Just gon na do some really basic things here. So just going to open up some end, we just move them around and use the tool and paint and things and see how that runs. But someone wanted to know just how that really works and I think it's going to be just fine, because what I've been using a bit of my basic kind of stuff that I do. I found this bead of it to be really good, so I'm, just going to load here, an image that is the hovers going to. Let me see their dimensions there. We go so it's, 5312, a 312, yes by almost 3000, so at 16 megapixel camera photo here that I'm just going to load in and just do some basic things worth here, so the individual who requested it. Sorry, I can't remember your name. I get a lot of requests, but I don't actually have a lot of time really good. Do them, because they're very time consuming and often people request things that I don't own. The program I don't have to add in habit. Sorry and I need to download it and I need to sign up for trials and don't even know how to use it normally, so you know it's a bit of a pain. So so you want missing too many kind of requests from me and that regard there. So zoom zoom in try to zoom in here. Okay, I think, is easier with my finger here.

So just zoom in a little bit move the image around the layers locked one lock that layer. Ah, okay, new layer, I'll move it now yeah, so there's a little bit of lag there I mean, as I rose, okay let's just get the tool in here and brush tool, and you can see that I don't think no pressure sensitivity at least they're. Not in this version, it's not working is that no not this one. This is cs5 file that I had that I could download did. I am sorry for my hard drive installed, so there is some kind of bit more lag. They can see just there. So when you start doing the VINs, how fast you do the strokes, how much leg you're going to get here with it? Yes good for a light, color, oh it's, still on black, oh yeah, I mean me Jesus what just annoy or not, okay, so yeah I'm. Even having trouble just changing the color, I just I need it of course, and poo then Photoshop here years and years ago, and really I just do not remember much at all, so I just don't use it enough and yeah. You can see that here sometimes is a bit of lag dinner and there's a lot of things to work. Okay, so you just feel moving that around then layer that there is a yes there's, a bit of lag there's, a choppy but it's. Quite a large image.

Isn'T, it so it's, I think it's, okay for corium their performance, wise of that. So, if I'm going to see if we're going to a few thoughts of things, you know what I can do artistic blur blur from praying yeah so on a larger image here. Well, that's, not actually the image render image just on my layer there, so that wasn't too bad. So if I select the image here see this leave that the layout of all the scribble that I put on there so just apply a couple of filters here. So if I can just go to pixelate and whatever okay see how long that takes it, wasn't too bad there that filter sketch one okay. So how is it going to take to render that's a pretty take a little while it's only a dual core quorum? So wow I mean that is completely overriding. The whole image came anything dear okay, so I apply that see how long it takes took a while and there it is the end result. So it's, given me there's a couple of odd to colored looks whoa yeah. Just give it a choppy, there depends what you're doing there with the zone moving it around yeah, so that's, just a very quick demonstration there. I hope that satisfies some people's needs to see on how manipulates images there and filters you can see that there is a bit of lag there as differently but choppy, but all in all, I think you can do basic things on the go.

Definitely a lot faster than what Bay Trail. I wouldn't really tend to do these kind of things with the bay trails they'll be like twice as slow than this of your way way way, slower, so a lot more lag and what noise it's not doing too bad. I think considering it as a teller and the corium there and it's 16 megapixel image. Thank you for watching the video and I'll. Hopefully, I'll see you and some up and coming videos that I have on tablets for China.