throttles at 95 degrees and the maximum that i could get this cpu to hit while running a few benchmarks in a row was 101 degrees celsius. So i was able to make this thing thermal throttle, but it didnt happen under normal use case scenarios. It actually did a really good job overall, its a pretty neat little mini pc. It does have a lot going for it. The form factor for one thing, power, consumption and performance, really isnt – that bad, even though, were running single channel ram, would have been nice to have dual channels set up in this.

They definitely could have soldered two four gig chips here, instead of one eight gig chip for the memory and that would have helped out with the igpu. But if youre in the market for a super small form factor low power, consumption windows, 11, pc for web browsing, email checking – maybe some document editing, then i could recommend something like this. Now you dont go and pick it up specifically for gaming. It was never meant for gaming, but, as you saw in this video, it can handle some older titles and even some pretty good emulation up to gamecube, but thats gon na wrap it up for this. One really appreciate you watching if youre interested in learning more about this little mini pc, i will leave a few links in the description and, if theres anything else, you want to see running on it.